Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on The CW
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Things are heating up between Serena and Dan.

Serena and Dan finally accept that they are crazy about each other, despite that they come from polar opposite worlds. Chuck thinks of investing in a club trying to make his father Bart Bass proud of him. Nate confronts his father, about the drugs he found in his house but he denies having a problem. Jenny discovers a secret that her parents have been keeping from her. Finally, Blair is devastated by Nate's actions when Jenny reveals that Nate kissed her by accident thinking she was Serena. AT the end, Nate admits to Blair that he no longer loves her, therefore, causing Blair and Nate to break-up. Blair then goes to Chuck's party at Victrola, a burlesque house, and hangs out with Chuck. After a little persuasion from Chuck, Blair decides to get up and dance on stage and does a striptease in front of everyone, including Chuck. At the end of the episode, Jenny visits her mother's house, pleading for her to come home, Serena and Dan have sex for the first time, and Chuck and Blair also have sex for the first time, in the back of Chuck's limo.moreless

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  • 107

    A really surprising episode of Gossip Girl, it was a little bit slow moving and frankly it was hard too get into especially since most of it was the after math of the last masquerade episode, but it was still good.

    Final scenes of episodes always make the entire episode, and this was no different. We got a great payoff in the end, and even though I'm not a huge fan of everyone switching partners as early as the seventh episode of the series, we still go a great scene.

    I mean, I understand two people getting together because of their chemistry, but when two people get together just for the heck of it, now that bothers me. Hopefully that isn't the case for Chuck/Blair, I actually see a lot of chemistry between the two. Nate getting punched by his father was a powerful scene, and I've been for the most part impressed this season, good episode overall.moreless
  • The unavoidable happens

    Bit too sappy for my liking, but certain parts were extremely good in this episode.

    For example, the Dan / Serena storyline was a bit too over the top for the show. I'm not saying it was bad, it wasn't. It was sometihng that HAD to happen, but I thought it was a bit of a waste to make a full episode about it.

    On the other hand I like how Nate dealt with his father, that was really good. Blair and Chuck getting together - yay? I really like Chuck so I'm glad about that. Blair confronting Nate was also great, I mean that really had to happen now, I was happy the writers didn't drag it out longer. Good episode overall, but not great.moreless
  • Awesome.

    So it has been a while since my last review on Gossip Girl, been to busy. But I'm glad I have started whating it again, I have missed it and all the hot boys. Well this episode was something. I really, really, really enjoyed it. The storyline was amazing. Dan and Serena are just love. So cute and just so right for eachother. I'm actually glad that Blair and Nate broke up. I also like the scene with Nate and his father. Oh and I loved the end, Blair and Chuck, there the same type of people so I like what they have done. All in all awesome episode. Bring more Gossip Girl on.moreless
  • ...

    This is my all-time favorite episode. I just loooove it. I could watch it all over again and I'm not getting bored. The storyline was tasteful from the beginning til the end. I like the excitement in Chuck's eyes when he though about his own burlesque bar, because this was the first episode when we get to know other sides of Chuck's personality - so he's not just an underage womanizer and boozer, but also a wannabe entrepreneur, who even wrote the business plan to show it up to his father. The scenes at "Victrola" was hilarious, I wouldn't expect something like that from any TV show, but Gossip Girl made these scenes so decent and watchable and I even enjoyed it. Blair - the baby vamp, who stepped up on the stage to dance with other burlesque girls. hmmm... even Chuck was surprised, but I still think that viewers (I mean us) were even more shocked than he. Nate and his father... clever move, Nate. I didn't like his father since the very first time I saw him, but to use his son as a bait to get into higher level position, it's cheap, especially if parents already are the socialites themselves. But as I said in the beginning, I just loved this episode.moreless
  • In this episode Chuck tries to impress his father by investing in a new business venture. Nate, takes matters into his own hands to get his father some much needed help and Blair realizes Nate's true feelings or lack thereof and decides to cut loose.moreless

