Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 5

The Serena Also Rises

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on The CW

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    After 4 episodes of uninteresting story lines, we finally got a satisfying episode of Gossip Girl. We actually got a lot of character development and emotion especially from Chuck, finally he's becoming a three dimensional character after a whole season of being a stereotype.

    Nate's absence boded well for this show, considering the Catherine drama is finally over. Jenny is still annoying, but it's great to see how she develops over the course of the show's run. She started the show out as an innocent 14 year old, lets see where she ends up.

    One of the reasons season 1 of Gossip Girl was so good was the on going rivalries between the characters, one of which being Serena & Blair. We got those interactions back on tonight's episode. I'm really looking forward to the future dynamics because of this. Overall, first "good" episode of the season.
  • Kinda of a filler episode

    We see Serena’s rise as she gets out of Blair’s shadow, once and for all. She confronts Blair about all the past glory that Blair has gotten because of Serena’s loyalty. Blair on the other hand, was busy scheming her own plans to ruin Jenny and Serena at the same time (hehe, I love it). However, as the show closes, we see plans backfired against Blair. Not to worry, I’m sure Blair has a backup plan...and it’s not throwing a purse at Serena (hint, hint). We also see Dan and Chuck rekindling their friendship? Not for long anyway. There was no mention of Nate anywhere, or Vanessa, or Catherine...seems like they completely dropped that storyline or something. Oh well, it was an ok episode, but in the end, nothing really happened.
  • Was I the only person who got that season 1 dejavu feeling???

    This was an enjoyable episode, the Dan vs Chuck plot was carried out too fast though. Serena is a mayor bitc* and Dan is a little slow. I'm glad that Amanda is gone, Nate is a fa* Vanessa is so so so so so so so hot! I'm curious to how the next episode will deal with the whole Blair, Vanessa and the English Royalty bizz. 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101.
  • chuck is my idol...

    This was just brilliant! I love how we got to see a more sensitive side of Chuck, just unfortunate with the whole jumping to conclusions thing with Dan and his notes. I thought they were a very funny match and unlikely pair of mates. I would love to see more of them together and Chuck just taking the p*ss out of Dan really, but deep down they will start to like each other. I'm glad to see a more humane side of Serena again, just hoping she'll go back to nice, normal Serena again. Hurting Blair was a bit harsh, but I guess she's right to some extent, although she said it in a pretty mean way...
  • We had the oppurtunity to learn more about the characters and unlikely friendships formed, but most of the storyline's weren't very exciting.

    I'll start with what I liked. First off, Dan and Chuck bonding time. It is always great to see two characters that don't know or like each other much open up to each other. I also liked the conflict between Jenny, Blair, and Serena. It really showed how hard Blair tries because no one appreciates her. I loved how she started out agianst Jenny but ended up on her side. Serena has always been trying to aviod outshinning Blair and it made sense that she finally decided not to worry about it. The thing I didn't like about it was the whole focus on jobs. I just don't buy that Jenny is an amazing designer right after starting. People want to see people they can relate to, not the most talented, out of the ordinary people. The way Jenny treats her dad also really annoys me. I also just didn't find Dan's writing storyline very interesting. Another problem I had was that the seating chart arguement seemed like it should not have been that big of a deal, but they made it into the main premise of the show.
  • Greate Episode! Not only Serena, but especially Dan and Jenny are on fire!

    Even though the title of this episode is 'The Serena also rises', i think it should be called: 'The Humphreys also rise' cuz Dan and lil' J are greate in this episode. Jenny is the big star at NY's fashion week, at least behind the scenes. Althought Blair tries everything to make her fail, she turns everthing around and make herself look even better.
    But the better she's getting in the fashion industry, the worst she's doing at school, she's been skipping school for over two weeks without telling anyone, it is understood that it comes down with a lot of truble when her father Rufus finds out...
    The other Highlight, as i said before, is the other Humphrey, Dan. Trying to impress an old and well know writer, he's hanging out with Chuck Bass to find something interesting to write.
    Hard to imagine that the two would go along well, but as it turns out, they get along quiet well, at least as long as Chuck doesn't know that Dan is just using him to get something to write...
    can't wait for the next episode to come!
  • Season 2, Episode 5.

    Blair and Jenny fight. Serena and Blair fight. Chuck causes a fight, and Dan participates in a fight by punching a stranger. A lot of fighting. Blair is furious with her mother for giving Serena and her new socialite friend, Poppy Lifton, front row seats to the Eleanor Waldorf show. Hurt by both Serena and her mother, Blair decides to sabotage the show. Meanwhile, Dan starts hanging out with Chuck, but he quickly learns that the dark side has its risks. Lily learns a secret that her new husband, Bart has been keeping from her. I loved how the whole episode was written with Blair. 10/10.
  • Dan: It's not gay if it's just research!

