Gossip Girl

Season 4 Episode 22

The Wrong Goodbye

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

The season four finale begins where it left off, at a party! Dan feels disturbed after Charlie asked him to pretend she is Serena during their first moment of passion. Blair is still locked on the roof deck with Mr. Thorpe who is drinking heavily now that he knows his daughter knows he killed her mother. Raina, Thorpe's daughter, finds it's too late to forgive her father.
While Lily is watching the drama go down from her comfy Upper East flat via Internet, Georgina makes a surprise appearance and wants to catch up on all the devious acts she missed out on. She finds some action when she comes across Charlie, who (we've learned) has gone off her medication, and puts her in a room with an open window. Was that intentional?
Chuck, thank goodness, is looking for Blair. He finds her and Raina being held at gunpoint by Thorpe, but not before hearing Blair confess her feelings for him. Rescued, Blair ends up at a Bar Mitzvah with Chuck. The two dance, kiss, and more, and it seems like Blair's going to ditch the prince for her old amour.
Serena finds Charlie, who admits her jealousy. And Vanessa finds Dan's novel and says she wants to help him.
Then it's back to Blair, who is about to call things off with the prince, but Chuck tells her not to. He says he'll always love her, but he wants her to have the fairytale.
In an effort to wrap things up quickly for summer break, Charlie suddenly isn't crazy anymore. It turns out she isn't Serena's cousin after all. Instead, she was being paid by the real Charlie's mom to wreck havoc on Serena's life so as to ensure the van der Woodsen's stayed far away from her family.
Three weeks pass and we find out Thorpe is going to prison, Charlie (actually Ivy) is returning to Florida, and Erik is off to college. Serena decides she needs to clear her head on the shores of Malibu beach, where she gets scouted for a part in a movie, of course. Blair flies off to Europe for her royal wedding, and Chuck is bummed. Vanessa wants to help Dan sell his book and spend the summer in Spain.
But what does Gossip Girl leave us with to speculate all summer? There's a positive pregnancy kit left in someone's bedroom. Whose could it be?