Gossip Girl

Season 6 Episode 9

The Revengers

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2012 on The CW

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  • This show is a charade

    I laughed while watching this episode. It was so bad it became funny, with the C-movie plot and bad movie music. I know they winked to audrey hepburn's movie 'charade' and tried to set up one, but they did it in such a horrible manner that they actually disgraced this wonderful movie. Blair will never be Audrey, even though she is pretty, but she is such a horrible character and her acting was equally bad. I think even Leighton Meester is tired of this character. Chuck vs Bart: yawn. Dan wanting Serena back: really, show, going there again? Dan was obsessed with Blair and now suddenly it has always been Serena? And Ivy: really, you're taking orders from Blair now? A new low even for you. at least you had your own thing. The writers are committing show-suicide.
  • What just happened?

    Everything is messed up in this episode. Almost everybody is out of character.
  • Is this a joke?

    Worst episode is GG history. I can't believe that after everything that's happened Dan would really be pining for Serena again! Literally, I can't believe it. Like, it's not plausible.. And I know Bart has always been harsh and cold with Chuck but I also find it kinda impossible to believe that he's really THAT bad. I liked Dan siding with Bart, but they quickly ruined that (the one good aspect of this episode). How does one of the best dramatic serials ever turn into this? And right before its epic farewell!
  • What the hell is wrong with Blair being bitchy with Dan all the time?

    Whatever did the poor guy do to her? Is she blind, that even up to this point all Dan wanted was for her to be happy. The thing that he did for Chuck was proof enough, why the hell is she acting stupid? Can't she move on with her own life? This storyline was the worst so far. It does not even have coherence with what the show was about when it started. It has all become poorly mashed-up plots that are hanging on by a thread for crying out loud. Since the writers seem to have exhausted all possible plots for this show to the point of recycling used old ones, it may have done the show justice if they have just ended it at season 5. Uhh Blair! I can't
  • i don't know why complain

    really, this season is about wrapping up the plots, otherwise with those ratings the CW could have cncelled the series as it did with te secret circle. they gave us 10 episodes to wrap up everything. i thought the episode was very good, at least we see bitchy blair manipulatin people. Ivy takes orders from blair because all she wants is forgiveness (isn't it obvious?) and Heorgina is always there when an evil thing is requiered. Nate's dad makes a comeback, Brilliant. Bart dying by an accident... people: don't judge the episode for how you wanted things to be, we all had different points of view. and this season 6 is by ar better than season 5 first 15 ep dissaster.