Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 2

The Wild Brunch

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on The CW

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  • im confused

    how do I watch them?
  • Brunch Punch

    The Upper East Side may have everything but they still go through the same troubles, fights and feelings than us 'lesser people'. They are human beings after all. You certainly get to see this during this first episode after the pilot.

    I am most interested in Jenny Humphrey and it was very interesting to see the character development here. It is obvious that she longs to be alike to those she has looked up to at school and through reading Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen plays this part very well. She is sweet and innocent and does not yet understand that it takes determination and many tears to reach the status of Blair Waldorf who she clearly tries to impersonate. I think we have all been there at some point.

    Dan tries to warn Jenny that you can't trust those people. Will she
  • The secon episode of the first season.

    The kids are going to a brunch organised by Chuck's father and of course everything goes awry with fights and catfights.The kids are going to a brunch organised by Chuck's father and of course everything goes awry with fights and catfights.The kids are going to a brunch organised by Chuck's father and of course everything goes awry with fights and catfights.The kids are going to a brunch organised by Chuck's father and of course everything goes awry with fights and catfights.The kids are going to a brunch organised by Chuck's father and of course everything goes awry with fights and catfights.
  • 102

    A very entertaining installment of Gossip Girl and it definitely improved since the pilot episode. The interactions were better even though these characters are had to get in to all things considered, they still are an entertaining bunch.

    The final scene was a bit ridiculous, throwing your cell phone in the trash can? That was just too much, granted, it was a good scene. Jenny doesn't interest me very much and the love triangle between Nate/Blair/Serena also doesn't have me very intrigued.

    I guess the story line I'm most in to is the one between Dan & Serena. We got some noteworthy scenes tonight though, good family interactions, when everyone met up at the brunch, or just Blair's face at seeing Serena in the hotel room. So overall, good episode, but I'm afraid this is as good as this show is going to get.
  • Definately improved!

    I was really glad that this improved rather then got worse.
    I still really like Jenny though I hope she doesn't slip into Blair's crowd of friends. Liked the hydranga bit at the end. Though Blair is a b i t c h I still think she's a great character and very entertaining. I liked Dan more in this episode then the last, I don't really know why. maybe it was his humour. Serena is okay but not my favourite, I'm glad she prefers Dan to Nate, who I don't like. Chuck is just creepy and he reminds me of the main guy in Cruel Intentions. Not overly interested in the adult stories but mabye they'll become interesting. overall this improved and was really good. Let's hope you just gets better!
  • Amazing.

    I love Gossip Girl, it is so fun to watch. All the characters are amazing. Eventhough I'm not a fan of Chuck but I like the way he is. I love the scene where Blair was about to tell Dan about Serena, was so funny. I love Dan and Serena, they are so cute together, can't wait to see more of them. My favourite characher is Dan so far, you just got to love him. I can't wait for more of Gossip Girl, it was a great episode, I'm giving it a 9.5 because I felt as if it was the same as the Pilot, amazing but we all know it can be better so I'm saving the ten for and awesome episode, bring it on.
  • ...

    Today I was totally bored, so I decided to see good old episodes of hit show, and I faced up with some truly good conclusions. First of all, I need to admit that in first episodes there are barely some chemistry between characters, of course we can assume it's because they didn't know each other very well etc, but nevertheless the storyline seems to be as perfect as possible. Everything - every line, every smile, every touch etc - is in its right place a lot of action and a lot of mystery. You sit down on your coach and you feel you're becoming addicted to this show. At least it was my first thoughts running through my mind. Yes, season one was totally mind-blowing. Most of all I liked these catchy and funny lines between characters, in season two we don't have anything like that anymore, except racy lines between Chuck and Jack, that reminded me the 1st season, so that was the first time I decided I need to re-watch it all over again. By the way speaking about Gossip Girl as character, now it seems that at the beginning she was a bit boring, ok, she told about rumors etc, but Kristen Bell's voice sounds so... monotony and totally boring. In current episodes she has improved. I don't even need to see her to picture her facial expression. So to sum up I need to admit that I like the development of characters that we can see now, but as I said here and even before the storyline was definitely better than, in the first season. In fact it's odd to imagine Nate and Serena together, I had even forgot that they had some fling. OK, I made up my thoughts, I wrote them down and now see you guys later. xoxo
  • And so it improves.

