Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 11

The Magnificent Archibalds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on The CW

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    Definitely not as good as last year's Thanksgiving special (to this day, it's still the best episode the series in my opinion), but this episode still was good regardless and possibly the best episode of the season by far. The thought of Jenny's emancipation story line becoming a season arc really turned me off but I'm glad to see that that's finally over, and we can finally move on from the annoying Jenny episodes.

    We got a lot of Thanksgiving traditions brought to surface here like eating the fries at the diner or spending Thanksgiving with Rufus (the van Der Woodsens). So in a way, we got a season 1-feel, but still not quite as good. Blair and her family problems bored me but it was a nice tie in to Jenny and her problems.

    The Serena/Aaron relationship is beginning to repeat the same problem Serena/Dan had, and I hope nothing comes of this problem in future episodes because that would just be pathetic. Vanessa stealing Nate's letter? That got on my nerves, but regardless, this was a feel-good Thanksgiving special that closed out a lot of story lines this season. Good episode.
  • A very moving episode.

    This episode had some really great moments. I was so glad that Jenny came back home and found that she and Rufus could work out their differences. I was also particularly pleased to see Lily leave the odious Bart Bass and turn up at the Humphrey's once she discovered he had secret files on Erik and Serena as well as the one on herself that she already knew about.

    Vanessa did herself no favours by hiding Nate's letter to Jenny, clearly she is still after Nate herself and is so jealous that he may want Jenny.

    Blair's role her was also very sweet. It was a lovely thing to see her with her father and that she forgave her mother and Cyrus for excluding her from their engagement.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  • Little J finally back where she belongs.

    So many ups and downs though Erik made a show with whether or not his boyfriend is going out with someone else, worrying on Jennys behalf about her parents and her life generally. Blair got the wrong end of the completely wrong stick with her whole scene over her mother getting engaged to Cyrus, her soon-to-be stepfather. One thing I really am glad of is Lily FINALLY seeing sense and leaving Bart for a lovely thanksgiving meal with Rufus and his family. Serena made it with Aaron even after lying about her past drinking habits. I definately think that this episode had a perfectly happy ending and that the season should stop there!
  • Little J finds her way back home, Nate turns in daddy, Blaire finds hers and Bart Bass keeps a watchful eye out on Lilly her kids.

    Little J has a mind of her own. Finally she realizes that her home is where she belongs. A 15 year old fashion designer? Who was she kidding? Seriously. She will get where she wants to be, I have faith in little J. She is one of my favorite characters out of Gossip Girl. Too bad she did not get home on time to read that letter Nate had wrote her. What is going to happen if Jenny finds out Vanessa stole it and keeps it a secret just because she wants Nate all to herself. Little selfish V.

    I have read the books, and when I saw the first season it did not have a lot in common with the books. Now I finally see that things are slowly falling into place. Cyrus is a bold, small guy you want to shoot if you where Blair. I understand why she reacts so heavy and irritated by him. She is used to making a pie and then Cyrus wants to go to a restaurant. It is all so much and so fast. Too bad Serena already took care of Cyrus her hot son or ells Blair would have her fun as well. Sorry B.

    Spotted, N. turning in his Dad. Finally took control of the situation after talking to the FBI and with some help from Vanessa and Chuck he got together with his parents and finally got his Dad to turn himself in. It is too bad Vanessa doesn't know when to stop. I know she's in it for Nate's best interest but, after helping him, she would have just left him alone. Sometimes I get annoyed by her, but then again I'm a big, Nate & Jenny fan.

    Eric finds out Bart has a secret and he doesn't anymore. Bart Bass, what was he thinking when he pulled a background check on his wife, Serena and Eric. Then he makes a remark to Eric and then Eric will start digging. With a stepbrother like Chuck you will surly find something you really want to find.

    Other than that, Blaire got out her good word and brought Jenny home. Jenny knows her dad loves her and she safest at home. Nate knows Chuck will always be there for him. Dan, didn't do much this episode. Blaire realizes her mother does love her and in the end even Vanessa can be a low life by hiding that letter from Jenny. The one that Nate wrote her. We'll see how this ends up next time.
  • awwwww, the cutest episode ever!

    I love thanksgiving. Actually I guess if I lived in a country that celebrates it, it would be my favorite holiday and this episode just shows what the holiday is about.


    Blair showed her soul once again, she just wants to be loved by her mother and father. And I guess it was perfect when Blair's mother went there to pick her up. Amazing episode. Sometimes I thought Blair's mom didnt have a heart, but she even helped Jenny.

    Jenny coming back home and Lily and Eric going to the Humprey house were the best part I guess, they are truly what a family means.
  • I cried real tears.