    This episode was smart, sexy and beautifully filmed. From set design to costume; soundtrack to editing it was a treat to watch. It was almost as if they did a period piece with a contemporary edge similar to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliette. This is the start of the romantic relationship between Blair and Chuck and it has set the Gossip Girl fan base on fire! A hot scene where Blair does a strip tease on stage is followed by losing her virginity in the back of Chuck's limo and this seems almost too hot for TV! Certainly not to be expected of a teen drama. This is where it becomes obvious that the rules of behavior in the Upper East Side are like nowhere else!It is also the first time the Chuck storyline is the A story and hence it is where we are first introduced to his star power. The B stories are related in theme to the A since they all seem to deal with the need to gain independence and the quest to live life on your own terms. As layers of each character are shed we see new aspects of the characters' personality revealed making them more real. To date this is the best episode of Gossip Girl.moreless
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    • (In Dan's dream, he is watching Serena and Nate have sex at the Shepard wedding, Serena wraps her leg around Nate)
      Dan: The leg wrap. That's interesting.
      Serena: Sexy, right? And it increases stability.
      Dan: Sure, yeah. I could see that. (Nate grabs at Serena's hair) The hair grab. Does that really work?
      Nate: Oh, yeah. Every time.
      Dan: Okay, so leg wraps and hair grabs. Hold on a second. Do I have to keep my shirt open like that?
      Nate: Well, it never hurts.
      Serena: Nice. (They resume making out)
      Dan: I'm doomed.

    • Gossip Girl: Have you heard, Upper East Siders? Burlesque is all the rage again... and sometimes a little raging is exactly what you need.

    • Lily: Long night?
      Chuck I found someone who made me a omelet. I may have washed it down with a Bellini or two.
      Lily: Father didn't go for youy business proposal... Come on, let me help you.
      Chuck: He was born poor. I was born loaded. But if the only way to impress him is that I started with nothing, why doesn't he just take it all away?
      Lily: Because he loves you. No good parent likes to see his child go without.
      Chuck: I had the idea. I did the work. He tells me I can't be committed, and he is the one screwing a 25-year-old when he is supposed to be committed to you!

    • Bart: (to Chuck) I came down here because I saw the effort you made. Do you want to impress me with your commitment on something? Try get some few A's at school and, maybe, a part time job.

    • Bart: (to Chuck) What's with the business formal? Are you being arraigned for something?

    • Lily: (sees Rufus dusting the ceiling) Well... this is a new strain of obsessive compulsive.
      Rufus: The new art piece projects up to the ceiling.
      Lily: Oh, still doing anything to get a girl on her back, huh?

    • (Dan & Serena are in his bed and the record starts skipping and Dan throws something at it to stop it and looks back at Serena)
      Dan: I've been meaning to fix that.

    • Nate: Hey, you look beautiful tonight, anything on your mind?
      Blair: No, is there anything you want to say?
      Nate: No.

    • Nate: I saw Dad buying drugs yesterday.
      Anne: He's been under a lot of pressure, and if you hadn't been so difficult lately.
      Nate: What?
      Anne: Your latest rebellions have been very hard on your father, Nate. All this business with Dartmouth, your issues with Blair.
      Nate: Mom, Dad needs your help.
      Anne: Not another word of this, we have a celebratory dinner to get to, please wear a tie.

    • Eleanor: You need to look elegant for the Archibald dinner tomorrow night, so what do you think? (holding up a dress)
      Blair: Yes, it would be very nice, if I was sailing up on the Mayflower.

    • (In the car on the way home from the Burlesque club)
      Blair: Thanks for the lift home
      Chuck: You were amazing up there
      (Blair looks at him for a moment, then leans in for a kiss. Their lips touch lightly, before Chuck pulls away)
      Chuck: You sure?
      (Blair pauses briefly, then kisses him passionately. Things progress as the screen fades to black)

    • (Chuck watches, amazed, as a newly single Blair celebrates her freedom by joining the Burlesque dancers on stage)
      Club employee: Who's that girl?
      Chuck: I have no idea.

    • Serena: Wait.
      Dan: What? What? Did I do something wrong?
      Serena: No.
      Dan: I knew the hair thing was too much.
      Serena: No, actually, um...
      Dan: Um? Um is never good. What?
      Serena: (voice breaking) I, I'm scared.
      Dan: Of me?
      Serena: No! Well, yes. But, it's just...I've never...
      Dan: You've never? You're not a...
      Serena: No. No, I wish. It's just...nobody's ever looked at the way you just did. In fact, I don't think they looked at me at all. (covers her face with her hand) You think I'm crazy, don't you?
      Dan: No. No, I don't.
      Serena: Are you mad?
      Dan: (smiles) Come here.

    • Gossip Girl: As you might have guessed, Upper East Siders, prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. It's human nature to be free, and no matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down.

    • Blair: (watching the burlesque dancers) You know, I got moves.
      Chuck: Really? Then why don't you get up there?
      Blair: (laughs) I'm just saying I have moves.
      Chuck: Come on, you're ten times hotter than any of those girls.
      Blair: I know what you're doing, Bass. (after a beat) You really don't think I'd go up there.
      Chuck: I know you won't do it.
      Blair: (considers it then gets up from her seat) Guard my drink.