    I liked the pilot, and this episode was even better. Whereas the pilot had some "meh" scenes, this one didn't at all.

    In fact this episode was pretty much an indication of what this show can produce at it's best: it lived up to it's potential.

    A goofy, semi serious plot served as if it was something really serious (B vs S!) with lots of humorous moments and amazing dialog. And, good characters ,great music, fantastic narration by Kristen "Be Mine" Bell.

    Now, I have to say that there's no character on the show at this moment I don't like in a way or another. Ok maybe, Serena's mother isn't that interesting and is somewhat irritating, but other than her... everything's good.

    The pilot was all about Serena but this episode did a good job developing some of her friends. Dan, Chuck and Blair. The storyline itself.. nothing to be really amazed about but still pretty entertaining. The relationship drama and more so the dialogs boosted the entertainment factor insanely.

    I said there were no "meh" scenes at all. I lied. One scene I didn't really get was why Dan broke up with Serena(well, broke up... they weren't really together yet). It just made no sense that he flipped out because Serena slept with someone. .. . months before she met Dan. Oh well.

    Overall, a great episode of GG.
  • Getting more interesting...

    I have to say that after seeing this episode I am really feeling sorry for Dan as he is such a great guy.

    I really don't like Chuck and this episode confirmed it a little bit more. He is annoying and because he knows everything he thinks that he can just butt in people's business.

    Well I don't blame Blair for being angry at Selena after she found out that Serena slept with Nate. But what the hell is she still doing with Nate? Wasn't it his fault as much as selena's fault?

    Jenny is changing and I guess I have to say that I liked her when she did not want to pretend that she is rich.

    During that brunch Chuck should thank God that he did not get punched again as I would have punched him with pleasure after the way he spoke.

    And what's wrong with Serena's mother? It seems that she had something with Dan's dad when she was young and now she does not want her daughter going out with Dan. I guess her wish has come true!
  • This Pilot episode is from Gossip Girl show and it's about a girl gossip about people. When Serena (a girl) was back from boarding school, everyone started talking about her. People were wonder why she was back so suprisingly. Meanwhile, Blair hates BF S.

    This Pilot episode was cool but this Gossip Girl show uses too much dirty tricks. Blair shouldn't be too mean to her long-time best friend, Serena. Even though, Serena had slept with Nate (blair's boyfriend) a long time , but she shouldn't be too mean to her old-friend. Meanwhile, Serena met new friends, Dan and Jenny (which are very nice people). Dan likes Serena and Chuck(one of Blair's friend) trying to taking advantage of Jenny (Dan's little sister and she is only a freshman). Nate (Blair's boyfriend0 still loves Serena. Maybe, Serena still has fellings for Nate, who knows right? Meanwhile, Serena is going out with dan (jenny's older brother).
  • There's nothing Gossip Girl likes more than a good cat fight! It's the day right after the Kiss on the lips party and Serena receives a cold reception from her former best friend Blair.

    It was so much better than the pilot! I hope gossip girl keeps getting better and better because it has a lot of potential for being an amazing show. This episode picked up right after the pilot left off. The day after the kiss on the lips party. We learn that chucks dad, owner of the palace hotel, is having a brunch for all they're friends. Everyone is invited so everyone goes. But the twist is that Serena brings Dan. Dan isn't realy liked by anyone in the 'inner circle' so he realy doesn't have anyone to talk to because Serena ends up going up to a suite to talk to Nate.
  • Serena VS Blair : HOT !!

