Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 11

The Magnificent Archibalds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Jenny has been spending a lot of time at the Bass place because of Eric. Since Lily and Bart were out of town, they did not know that Jenny was spending the night. When Rufus finds out that Jenny is staying with Eric, he calls Lily. Lily says that she will have a talk with Jenny.

Meanwhile, Eleanor's new boyfriend, Cyrus, has moved into the Waldorf home and is changing all the family traditions. Instead of a home cooked meal, Cyrus planned a meal at a restaurant. Eleanor is excited for the new traditions and says that she has a surprise to tell during holiday dinner.

Blair learns beforehand what the secret is. It turns out that Cyrus proposed to Eleanor and he is going to make the announcement at dinner. This makes Blair mad and she decides to spend Thanksgiving alone.

During dinner with Aaron, he tells Serena that he is officially a one-woman-man with her which makes her happy.

Eric tells Bart that things are not going well with Jonathan and Bart tells Eric that he should ask Jonathan where he was on Friday night.

Chuck lets Eric look into Bart's safe where they find files containing private information about him, Serena and Lily.

Nate's dad asks Nate and his mother to live with him in Dominica. He says that he is rebuilding his life and wants to start a new life with his family. Nate thinks he should take his father up on the offer. Nate runs into Vanessa outside of Rufus' gallery. He asks her to give Rufus the CDs, and as he leaves, an FBI agent approaches Vanessa and says that Nate's father is planning on using Nate and his mom to get ransom from Nate's grandparents. Vanessa and Chuck tell Nate what is going on.

Dan runs into Aaron at the market and he tells Aaron that he should bring Serena a case of wine instead of the cheese he was picking out. Aaron tells him that Serena does not drink.
Dan laughs and reveals Serena's past. Aaron confronts Serena about but she says that Dan is lying to him because he is jealous. Later, Dan and Serena have a conversation and Dan tells her to be honest with Aaron.

Lily confronts Bart about the files that he has on her and the children. Bart says he was just trying to protect them. Lily ends up leaving with Serena and Eric to have Thanksgiving alone.

When Serena shows up at the Waldorf's, Eleanor makes her send a text to Blair since they have no idea where she is.

Serena gives her file to Aaron and tells him to read it if he wants to know about her past. Eleanor looks for Blair, who is on the street with Dorota and Jenny.

Blair tells Jenny that she is lucky to have a father that cares about her. Eleanor shows up and take's Blair home. Blair says that she will only go home if Jenny does too.

Eleanor takes Jenny to the Humprey's and brings Blair back home where Blair's father is waiting with his famous pie.

The whole family celebrates Eleanor's engagement to Cyrus, and Blair finally opens up to new traditions.
Aaron finds Serena at the apartment and says he does not need to read her file. He wants her to be able to talk to him about her past.

Nate's father ends up surrendering after he is discovered. He is taken away in handcuffs while his mother cries. Nate tells Vanessa that he has not talked to Jenny for a while and asks her to hang out.
Vanessa goes to the Humprey's for Thanksgiving. Before dinner, she sees a letter that Nate wrote to Jenny. The letter says, "I really care about you, but I don't know what to do."

At a diner, Eric tells Lily that he read her file and he noticed that she was institutionalized just like he was. Eric says that when she is ready, he will be there to talk to her about it. They go to Rufus and Dan's place together to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

Rufus is happy that Lily and Eric showed up. It turns out that Bart had followed them and he is in his limo outside. He informs the private investigator that he wants to know why Lily was hospitalized in the past.
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