    • Chuck: Where's Nate?
      Blair: (coming out of the limo) I think we just broke up.
      Chuck: What?
      Blair: (walking into Victrola) I don't want to talk about it. I just want to escape. That's what this place is for, right?

    • Dan: (about what he did to his room for Serena) I know it may not compare to a suite at the Ritz in Paris or a chalet in Aspen, and it might be a fire hazard, but...
      Serena: It's perfect.

    • Blair: (comes up to Nate and closes the car door) What are you doing?
      Nate: Going to Victrola. I promised Chuck, it's important to him.
      Blair: I saw your father get arrested. Why didn't you come to me? I would have listened.
      Nate: I tried, Blair. But every time I tried, something has got your attention; a dinner party, you know, a masked ball.
      Blair: Yeah, let's talk about that masked ball. Let's talk about how I was waiting for you to find me so that we can finally be together, you were confessing your feelings and kissing Serena. I thought I was doing everything right.
      Nate: It's not your fault.
      Blair: Do you love me? (Nate can't look her in the eyes) You should deal with your father. He needs you. You know what? I don't.

    • Blair: Game recognizes game, Little J. But you have to show more respect. This is the last time I've helped you. Next time you cross me, I won't be as forgiving.
      Jenny: Don't worry, there won't be a next time.
      Blair: Good. Because I want to tell you something. Something nobody knows, not even Serena. You can keep a secret, right?
      Jenny: Of course.
      Blair: Nate is planning on giving me his family diamond. It's the most incredible ring you've ever seen.
      Jenny: Uh, ring as in an engagement ring?
      Blair: I remember the first time I ever saw him. Maybe we were just little kids, but I knew. He is the one I wanna marry. Now, it seems like he feels the same way too. (looks at Jenny) Why are you not happy for me?
      Jenny: I'm sorry. It's just been a really weird week. Um, there's this stuff with my parents and my family. So, maybe I should just go.
      Blair: No. Maybe you should look at me in the eye and tell me what you're hiding. Are you jealous?
      Jenny: Of you and Nate?
      Blair: Do you like him?
      Jenny: No!
      Blair: Do you think because you talked to him once in the hall that you might have a shot?
      Jenny: Blair, it's nothing like that.
      Blair: Then tell me what is it like.
      Jenny: I don't wanna hurt you.
      Blair: How could you hurt me?
      Jenny: Yesterday wasn't the first time I talked to Nate. At the ball, he told me he wasn't over Serena.
      Blair: Why would he tell you that?
      Jenny: Because I was wearing her mask. And he thought I was her. He kissed me.
      Blair: That's enough.
      Jenny: Blair, I didn't want you to find out.
      Blair: You're dismissed, Jenny. For good.

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted--Bass drunk off his ass; at the Palace bar drinking away his woes and his investment capital.

    • Serena: So, do you think we should talk about it?
      Dan: Abo--You mean, about, about Vanessa? No, you know what? She's like family, it feels comfortable. So, therefore, she often shows up without calling.
      Serena: No, I mean, about what almost, maybe, might have just happened.
      Dan: Oh, you mean if Vanessa hadn't entered and we...
      Serena: Or we can not talk about it. (leans in to kiss Dan)
      Rufus: (from outside the room) Dan! We're home. We got breakfast.
      Dan: (sits up from the bed and turns to Serena) Hungry?

    • (as things are heating up between Dan and Serena)
      Vanessa: (coming through the window) Hey, Dan! You hungry?
      Dan: (accidentally throws off Serena) Hello!
      Vanessa: Hi!
      Serena: (on the floor) Hi! Vanessa, right? Good to see you!
      Vanessa: Good to see you.
      Dan: And good to see you, seeing us, seeing you. (gets up to show Vanessa the door) Excuse me.
      Dan: You really need to start using that door.
      Vanessa: Which you're showing me to.
      Dan: Well, practice makes perfect.
      Vanessa: Leaving, out the door.
      Dan: And we appreciate it.

    • Gossip Girl: Looks like the pot calling the kettle black has young Bass boiling over. And if we know Chuck, he's not one to let things lie. Someone pour that man a drink.

    • (Dan's dream)
      Dan: How was I?
      Serena: I don't know. Let's ask the judges.
      Is: I was gonna give you a three, but since you're a virgin I gave you an extra point.
      Dan: Hey, I chose to wait. Sex is meaningful, like art. And you don't rush art.
      Kati: Who's Art? (turns to Is) Did you sleep with him?