    Whoa ! Awesome is one word. Sexy is another. This episode is certainely the best. A big social event is coming up ! A Sunday brunch held by Chuck's father and everyone is going to be there and everyone was there and things went wrong. Serena brings Dan. Chuck, Blair and Nate are there and the sparks start flying again. Nate wants Serena to meet him in Chuck's suite but when Blaire and Nate start making out, they end up in that suite with Serena and the b!tch fight begins. This argument is then taken downstairs where Blair is going to tell Dan about Serena having sex with Nate. Things heat up and Dan pushes Chuck and makes a scene infront of everyone. The episode ends with Serena and Dan not talking and Blair and Nate on a bed wondering what's going to happen to their relationship. Very good ! Just the drama I wanted. Favorite character from this episode : Serena !! Hottest character from this episode : Chuck !! I find him very attractive :)
  • It's Sunday and for this New York elite that means brunch. Still recovering from the previous nights party, temper's flare amongst the teens and even more secrets are revealed. Whilst friendships are broken, new alliances are made.

    A little better than the pilot, unfortunately this episode still failed to impress me. As secrets are revealed over a typically New York brunch, you would hope that the characters would 'pop' somewhat but a lot of the cast remain quite bland and much of the plot either still emulating The OC or being very contrived.

    The Good:
    Chuck and Dan facing off, its good to see that Dan isn't standing down from this fight
    Jenny going to see Blair- it was a bit odd but their scene was enjoyable and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    The bond between Jenny and Dan- his brotherly concern is sweet to see.
    Chuck waking up from his threesome- finally some scandal!

    The Bad:
    Could Nate be any more spineless- with both Blair and Serena he acts like a complete wuss.
    Dan and Nate fighting over Serena- yawn
    The illicit romance between Chuck's father and Serena's mother- another yawn

    The ???:
    Serena and Blair facing off- I expected more fireworks but the scenes between them are interesting
    Why must rich people/people on TV always make stupid grand gestures such as throwing away their phones as Serena did at the end of the episode?? Has they never heard of the delete button??

    I'm hoping it's just teething problems for the show as I love its premise and want to keep watching. Hopefully the show will get better (and feel less like de ja vu) if its left to blossom a little, as the show definitely has potential. But as for this episode- must try harder Gossip Girl!
  • I'm lovin the hell out of this series.

    The Wild Brunch is the second episode of the great show, Gossip Girl. Just like the first episode, it didn't disappoint. Serena still looks great as ever and she's quickly become my favorite character. I'm glad she slept with Nate because Blair is just an unappreciative brat. There was so much tension at that brunch and I hope that Serena and Dan can recover from that hideous secret from S's past. Jenny is a great girl too, for some reason I feel like she's gonna get sucked into the crowd with Blair and become similar to her. I can't believe I'm so into this show, after seeing just two episodes, I think its in my top 5.
  • Great!

    Sparks fly at the Sunday brunch. Jenny gets on Blair's good side, while Serena gets on Blair's bad side. Serena finds out that Nate told Blair about their fling. Chuck wants revenge on Dan. Dan asks Serena out again and she accepts, but when he finds out about Serena and Nate, he leaves. Dan seems to have problems with Serena's mom. Gossip Girl records all of this!

    This episode was great! I don't like Nate or Chuck at all and Blair is questionable. I really like Serena, Dan and Jenny! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • A very funny episode.

    Serena makes another attempt with Blair to ressurect their friendship. Jenny and Blair become closer. Serena and Dan show up to a brunch where everyone including Blair, Nate and Chuck are present. Things heat up even more between Dan and Chuck. Dan learns the truth about Serena and Nate's past. Dan tries to stay away from Serena's crazy world and warns his sister Jenny to stay away from Blair and Chuck as they are dangerous and can't be trusted. Serena's mom tells Dan's dad that she doesn't want Dan going out with her daughter. But Dan's dad says that Dan is the best thing for Serena.
  • This episode goes deeper into the lives of the characters and reveals more of their world.

    I have to say i found this episode better then the premier. i am really likikng Dan. i think that he is so funny and i felt so sorry for him being their at the bunch on his own and not liking their world!!

    Serena having her secrets exposed is feeling alone and i think she really wanted to be friends with Blair again. But was just shown the door to some extent. I think that she does really want to change and reallt wanted things to go well with Dan to move on from her past. Blair is quite obviously going to me the show b£$%h, and isn't going to let the fact that the best friend slept with her BF go easliy.

