Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 9

They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Its cotillion time in New York and Jenny needed to find a suitable escort for someone of her social standing. Being the queen of Constance Billard requires her to find an escort of equal standards. The minions are sent out get Graham Collins, the most attractive boy at school. Eric could easily have asked Graham to be Jelly's escort, but he and Jenny still aren't getting along since the incident at the Met steps. Meanwhile, Eric has found his own escort, a new girl named Kira. She was trying to get into Jenny's good graces by telling Graham, who lives in her building, about Jenny's desire for him to be her escort. In a moment of being herself, Jenny confided in Eric and tells him she wishes she could go to the cotillion with someone she could have fun with. Eric suggests she go with his boyfriend, Jonathan. They know each other, have fun, and he has a high society last name. Right after Jenny agrees to go with Jonathan, Graham texts Jenny to ask her to cotillion; however she never gets the text because it was intercepted by Eric.

Kira lets it out that Graham is rejected by Jenny. Jenny confronts Eric and decides to have Graham as her escort instead, leaving Eric and Jonathan behind. By cotillion time, Jonathan was so fed up with Eric's scheming against Jenny that he dumps him. After blowing up at Eric, Jenny also disowned her cotillion mentor, Blair Waldorf. Blair decides that Jenny must pay, and instead decides to take in Kira and Eric and sabotage Jenny's escort. Blair gives Kira a makeover and makes sure that Graham was the one to escort her down the stairs. Jenny, however, is able to get Nate to be her escort and her power as queen remained intact.

Blair thinks her plans to take down Jenny may have worked out better if Chuck hadn't cornered Blair and Serena in an elevator until they made up. Serena finally divulges the truth about her search for her father and her new feelings for Tripp Vanderbilt. After the election party, Tripp had hired Serena to be his media consultant. Things with Serena and Blair are patched for now.

Back at NYU, Olivia is thinking about leaving school to work on another "Endless Nights " film. Dan and Vanessa try to convince her to stay at school instead. The two find an article in the paper listing fifteen things every college student needs to do before graduation which includes getting drunk off tequila, playing beer pong, and ending up in a threesome. Olivia also gets a text saying the "Endless Nights" movie is no longer happening.

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