Gossip Girl

Season 4 Episode 11

The Townie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2010 on The CW

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  • This episode clearly explains everything that has been happening. It was a perfect way to end things before a break. I can't wait till January 24th! I;ve been counting the days!!!

    This episode was amazing. It really shows its true colors, and it explains everything so clearly to what has been happening lately. I couldn't have been more pleased. I'm not entirely mad at Juliet anymore, after they explained why she was torturing Serena. Gossip Girl You Are Awesome!!!!! I hope it gets renewed for a season 5, because i will be your fan forever. Many more seasons would complete my life. I can't express more how much this show means to me. And episodes like these, just make me not wanna wait two more months for the next one!! I've been counting the days. January 24th!!!!!! Can't wait. I Love You Gossip Girl
  • Serena is still at the Ostroff center cut off from the rest of the world. Blair and Dan go to Cornwall to find Juliet and to investigate on Serena's connection to her with the helf of Damien. Lily and Chuck are trying to sell a deal for Bass' industries.

    What a satisfaction when all of the issues are finally solved and everyone comes clean! What a perfect "semi-season" finale. It had all of the ingredients I personnally enjoy in Gossip Girl: scheming, lies, twists, betrayal, gossip girl _ as surprising as it sounds she hadn't been involved in a lot of plots this season _ and also it was missing (in a very good way) the most annoying characters such as Vanessa (who in spite of my best efforts, I never came to like) and Jenny. Usually I would have said that this episode was also missing the Blair and Chuck connection being a huge fan of their relationship myself, but these days I feel like we need some time off from those two given that the writers have probably got everything they could out of this pair. The episode was full of surprises: honestly I did not see coming the fact that Lily was behind Ben's emprisonement. I used to like this character, but I'm getting sick of her bad parenting so I guess it is only fair that now everyone has been turned against her, including Chuck: what a screwed up thing she did to him! We've always known she had a poor estime of her daughter but even though Chuck is not a saint, I've always got the feeling that they were both really close, too close to betray him like that: so that was another surprise.

    One other thing I loved about this episode: the flashbacks. Serena's past has always been kind of blury, it was nice to actually see what she was like in boarding school. The fact that they used Damien in the plot was also interesting, I actually like this character, he's so careless about everething except about Serena, he actually looked pretty concerned. As for Blair and Dan, I just love each time they get together maybe because it is so rare. I don't know what is going to happen between those two, it almost seems like they are going to get romantically involved which could potentially be great except that I'm not sure that the writers would dare to make that happen given Dan's complicated (and recent!) past relationship with Serena and of course the fact that Blair is Serena's best friend. But then again, not only did the end of the episode leave room for that possibility but it also suggested that Serena and Ben could fall in love again so who knows! I will not mention the Nate's storyline as I thing it was the low point of this episode and that nate is getting increasingly naive (shocking, that is possible!).

    In a nutshell, I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next and the wait is about to be quite painful. Xoxo
  • Juliet's secrets come to light

    This has been the best episode of Gossip Girl in a really long time. I loved the way they concluded the whole Juliet thing and it actually made me really sympathetic to her instead of finding it to be contrived. The end with Ben was also emotional without being sappy. I absolutely love the evilish turn that Lily has taken, she was so flippant about all the horrible things that she did to her family, I hope this causes some drama between her and Rufus who have become the most boring couple on the show (which is really hard). Everyone else was being as useless as always. Dan and Blair at the end being friends are probably a sign of good things to come.
  • Everything basically gets wrapped up in a neat little bow, just in time for the holidays.

    I have to say this episode didn't turn out as I had predicted but it was still good. Lily was starting to annoy me with all her interventions so I'm glad she finally got what she deserved.

    Poor Serena has to face up to what she supposedly did and cut herself off from the world for 72 hours. Even though everyone thought she needed the help anyway, I don't agree. She was doing great throughout her years since boarding school. Why did she need to get help?

    Blair and Dan teaming up was great. It's nice when two people who clearly don't like each other share a mutual goal. I still love the scene from last season when Dan asked Blair to dance at Dorota's wedding. Of course this won't be the start of a budding friendship and I don't believe for a second that it will lead to any form of a romance. The writers have already done the regretful holiday one-night-stand with Blair and Jack Bass so hopefully they won't do it again. But I guess with the New Year there has to be another storyline to fill out the rest of the season.

    Juliet basically got away scot-free which was a bit disappointing. She took Serena on her word and apologised. That's it? She drugged Serena and got her expelled. Surely that's worthy of some form of punishment no matter what happened to her brother. And how the hell did she get into the rehab centre?

    Chuck is becoming a background character but I agree that him and Blair being apart is actually nice. We get to see the womaniser we love and Blair may finally start dating someone outside of the group. I'd love for her beau in Paris to arrive and sweep her off her feet. I felt sorry for her when Chuck suggested he was going to New Zealand for "rainforest sex games", she clearly wasn't impressed.

    And we may see the return of Jack Bass, which should be interesting. Blair may strike up a romance with him just to spite Chuck, which would be childish but interesting especially if she wound up falling for him.
  • Finally

    At last we find out what Juliet's vendetta with Serena'a all about. But in the end it wasn't Serena's fault but her mother that Juliet's brother is in prison. So I guess not only is Lily's relationship with Serena damaged but so is hers with Rufus cause he reveals the secret she kept from Chuck--that she is trying to sell the company. The whole thing ends with Serena vowing to get Juliet's brother, Ben, out of prison and Chuck is going to spend his winter break trying to recruit his Uncle Jack to help him with Lily. The word is that we won't see Juliet anymore but will we seeing Ben. It's a shame that Nate didn't try to apologize to Serena for doubting her. I really wish they would get back together but he appears to be preoccupied with trying to help his father, The Captain get back on his feet after his mother decided to end their marriage. Wonder will The Captain be on his best behavior or will he be in trouble. And I'm glad Dan opted not to go with Serena on her little trek. But what worries me is that Dan will be spending the holidays with Blair; are they being paired with. Hope not.