    This was a great episode, it's been the best of the bunch for me so far this season. I've been really impressed with Gossip Girl this season... who'd have thunk it that GG would end up being such a great show with interesting characters? I know I didn't! I adore Blair with all my heart but I couldn't muster up much sympathy for her this episode she was acting very odd and a little hysterical -- I did feel bad for her at the end of the episode. She was literally running around the fraking crazy biotch, she needed someone (Eric!) to go 'whoah Blair, dude. STFU! Things could be worse. There are people dying in Africa, and Serena is a dumbo she'll fall off her throne soon enough.' Not that B would have listened.

    I have to say for once I did kind of side with Serena on this; she should be able to be herself without having to walk on eggshells around Blair. However, her speech at the end of the episode declaring what will ultimately be her own death sentence was incredibly insensitive and mean. Then changed my mind and was like 'die b!tch!'

    Jenny's plot 'was so saccharine I was getting toothache', I cringed during that scene where Eleanor toasted her, *eyeroll*, who by the way is the worst mother ever! She has a special place for her reserved in hell along with George Bush. Poor Blair. This is exactly why she needs Chuck, he loves her psychotic jealous biotchyness as well as her beautoful vulnerable heart. It was interesting that the show mirrored Chucks storyline with his father with Blair being rejected by her mother. I'll post this here which I posted in the forums regarding CB. I rarely to never "ship" (I hate that word) couples, the only other couple I squeed this much over were Logan and Veronica. I only loved them because they were so unexpected (I never like obvious pairings *yawn*), dark and had sizzling chemistry -- an interesting television couple is like love. It's supposed to hit you unexpectedly and take you breath away or in CB's case make your stomach flutter. With Chuck and Blair I was completely blown away with their inherent beauty, there's something incredibly arcane yet modern about Chuck and Blair's dance; part of the reason people love them is because their dynamic harkens back to the days of old when Chuck would have been the archetypal rich rogue and Blair the upper class maiden who attracts his attention some fateful night. They are reminiscent of the doomed Heathcliff and Catherine of Wuthering Heights; the selfish and flighty Catherine who fell in love with her step brother and Heathcliff the obsessive sociopath who loved her back even in death. Chuck is also Rhett Butler the womanising cad, and Blair the scheming and spoilt Scarlett o' Hara who cannot break away from her fantasy of Ashley until its too late to realise she actually loves Rhett. As Karl Jung hypothesised, archetypal ideas remain deeply embedded within the collective unconscious of the human race and certain archetypes affect us on an inherent level more than others -- it is my view that Chuck and Blair have become so popular because they possess prevalent archetypal qualities present throughout all literature throughout history. These classic literary models are so prevalent because they speak to us emotionally, hence their wide spread nature and the reason they are continued to be used and redone.

    Speaking of my beloved Chuck his scene with Dan in the prison talking about his mum made me teary-eyed. The lighting in this episode was excellent; especially the dichotomy of light in the Chuck and Dan's scenes. For instance, when Chuck was tempting Dan a la the serpent, Eve and the apple, Chuck was sitting half in shadow illustrating 'the dark side' while Dan was sitting in a more lit position.

    I suspect Chuck gave Dan an E? If so I'm disappointed we didn't get to see the inevitable 'I love you Chuck!' from Dan whilst off his face. I may actually like Dan more now although it could well be the Chuck effect... I'll probably go back to hating him again next week when he doesn't have scenes with him. Thus restoring the universe to its natural balance. And Charlie Trout? Clever fraking name you pompous idjit! Dan is a bad writer.

    Word. I don't know if it's just my parents, but if I pulled half of Jennys crap over these two seasons I would have come home to changed locks long ago. She's so utterly disrespectful it makes me sick, I hope she falls flat on her face. I'm willing for her to hit rock bottom and then actually learn from her experince this time, then I can like her again once she's crying and apologising to her dad. Part of the reason I love Blair is for the precise reason Little J was expounding to her -- she works for everything she has and gets no credit, she works hard for her mothers attention. Little J needs to fail and actually work hard for some respect, not to climb social ladders not to be a designer but for her fathers respect. None of this rude lame teenagery behaviour anymore. It's grating on my nerves. Jenny get your s*** together.

    Re Chuck and Blair (again, yes I'm obsessed). So his antics last episode were entirely for Blair's benefit, in that he wanted her back with a healthy does of reality. He did it all because he's completely obsessed with her, yet his feelings are deeper than that. I think he does love her but he's only beginning to discover what this will mean for himself and what changes to his character this (perhaps highly destructive) emotion will bring. Closing thoughts: What's next for Chuckles? Will he break away from his fathers hold or perhaps sink even lower into a depressed reverie? Will Blair kick Serenas well rounded arse? Will Jenny ever STFU?? Hopefully we'll found out in two weeks! xoxo.
  • Blair and Jenny fight, Serena and Blair fight, everyone fights.

    It seems like we've been waiting awhile for Gossip Girl to give us a blowaway episode this season and we finally got one here tonight. We received the intense drama, the devious plotting, the NY lifestyle and everything we've come to expect from Double G. The Chuck and Dan storyline was interesting and hopefully things continue to develop between the two. Ed Westwick was at his best here and he helped the seemingly dull Dan character be somewhat entertaining.