    Serena mum is also hiding secrets and he affair with Chuck Dad is only going to open more cans of worms for the teans.

    I really felt sorry for Jenny in this episode as she is being pulled in to their world and really being nieve about things. you can tell that she is going to get really hurt!!
  • Another great installment to the Gosip Girl series

    The episodes just get better. I love Blair and Serena it's important that she doesn't just forgive Serena and it is fun watching them fight. I love the Dan and Serena storyline they have great chemistry. Jenny is the eager wannabe trying to proove herself to Blair. Thr Brunch was fun too. Dan hitting Chuck again, Blair and Nate being all couply, then to get it spoiled by Serena in the room. I really like that Blair has a mean streak but still manages to make me care about the character. That is great acting on Leighton's part. Serena is taking it all in her stride as she knows she did wrong. I hope they make it up soon.
  • I heart brunch.

    And the plot thickens! Everyone starts getting informed and everyone is at the end of their tethers with all the secrets and lies going around, and Gossip Girl is just the one who straighten things out for everyone!

    Chuck and Dan still have negative reactions to each other, while Blaire and Jenny start getting close. Blaire catches Serena and Nate talking once again and everyone is at each other's throat! The story remains juicy and leaves you asking for more. Who knew brunch could be so interesting?

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Dan): Hey, anytime man. That one black eye looks a little lonely.
  • It's the day of Chuck's brunch and drama is on the menu!

    This episode was way better than the Pilot episode. Everything heated up and there was so much drama and manipulation! I loved it! I don't think there was even a dull moment in this episode. IT was great and the ending set the stage for the next episode. If u missed this one definitely watch it online. Blair is not truthwory and Jenny needs to watch her back because i can tell Blair's got something up her sleeve. This is exactly what i was looking for and this is going to be a great show! Josh Shwartz' shows are the best!
  • Improved from the pilot.

    Hm, I thought this episode was a LOT better than the pilot, because I got bored with it. This episode is when Dan finds out that Serena slept with Nate, which was the reason Serena left in the first place. Big mouth Blair had to run down stairs to tell Dan, just to make Serena life miserable. I was practically yelling at the TV when she was about to tell him, but it turned out that Chuck spilled the beans, which left Dan in shock. Dan had to run out of the hotel and Serena went chasing after him(go figure). I LOVED the quote that Serena said right there and then turned around and walked away. Ahh, this episode really picked up, and now I'm interested in it.
  • not so so...

    This episode had a lot happening, lots of drama and b!tching going on just as we expect. The whole plot was out of place, the characters still holding things against each other made it more than obvious war was on. How can one describe this episode?...does "meh" work? I guess the title fit the episode perfectly, its was one eventful brunch. However, I didnt think that-other than Blair- the acting skill of this episode exceeded "average". Probably the weakest episode, this far through the series. Nothing shocking or new was revealed, or added to the plot, which served a disappointment. Clearly displaying the Upper East Side's classy and rich lifestyle, this adds to the dreamy glamour of the rich and beautiful revealed in this show.
  • The show improves on its pilot...

    I quite enjoyed the second episode of "Gossip Girl". I was worried that episode two would decline in quality compared to the pilot - which would not have been a good thing as I thought the show definitely had room for improvement. But I really enjoyed the second episode, I found myself actually liking the characters and caring about a few of them, and there was lots of humor. Definite vibes of the first season of "The OC". Blair is still being cold and distant, and while she has good reason there is still no reason for me to like her at all, nothing to keep me from being completely on Serena's side, despite what Serena did. I hope the writers flesh out Blair some.

    Dan and his sister are the highlights of this show, both of them are excellent, be it together or with Serena and Blair respectively. It seems like Chuck's friends are all jerks, none of them seem to care that Chuck tried to rape Dan's sister. Nice crowd.

    Overall a good episode and I'm looking forward to seeing the next one.
  • Serena and Dan meet and clash.

    Storywise not much happened in this episode, another clash between Chuck and Dan, and Dan finds out about Senera and Nate but otherwise it's mainly about character.

    Blair clearly is unwilling to forgie Serena, even though she's willing to forgive Nate. This means Serena will have to fight to get her position back, if she's even interested in it.