    OK call me crazy but this episode made me cry, the amazing Jenny had tears running down my face in this amazing episode. The dialogue, the plot and Taylor's superb acting tugged at my heart strings, I newver cry at TV so well done to them, as a screenwriter ewvery time I write an episode I ask myself, will this make people cry? That is my aim as an aspiring screenwriter, to bring people to tears.

    So onto the plot of this fantastic episode. Nate gets The Captain to hand himself in, after a little push from his friends. Jenny finally goes home and they have thansgiving with the Van Der Woodsens and Vanessa at the Huumprey house. Blair's dad came home, which is always nice because her dad can get to a side of Blair that isn't always visible. It was an amazing epidsode and I wish it was reaching more than 3 million people, I really wish it was airing on a decent network.
  • nice:D

    I liked this episode sooo much more then last one. liked that Jenny goes back home, but I hate her hair and make-up. Her make-up is much much much too heavy for her face. I was so happy that the story line of nate and vanessa ended, but unfortunatley for me it started again!! liked it that vanessa took the letter though, kind of spiced things up. I don't know if i like jenny and nate together but would be better than nate and vanessa. the storyline about eric and the files about their family was nice, but wasn't such a great shock because you already knew about them from lily. I almost always like scenes with blair and chuck, this was no exception. and maybe i'm the only one, but i always imagined serena as some kind of goddess, and though blake lively is very pretty, she isn't the person I imagined serena would be. she looks way too nice or something, can't put my finger just on it yet. (sorry, english isn't that good, I'm from Amsterdam)
  • Thanksgiving for the GG crew: Serving up some drama.

    Firstly, I can't begin to express my excitement that the Jenny-centric episodes seem to be over. I was just getting really sick of her whining. Moving on.

    Aaron and Serena: Okay, let me just say that I REALLY tried to give Aaron a chance. But I just can't seem to enjoy his character. I don't like this relationship (heck, it doesn't even make a good RelationshipName. Saaron? Aarena? no thanks). I personally can't wait for Dan to catch Aaron in some horrible situation (such as, cheating on Serena because we kno it's going to happen) and win Serena back.

    Blair/Mrs. Waldorf/Cyrus: As much as people seem to be criticizing Cyrus, I really enjoy his character. I do not, however, like how very suddenly pleasant they've made Mrs. Waldorf. It's just weird. But, Blair slowly gaining a conscience is fun to watch and I really can't wait to see next weeks interaction between her and Chuck, since we've had a break from that relationship for an episode or so. We all crave some Blair/Chuck scenes.

    Chuck: Simply not enough of him in this episode. Him helping out Vanessa with Nate was a nice.

    Nate: Thank GOODNESS he's back. That's all I need to say about that.

    Vanessa: Just like Jenny, her character kind of annoys me. She has spent how much time preaching how Dan is becoming just another Upper East Sider, and then she goes on to stealing herself? She is just too self righteous for me.

    All in all, this wasn't a super eventful episode but it WAS a very nice set up for future story lines. I hope to see:
    - The return of Dan/Serena
    - The demise (or almost) of Bart/Lily
    - MUCH MORE Chuck/Blair
  • Double G getting back on track.

    I think I can speak for the majority of Gossip Girl fans when I say that I am glad this whole Jenny on her own saga is gone. Hopefully this leads to her reverting back to Season 1 and going back to school instead of proving she can be a designer.

    Vanessa being bad and stealing the note? Certainly did not see that coming. For all the criticism she has given to the egos and behavior of those on the Upper East Side she might be just as bad.

    This was not a blowaway show but there was a lot of entertaining scenes here. Chuck and Blair were their usual scene-stealing selves and Dan and Serena were perfectly acceptable. I still don't like Aaron but maybe that will change with time. But a pretty good episode of Double G and hopefully they can keep this momentum going.
  • This episode setup the drama for the next couple episodes.

    I thought that this episode was going to be full of drama and it was, but maybe not as much as I had hoped. It was great episode it setup all the drama for the next couple episodes, and if left me wanting more. I am glad that jenny is home, and that its going to be all same old dan and serina drama with the new boyfriend. I hope that nat picks jenny, i love her more. I cant wait to find out what's behind that all the hospital stuff. And I HATE blairs moms new guy. He was on some other show a longtimes ago and I hated him then too..
  • Season 2, Episode 11.

    It's Thanksgiving time and Blair is offended when her Mom's new man hijacks her Thanksgiving traditions. Lily attempts to fix Jenny and Rufus's frail bond. Eric discovers a secret on Bart.

    Serena and Blair are too hot for television! I mean WOW! Too freakin' sexy! I can write a whole review about their sexiness. Blair: I will feed the ducks their dinner, but if you look like you enjoy one minute of it, we're leaving! Haha, I love Blair. I didn't really pay attention during this episode, but it seems good so far. Jenny wants to get emancipated! Hmmm. Cool episode.
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