    The Blair and Serena fight brewing promises to have some exciting encounters and hopefully B will be able to get her throne back. The Serena character was floundering and Blake Lively's atrocious acting wasn't helping so this recent shift of gears should bring her back to life.

    Good episode.
  • Mix feeling about this episode

    I seriously have some mix feeling about this episode.

    First, I really enjoyed to see a sweeter Chuck Bass, we finally could understand why he is the way he is and that, differently from what Blair said he has a human side. Too bad Dan kinda betrayed his relationship with Chuck, I suppose it would be a good twist from the show.

    I think Dan's part in this episode was kinda lame. I mean, it was a bit too boring to see. I would like to see more action via his part, maybe something about this Amanda girl.

    I loved that Serena stood up and defeated Blair, but I am a bit sad their friendship can be totally destroyed now and I hope Blair and Jenny dont become bff, it would be totally weird.

    I hope there are more games between Blair and Serena, but this doesnt make Serena too mean, otherwise she would become a Blair herself without the whole intelligent part.

    Big applause to miss Jenny Humprey. I think she stole the episode for herself and it was the most interesting part.

    I am crazy to see next episode.
  • Nothing happened.

    I think this episode was a little bit boring, because nothing 'big' happened. Not like those things that usually happen.. Like when Vanessa found out about the duchess and Marcus or when Blair came back from Europe with a Lord. Besides, the part about Dan and his mentor kind of answered my previous doubts about whether or not the Dan-parts were gonna be boring without Serena participating in them.Also, it was weird not seeing Vanessa and Nate; I wonder what's gonna happen to Nate after what happened last episode. I really hope that next episode's a little bit more exciting!
  • Serena finally emerges for Blair's shadow!

    I am in two minds about this episode. Don't get me wrong - it was written very well and acted even better, I'm just not sure I like where some of the characters are going. That's just a personal opinion as I realise the character direction is necessary to maintain the drama of the show.

    Serena has a new bf and Blair's nose is seriously out of joint. Typical of Blair she has to get competitive instead of being supportive and completely messes up anyway of rescuing her friendship in the end. Blair uses Jenny and her internship with Blair's mothers fashion company to get back at Serena. This while entertaining definitely back-fires for Blair. I do think Blair learnt a valuable lesson from it though and we see a softening in her attitude in the end. She's just a little girl who craves attention.

    Chuck is lonely, Nate's away and he has no-one to play with. Dan has been told by his mentor that his story writing is too bland so he chooses to use Chuck to get that juicier story. Chuck finds Dan amusing at the beginning but because of his loneliness opens up to Dan by telling him a big secret. Luckily for Chuck, Dan realises he's not the sort of person to benefit and use another person. Dan tells his mentor where to shove it and chooses to write his own stories. Good for him!

    This episode clearly showed the insecurites of two of its supposedly strongest characters, Blair and Chuck. Even though it's an old cliche : Money can't buy love.

    Can't wait for next week!
  • Dan does the "Hunter S. Thompson" thing with Chuck Bass while Blair does everything humanly possible to ruin her mother's reputation, Jenny's future, Serena's power, and the entire Upper East Side by sabotaging a fashion show.

    I really enjoyed this episode mostly because it was very interesting to see Dan and Chuck Bass interact as friends - even if was "staged." I also seeing Serena deciding to put her pedal to the metal on top of Blair's preening head and finally destroy the most destructive character on the show. I do wonder what will happen to Jenny. For some reason I don't like seeing her fight with her dad. But can't she just come clean and tell pop what a hell her life is at that school. I'm sure she could transfer to some other school like Nightingale -Bamford?
  • Finally, someone sticks it to Blair and wins.

    Lots of backstabbing happening in this episode, most from Blair and Jenny and a little from an unlikely candidate, Dan. So, Blair and Jenny fight it out after Jenny accidentally meddles with Blair's seating chart for her mother's fashion show. Wow! Blair can throw such a tantrum and can turn this one little thing into an entire war. I was even going for Jenny until in the end when she peters out and waves the white flag.

    Meanwhile, Dan tries to take advantage of Chuck after his editor complains about his stories being too boring. He buddies up with Chuck in hopes for an interesting plot for his stories, but you never try to outwit Chuck because he always wins. He even had the best lines in the episode.

    Serena finally learns what she's capable of and sticks it to Blair, who, I must say, deserved what she got. Blair's only good while she's on top, she doesn't know how to pick herself back up when she's at the bottom. I'm interested to see if she can beat this or if she'll fall down. Lily also realizes what we all knew: she picked the wrong guy.

    This episode reminded exactly why I watch this series. Gossip Girl is going back to its old ways and that's exactly what I loved about the first season.
  • Episode five takes place in the midst of Fashion Week. Blair's mother has given Serena and her new socialite friend, Poppy Lifton front row seats to the Eleanor Waldorf show. Hurt, Blair decides to sabotage the show.

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