    Dan is very concerned about Jenny, I really like that about him. A protective brother for an innocent little sister, though I have the feeling that if Jenny continues to hang around with Blair she won't be innocent for much longer.

    I wonder whether Dan's Dad and Serena's mom will rekindle their old relationship. Not in the next episodes, but later on, perhaps...
  • This show is showing promise

    This episode was terrific. It really showed great character development not only that but it had great scenes between Serena and Blair. Blair maybe a bit snobby but I really like her character she has really done nothing wrong and yet she still is seen as the slapper i dont really think it is fair. Blair is also very attractive much better looking then Serena, thats the only problem with the show in my opinion the producers should have chosen a better looking actress to play Serena because I dont think Blake Lively is very good looking especially in this episode. But overall very good episode 10/10.
  • an awesome second episode!

    they really cranked up the volume on this one!
    it was at least 3928713984 times better than the pilot. i hope gossip girl keeps getting better and better because it has a lot of potential for being an amazing show and i just can't wait to see what else they are going to do this season!

    this episode picked up right after the pilot left off. the day after the kiss on the lips party. we learn that chucks dad, owner of the palace hotel, is having a brunch for all they're friends. everyone is invited so everyone goes. but the twist is that serena brings dan. dan isn't realy liked by anyone in the 'inner circle' so he realy doesn't have anyone to talk to because serena ends up going up to a suite to talk to nate. but nate and blair turn up making out about to have sex and everything breaks out. blair goes down to tell dan what happened between serena and nate the year before, but before she gets a chance to tell him nate and serena turn up and stop her. but that doesn't stop chuck from telling him. cause chuck just doesn't care.
    so it appears dan and serena are over because she isn't who he thought she was.
    but they'll end up to gether again. i just know it
    i can't wait for tomorrow! new episode :)
  • Chuck throws a party and the characters relationships continue to develop.

    I was hoping this show would get really good this episode, but I wasn't extremly impressed. It just seems like a cheesy show, although it is entertaining. I didn't really like how they all decided to go out and meet someone at the same time, it just seemed kind of lame. I am also not loving how Jenny may become obsessed with being one of the cool girls. Chucks party was kind of interesting, but it seemed similiar to the first episode with people not being wanted at parties. Although, the storyline can be kind of weak, I just love the premise of the show. It is great to have so many problems with their relationships that connect with their love lives.
  • Dan's supposedly off Serena and Jenny's just getting started

    I hate it to watch a show and see a young girl like Jenny lose herself in fame and glory. It's painful. I wish she'd just listen to her brother and get that she's "perfect" the way she is and especially in the kind of circle she's in. Blair and those jerks aren't good to be with and I really wonder why she's still thinking of Chuck at all after what he tried to do...
    Serena and Dan definitely have potential, but it's obvious that they're this twisted star-crossed lovers or whatever and it'll take a while until they get together. Btw: if Dan's the "new Seth", then she's not Summer, but she's more like Marissa, as far as I see it :-D
    Anyway, good second go, can't wait for number three!
  • This is what I've been waiting for!!

    This episode proved to me that this show whas worth the wait, and it might fill the void that the cancelling of veronica mars and gilmore girls have made in my tv-loving heart. I love this upper class thing, that's a world only a few people experience in real life, but it's a great foundation to build a show on, and the possibilities are endless, I just hope they keep on the good work, and makes the characters deep, and multi-faceted, that's what makes me love a show a what makes me want to watch a season over, and over, and over, and over again!!
  • Leaves me wanting the third!

    I can't really understand why Dan was so upset when he found out Serena slept with Nate (who is sooo hot, by the way), because he wasn't around then, but it adds drama! Chuck is a little creepy, though... he's got some major issues, I'm thinking. Serena found out that Blair found out that she slept with Nate, which was bound to happen. And when Serena comes to Chuck's apartment to talk, Blair comes up with Nate, "ready." Which just makes Blair hate Serena more. I defintly enjoyed hearing Kristen Bell's voice as the Gossip Girl and think she narrates brilantly.
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