Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 17

The Princess Dowry

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2012 on The CW

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  • Not Bad, But Still A Stretch

    Dan and Blair have a different kind of chemistry than Blair and Chuck. With Blair and Chuck it was all passion and lust-- something that started when they were younger. With Blair and Dan, it's trust and comfort, and I'm glad the writers are pursuing this love story with them. I don't necessarily think they should end up together, but the viewers and Blair's character need to at least try it out and give the relationship a chance. It wouldn't be fair to have all this buildup for Dair and then just leave us hanging.

    I like the Lola/Charlie storyline and I'm interested in finding out where the writers are going with it. Obviously, this show is completely unrealistic and not plausible for regular people, but that doesn't mean it's not interesting. However, I'm curious as to how much longer this show can last; I don't think I'll be watching after this season is over.
  • OH glory be!

    To some of the reviewers that are against Dan and Blair...in real life relationships like the one Chuck and Blair have are just never a choice (people never change)...almost 99% of those relationships end...and in their place a normal happy one takes place. But I guess some of you did not have that experience in life...thus you wouldn't understand. This is good for the show, it means that they take life seriously. No one...NO ONE in their mind would ever choose less for themselves...especially if it is given to them freely and unconditionally.

    I'm just going to say how happy I am that Blair is finally seeing the light. I knew the Chuck and Blair thing was over the moment i saw Dan Humphrey fall head over heals for her...its just so pure and down to earth...something Blair truly needs. The way she reacted to Dan's actions was priceless and mature and puts her in such a lovely new light. She's growing up! I hope now they can just leave the poor couple alone and let them enjoy each others company. And hopefully, Serena will leave Dan alone...she's his poison as much as Chuck is Balir's...Lonely Boy no more!! He's more like Busy Boy!! Also I am glad Louise is gone...jeee what a flakey bastard. And I will miss Goergina though haha..she's awesome...As for the Rhodes stunt...meh...boring.
  • Give me a break!

    After watching the last episode and venting here how abysmal it was, I thought this episode was quite good... until the ending. Gossip Girl is hitting us below the belt. I mean c'mon!! Blair is IN LOVE with Chuck. He loves her with all his heart too. For about 4-5 years, they have been in love with each. Blair keeps pushing off Chuck because of God, because of Louis and what not. Finally finally, Chuck has a chance to be with his true love and Blair tells him she doesn't love him... oh wait, my bad. She isn't in love with him?? Blair was my favourite character, now she just seems such a witch. She basically stringed Chuck around for years, and now she wants to be with lonely boy? Poor poor chuck! If I were him, I would have strangled Blair and stabbed Dan. I detested Dan for the last few episodes and sadly, Blair has joined the gang. Dair has got to be the worst thing the producers could possibly think of. On a different note, the Georgina thing is quite good. The villain might be turning out to my fav character since the lead people are so stupid!! (Yes Blair, you) Serena has to develop some sort of story line. They should name this show Blair anyway. I was feeling quite sorry for Ivy until she turned lily and Rufus out of the house. That was too much. And the fact that William Vanderwoodson is Charlie's father... horrible idea!! That disgusts me. Serena and Charlie are now step sisters? Their mothers being sisters???

    How could they take one of my most favourite shows and turn it into something this awful??

    I wish there was a rating less than 1.

  • Great turn of events

    Don't understand the heat at the turn of events. Honestly, when CeCe passed on, all Lily and Carol cares about is Ivy cheated the inheritance and not finding out why. And why the blame all on Ivy, her character was to be sympathize than hated. I have to say, Chuck and Blair has been an item too long and it will be good to see a new chemistry for everybody. I am very excited to find out how would Ivy handled the wealth, how William will steal it away and give it to Carol, how Dan and Blair will turn out, How Chuck reacts to that, and please blow the princess thingy over already. And can how Georgina is going to make us of the indebted favors from Chuck and Blair.

