Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 11

The Treasure of Serena Madre

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • What would a Thanksgiving be on Gossip Girl without any scandals?! This episode had it all.

    Let me just star by saying if you didn't like this episode and still think season 3 sucks than you should definitely get your eyes checked. It was fantastic, this season is progressing to be the strongest season. The story lines have been well up til now and it's getting better.

    What would a Thanksgiving be on Gossip Girl without any scandals?! This episode had it all. The tension with everybody at the dinner table was excellent. I actually thought it was funny when everyone started to walk off one by one. Haha.

    * Serena & Trip - They're even sexier than Chuck/Blair, who don't even get story lines anymore. What could be better than a forbidden love? I love forbidden loves, I have a soft spot for them. lol. But of course Nate deserves her more.

    * Chair - Like I said they're not even getting story lines anymore. But this is the way it should be. GG has a way of ruining couples by stupid story lines. I don't want them to get old. Using them less is a good thing.

    We'll have our first ever action-y(if its even a word) scene with Serena's car accident next week. Someting like that never happened before.
    OMG it's going to be the cliff hanger that will leave us hanging til January. UGH Crap!!!
  • I figured I needed a one week break from Gossip Girl, because surprisingly I found 'The Treasure of Serena Madre' to be big refresher.

    I really didn't expect much out of this one, so anything that made sense to watch would have easily been a thumbs up in my book.

    Even though I might not like the approach they are going with the show, it's good to have an episode that flowed. As for the storyline, I had given up on the Jenny-Eric war and initially I thought the writers decided to make Jenny and Eric friends, but I was happy with the suspense they gave us and I am intrigued into what 'strike' Eric referred to in his text. I found the Vanessa-Dan reconnection to be filled with suspense as well, although I didn't buy that Vanessa's heart was broken beyond repair, when she first expressed her feelings for Dan in Season One. She survived through it.

    The only storyline I couldn't really take interest in was Serena's naivety towards Tripp. The whole 'he's married and leaving his wife-but not for me' is a really old cliche on television, but I think I understand where Gossip Girl stands right now so we'll have to make do. As for Lily I am actually curious as to what was in that letter and the secret she's keeping. I do know that Maureen would find some way to use it to get Tripp back.

    I am almost certain the writers took the approach of giving fans back to back hilarity of episodes to convince us of decline in worthy plots, only to have this one pulled out of all the dust. I appreciate this approach and if they continue along this stretch, I would definitely not be disappointed-too much. I have already accepted the approach they are taking, it doesn't mean I like it very much either.
    Here's for improvement!

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    Three Stars

    Grade C+