Gossip Girl

Season 4 Episode 20

The Princesses and the Frog

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • Wow (spoilers ahead)

    This was a very riveting and strange episode of Gossip Girl. It was one of those that starts with a mind blowing event and then goes back to show us how we got there. So this episode begins with Blair calling her mom and looking at the ring on her left hand (gasp!)
    So Blair is happy with the prince and Serena is intent on destroying this relationship for a few reasons: she is still pissed off about Blair and Dan, and she doesn't think Serena genuinely cares for the princes. My problem with this was that Serena has never been the screw over her best friend type. She's the retaliating type, but for her to try and ruin this for Blair was very... well Blair-like, as pointed out by Eric (at this point he's my favorite character and the only one I don't want to kill on a normal basis). Meanwhile Chuck has found his dad was having an affair with Raina's mom and the she told Bart Bass she was going back to Russell the night of the fire that killed her. Nate tells Raina this and she goes on the warpath and tells Nate to choose between her or Chuck (more on that later). She also calls Jack Bass to help take down Chuck.

    And then there's Charlie. At the beginning of this episode, she still seems like the cute little cousin who has a crush on Dan when she runs into Vanessa. Vanessa tells her she'd rather see Dan with Charlie than Serena or Blair so she offers to help. But Charlie throws this over the top party for a band of Rufus's and tells Dan it was her idea. When really Vanessa was actually trying to help her and Charlie pulls off her mask to reveal she wanted it to look like Vanessa screwed her over because there's nothing Dan loves more than a damsel in distress. So we're back to Vanessa knowing some mind-blowing secret and as usual, who can she tell because no one'll believe her anyway.

    And last, but not at all least but heading into a deep spiral is Chuck. Chuck has taken to drinking more and lounging around in a Hefner-esque robe because he found out his dad is an even worse person than he already thought. When he hears from Nate Blair's prince is going to propose to her, he takes the ring and drunkenly goes to the ball to win her back. She comes over later and he gets very aggressive with her and when she tells him it's over, he punches one of the glass windows ad Blair ends up with a blood scratch on her cheek. After seeing this Nate calls Raina and tells her he's her and turning his back on Chuck. So this episode ranged from being really shocking to really uncharacterisitc which is the epitome of gossip girl, and as always it all went down at a party.