    Can't Wait
  • Get Over It

    Oh come on! Both Dan and Chuck have great chemistry with Blair. I think it's fair to say that Blair really do love Chuck but it is different when you are talking about being in love. I think much of that love she has for Chuck is attributed to their history. However, the writers won't give justice to the characters if they persist on the Chuck and Blair pair up. They have the most unhealthy and inconsistent relationship. Both deserve a mature kind of love. It happens in real life. No matter how much we want to end up with someone we have already invested too much time and emotion, still, life steers you towards someone more deserving..Dan and Blair are both opposites and yet, they have the sexual and intellectual chemistry together. So, get over the Chuck and Blair drama already! We are so fed up with it!
  • princess dowry

    finally DAN and BLAIR, i have waited for this. this could be their each other's happily ever after. this is something real.based on friendship, trust and cares etc.they love each other for who and what they are.i admit i am a forever chuck and blair.but now i am switching gears. change is good. this is the adult thing to do. move on. find a new love. don't get stuck in the past. and for serena, i like her to be with nate, although the real charlie deserve her too after a complicated relationship with her family. ivy dickens, maybe she'll end up with chuck bass. it will be good for him, or the agent of dan.she should return the inheritance, its the right thing to do....as for georgina, get lost.the villain i always love to hate.
  • The Most Totally Fail Episode Of All Time.

    Dan and Blair. The most chemistryless TV couple of all time have finally done the thing we ALL wish our brains could un-see. Blair told Chuck, the person who she has been in love with with all her heart for basically all 5 seasons, that she loves him, but she is not /in/ love with him, 'at least not now anyway' (Quotes from Miss. Blair the whoring skank herself) And Charlie/Ivy/WhatTheFuckIsYourName just won't fucking go away and has booted Lilly and Rufus out of their home. What a fucking bitch! William, who I have seemed to have forgotten about for the time he was gone, (who tried to drug up hiss ex wife, his childrens mother) has decided to pop back in for several episodes only to disappoint with the news that Ivy Fucking Dickens was left all CeCe's money, and house. Gossip Girl writers, what the fuck happened to what I used to call good TV? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BELOVED CHARACTERS AND THE SHOW I CHERISH :P eh. The wrost GG epiosde EVER. I am seriously considering never watching again.
  • Relax Everyone

    I honestly don't understand why everyone is so upset with this episode. Yes there are things that I didn't like but again I am not the writer so unless I would or others on this review board would like to join the team of writers, things will not always go the way I would like.

    Blair choosing Dan: of course she chose him. The Chuck/Blair story has been dragged out for 4 seasons now. It got old and boring. Perhaps the fact that Blair and Chuck have been going back and forth is an indication that they love each other but not "in love". Blair was denying her feelings for Dan until she finally gave in and admitted to it. Dan has been her friend, her getaway driver, and anyone else she needed him to be all the while Chuck was scheming how to destroy her wedding, how to screw Dan, and how to make her get divorced from Luis. Maybe Dan is the one who sabotaged the wedding but he did it to make Blair happy (since she didn't love Luis as much as she should) and not for his selfish reasons. People who are Chair fans (as I once was) need to embrace a new story and not be stuck in their pre-2012 minds. I for one am happy that those 2 are together, it's new and fresh!

    Things I didn't like:

    - Cece left Lily's house to Ivy. What did Lily ever do to her? I'm not surprised that Ivy got some money (although I don't know if I believe that CeCe actually knew the story), but all of it? Either Ivy tampered with the will or CeCe decided to call her "Ivy" since she pretended that this was the name her mother forced her to have and she was used to it.

    - Lola being stupid about how the entire family is materialistic- because no other person would be upset that the imposter Ivy gets all the family money!

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing:

    - Ivy getting her ass kicked in court and all of the money going back to Lily- despite the fact that Ivy helped CeCe, she was still stealing from the family and stealing someone's identity. If she gets to keep the money, there is no justice in the world.

    - Chuck moving on to a new relationship

    - Jack Bass is back- maybe he'll explain how Elizabeth Hurley fits into the story

    - Who will pay Blair's dowry? Will Georgina keep her end of the bargain?

    - Will Serena take over as GG now that Georgina sent her the laptop?

    All in all, this is a SHOW- things will be unrealistic and the writers will do what they think is a good idea. To them a good idea is what will keep the show running-aka drama.
  • I totally agree, "...totally fail episode of all time"

    I agree with Violet Rowe, but not to the same extreme disgust and disapproval. There are terrible decisions on the writers part (e.g. Blair choosing Dan over Chuck), but there are some okay parts (e.g. Ivy fighting back).

    Honestly, after the episode with the limo crash and even a little bit before the show has been a swing and a miss; however, not to the point of unbearable to watch.