Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 9

There Might be Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on The CW

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    A good episode of Gossip Girl (surprisingly). I really didn't think I was going to like this episode at all since Jenny got the most screen time and then we got that insufferable Emma character. But I liked the group dynamic this episode brought between Serena, Chuck & Blair.

    Leighton Meester is definitely the best thing about this show, no doubt about it. We definitely saw her shine in this episode, and her chemistry with Ed Westwick is fantastic. Chuck & Blair just have the best banter overall.

    I'm not loving the whole Serena & Cecil thing, I guess I just need some more development to see if I'd really like it. Maybe now that Jenny has run away, we'll be seeing less of her? One can only hope. Also I don't like how Vanessa continues to be stuck in very uninteresting love triangles. Regardless, this was a solid installment.
  • Jenny living on the edge once again, and end up on her own. Blair shows she actuallt has a heart and Serena might have met someone new.

    It was a good episode, but not very exciting. I am not a fan of Jenny and think she is becoming more and more selfish and childish.The whole Jenny and Nate thing feels a bit ridiculous and happend to quick. Did not like the way Jenny was treating vVnessa, she has always helped her, she shuold have talked to her first. I love Blair, she makes every episodes worth looking. Apart form that, it was a bit boring. Jenny need to learn to think for herself, she is always following other people, even though the fashion show was cool. Nice to Serena moving on,the Dan and Serenaa relation need some new storylines.
  • okay but a bit disappointing

    The idea of Jenny being friend with Agnes or you can call the next Georgina getting everything messed up was wicked. Nate and Jenny weren't suppose to hook up and since Nate got kicked out by Dan I really want Chuck and Nate to get back on being closed friends just like in season 1. I really miss seeing them hanging out together as well as seeing the couple, Serena and Dan. I'm a Chuck and Blair fan but since they wouldn't work out at least being back on Blair and Nate. It's sad that Nate is getting far apart from Chuck, Blair and Serena because the four of them were really great friends back then in season 1. They all should get back together
  • Best of the season

    Really liked this episode, believe ot is the best this season. The dialogue was brilliant Blair and Chuck getting the best lines in. the bayiiting storyline was a hoot. Its good to see Jenny get more focus her character has become very interesting, in terms of her determination with her desings. Not sure about the whole Nate thing its just happened really quick and Chace crawfard is not selling the story at all due to his..i dont want to say bad..limited acting capability!

    More Serena and Dan in the episode as well, a good episode looking forward to the next episode.
  • I liked this one.

    I was really wondering how they were going to approach Jenny and Nate's relationship and it played off well. I loved the whole idea of the 'teenage love affair' between them it was a fun roller coaster ride. Let's just take this review in steps shall we.

    Jenny and Nate
    This was an unexpected-expected romance couple for the show. What I mean is it was something that started off in Season 1 and died down a bit and came all of a sudden in season 2 last episode 'Pret-a-Poor-J'. I oddly enough liked them. Jenny though had this rebellious 'I'm an adult' attitude going on, where she believed she could do it all, well don't we all think that way until reality steps in. How about Little J taking it on her own at the end. I look forward to the next episode for that.

    Chuck and Blair
    Well weren't they all lovie dovie 'I love you' last episode, glad to see that didn't repeat itself, though their bonding as 'just friends' (Yeh right) is actually sweet. It's cool that they could all work as a team without going at each others throats.

    Blair and Serena
    Aren't they always getting into some sort of argument. Ha, Serena trying to get Blair a position in Yale, Friendly, but that scene at the bar lol. It's good that Serena could be always forgiving (yet i sometimes think a bit too much), but if you're a friend of Blair you could expect nothing less. Serena and Aaron
    At first I knew that they were gong to hook up these two, so it wasn't a surprise that a friend of Dan's ended up being a love interest of Serena. Still I didn't like him in this episodes, his constant throwing of girls in Serena's face frankly didn't make me like him much, so Serena stay away, you don't want that extra baggage that comes with the Aaron package. Then again you can't really tell Serena what to do, can you? Still I don't really take to that Aaron character.

    Serena and Dan
    So far so good with the 'just friends' thing going on between them. I really don't take to these two anymore, before I would be excited when they have a scene together, now its just whatever to me. Dan and Nate
    I actually like these two as friends, like Jenny said, it's really the only guy friend he has, but Nate made the mistake of hooking up with Dan's little sister and that only spells trouble and seeing that Dan was his only ticket to a descent place to stay it, left Nate homeless at the end. I really felt for him and I think I really like Nate, though I hope his stay by his mother doesn't take him away from the show, then again is that better than him staying with Chuck?

    Lily and Rufus
    I must admit I always loved these two as a couple. Though not much is being given about their love lives. Lily is extra happy for these episodes and what ever happened to Rufus' date, she just disappeared. It seemed like the only reason Rufus let Jenny quit school for homeschooling was because of Lily. I still feel that the fire isn't completely burnt out for these two, I hope something happens soon. Even though Lily may have angered Rufus a bit by not letting the officer arrest her daughter, 'playing the mom card are we Lilly'. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Overall this was actually a step up from past episodes. I really enjoyed this one, though I think Jenny is getting a tad bit out of control, something of what we saw from her last season which made me not like her so much then. Still I hope Jenny realizes that a father is there for a reason, to guide, though Rufus seemed to have lost that touch with both of his children, what's their hurry to grow up.


    Three out of Four Stars

    (*** / ****)
  • Jenny was so awesome :)

    OK I really liked this episode, except Nate and Jenny kissed twice, the producers of this show must really hate me lmao. Anyway I do like them together, I'd like to see more of that lol. But Jenny has gone all bad girl again which I can't decide wether or not I like. Serena and Blair and Chuck for that matter all got along in this episode, that'd what I like to see, and they all pulled together to try and help Blair get into Yale. Dan kicks Nate out, Vanessa sees Nate and Jenny kissing and storms off, Jenny runs away, it's all full speed a head as far as OTT teenagers are concerned. Great ratings for last nights episode as well.
  • Except for Jenny everyone was good here.

    What is with Jenny? From the weird makeup to getting so much screen time the character has just taken a really bad turn this season. Last year she was at least acceptable but now I cannot stand watching her. What was that weird scene with Nate kissing Jenny in slow-motion either?

    This episode was made by Chuck and Blair though. Too many classic lines from Chuck from the sacredness of the back of the limo, to enjoying being compared to the devil he was just on fire this episode. Blair was incredible as usual with her arrogance and loud mouth behavior that even makes Brooke Davis blush. Best female character on television might not be an exaggeration. Willa Holland is also pretty entertaining for a young actress, but she wasn't given as much time this week as last week.

    If they just focused on Blair, Chuck, Yale and Emma this could've been a series classic. Even Serena was entertaining tonight, but these Jenny-centric episodes need to stop.