Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 11

The Magnificent Archibalds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on The CW

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  • Little J finds her way back home, Nate turns in daddy, Blaire finds hers and Bart Bass keeps a watchful eye out on Lilly her kids.

    Little J has a mind of her own. Finally she realizes that her home is where she belongs. A 15 year old fashion designer? Who was she kidding? Seriously. She will get where she wants to be, I have faith in little J. She is one of my favorite characters out of Gossip Girl. Too bad she did not get home on time to read that letter Nate had wrote her. What is going to happen if Jenny finds out Vanessa stole it and keeps it a secret just because she wants Nate all to herself. Little selfish V.

    I have read the books, and when I saw the first season it did not have a lot in common with the books. Now I finally see that things are slowly falling into place. Cyrus is a bold, small guy you want to shoot if you where Blair. I understand why she reacts so heavy and irritated by him. She is used to making a pie and then Cyrus wants to go to a restaurant. It is all so much and so fast. Too bad Serena already took care of Cyrus her hot son or ells Blair would have her fun as well. Sorry B.

    Spotted, N. turning in his Dad. Finally took control of the situation after talking to the FBI and with some help from Vanessa and Chuck he got together with his parents and finally got his Dad to turn himself in. It is too bad Vanessa doesn't know when to stop. I know she's in it for Nate's best interest but, after helping him, she would have just left him alone. Sometimes I get annoyed by her, but then again I'm a big, Nate & Jenny fan.

    Eric finds out Bart has a secret and he doesn't anymore. Bart Bass, what was he thinking when he pulled a background check on his wife, Serena and Eric. Then he makes a remark to Eric and then Eric will start digging. With a stepbrother like Chuck you will surly find something you really want to find.

    Other than that, Blaire got out her good word and brought Jenny home. Jenny knows her dad loves her and she safest at home. Nate knows Chuck will always be there for him. Dan, didn't do much this episode. Blaire realizes her mother does love her and in the end even Vanessa can be a low life by hiding that letter from Jenny. The one that Nate wrote her. We'll see how this ends up next time.
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