Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 24

The Return of the Ring

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • And Gossip Girl just too a dive back into season 1!!

    Remember the old days when Blair plotted against her rivals and juggled between boys? When Serena and Blair fought? When Chuck was the boy trying to get the attention of his father? When Serena and Dan were together? When Nate was that lover boy? When Serena slept with Blairs boyfriends? And Serena was that lost girl with no one to talk to?

    Well those day our back, thanks to a hell of a season finale. So if you haven't seen the episode, turn back, i have got a few spoilers! We are the same as we were in the beginning. Serena and Blair are fighting. Chuck was sacked by his father resulting the old Chuck to come back with one,"I'm Chuck Bass!" dialogue. Serena slept with Blair at the same damn place where she slept with Nate years ago. Lily chose Bart. And with Lily leaving Rufus, Serena and Dan are forever apart. Jack and Chuck are in a partnership. And with a song called We are Young by Fun. We see the glimpses of lonely boy in Dan as he starts writing Inside 2.0 with Georgina. The young drug addict and slutty Serena as a boy kisses her neck. Nate trying to uncover Gossip Girl. Ivy getting her money through a certain miss Lola. And specially Chuck and Blair being back together, probably.

    So dear Gossip Girl i say you have created hell and got me excited like never before. This last season may actually be better than season 1, which we all dearly miss. And who knows? You may get those 11 million viewers back for one last time
  • And they want the next season to be the last

    Interesting episode. Chuck who was happy that his father turned up alive in the last episode, in this episode set out to take him down because his father took the company away from him. And he aligned himself with Jack. Dan and Blair appear to be through, although i have to admit that's what i want. And she went back to Chuck which I also want. Lola wanted Ivy to be her instrument of revenge against Lily. Lily upon learning that Bart is alive decided to stay with him and end her union with Rufus. Wonder who'll he be with next season, if he'll be with anyone. I had hoped Diana but she's gone al least that's how it appears. Or maybe just like William he'll get together with Lily's sister, Carol considering he wasn't supportive of what Lily did to her.. Dan wants Georgina to help him write a book about the Upper East Side. And Serena after being dumped by Dan turns to drugs. I hope that Nate is the one who saves her cause I want them back together. Do you really think it's time for the show to end?
  • Looking forward to final eps!

    Wow, the conclusion of this ep was the best! A return to what works and is exciting. The best eps are the ones where u yell "omg!" at the tv.

    Please please please go out with a bang like the last few minutes seemed to imply! Havnt been this excited about GG since the Paris episodes aired.

    Dan is still bloody annoying though. Interesting to see Sarenas downfall. Let's keep climbing!
  • Should Have Been Series Finale

    This should have been the series finale. It was so badly written. The acting was incredible. The Powers that Be only were right to order only 11 episodes next season. Let's hope that there are quality writing in those episodes. Else they would be a waste of everyone's time.