    • Blair: So, I heard on Gossip Girl that you were having sex with Dan out here...in streaming video.
      Serena: Oh, God. Kati and Is filmed us?
      Blair: Well, it's not very high school musical scandalous. And no, they haven't streamed it...yet. But, I heard it was aggressive.
      Serena: I must say, Dan has been surprisingly good at everything we've done.
      Blair: Which is? Everything?
      Serena: No! But, feel free to ask any personal questions.
      Blair: But you've talked about it, right?
      Serena: No, mom! We haven't.
      Blair: May I remind you that this is your first real boyfriend, S. And in relationships, you talk about stuff.
      Serena: I know, but, I don't know. Sometimes talking about it or planning it can ruin a good thing, you know?
      Blair: I would know. Well, as long as you're not worried.
      Serena: Well, I'm not. But, I don't know, he might be. Is it possible for a guy to want to slow things down?
      Blair: Only the guys we like. (they both laugh) But with you, I can't imagine why.

    • Blair: Hey Cinderella. Think you dropped this at the ball. (brandishing out a bracelet) I hate secrets, more than anything. You know that. Friends don't lie. And we're friends, right?
      Jenny: Right.
      Gossip Girl: Jenny Humphrey's rise to the penthouse has been short and sweet. But if she crosses Blair Waldorf, it's straight back to the basement.

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted--Serena and not so Lonely Boy clearly past courtship in the courtyard.
      Serena: You know, we should talk about this though. About us. About eventually.
      Dan: Definitely, yes. Yes.
      Serena: Or we can just get it over with in a broom closet. (they both laugh)
      Dan: In a broom closet? That is... that is rich, Serena.
      Gossip Girl: But can Brooklyn keep up with the uptown express?

    • Serena: Ow. Brick, not comfortable.
      Dan: Alright, here. I'll take one for the team. (they change positions) Oh, yeah. This is definitely not very comfortable.
      Serena: You know, you'd think that with all the money that we spill in this private school, they could at least give us a comfortable spot to make out.
      Dan: Or a better chemistry teacher. Mr. Piezer is a little weird. (leans in to kiss Serena)
      Serena: Wait, you're thinking about Mr. Piezer right now?
      Dan: We are at school.

    • Blair: You want your dad to invest in strip joint. How mid-town.
      Chuck: A burlesque club. A respectable place where people can be transported to another time, feel free to let loose. No judgments, pure escape. What happens at Victrola, stays at Victrola.
      Blair: Well, it does have franchise potential. Chuck Bass, I do believe that all your years of underage boozing and womanizing have finally paid off. Truly, I am proud.

    • Gossip Girl: Looks like this little lamb needs to stay silent or else.

    • Gossip Girl: Didn't anyone tell you N? Be careful what you fish for.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Chuckův podnik (Chuck's Company)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      India: December 14, 2007 on Zee Cafe
      Latin America: December 20, 2007 on Warner Channel
      Australia: January 29, 2008 on FOX 8
      Norway: February 6, 2008 on TVNorge
      Sweden: March 11, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Philippines: April 15, 2008 on ETC
      Poland: May 20, 2008 on TVN7
      The Netherlands: July 8, 2008 on Net 5
      Turkey: October 28, 2008 on CNBC-E
      Slovakia: December 14, 2008 on Markiza
      Hungary: February 8, 2009 on Cool TV
      Germany: May 30, 2009 on ProSieben
      Czech Republic: October 31, 2009 on Prima

    • Music in this episode:
      - "Stripper" By Soho Dolls
      - "So the say" By Classic
      - "Ballad of an easy..." By David McConnel
      - "Release" By Miss Eighty 6
      - "Second Hand Lovers" By John Ralston
      - "Just Love" By Warren
      - "Photograph" By Air
      - "Four Seasons - Concerto No. 4 'Winter' RV 297, II. Largo" by Vivaldi
      - "Girl I Told Ya" By Valeria ft Aria
      - "Whatever" by Elliot Smith
      - "With Me" By Sum 41


    • Blair: Hey Cinderella. Think you dropped this at the ball.

      This is an allusion to the popular fairy tale about a young girl, who attended the ball and lost her glass slipper, while running from the ball, where she was dancing with the Prince.

    • Gossip Girl: Looks like this little lamb needs to stay silent or else..

      This is an allusion to the popular novel by Thomas Harris (and movie by Jonathan Demme (1991)) "The Silence of the Lambs" about Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is sociopathic, cannibalistic psychiatrist.

    • Blair: Well, it's not very High School Musical scandalous. This is an allusion to the popular Disney made for TV movie High School Musical, which is G rated, and doesn't even have a kiss between the main characters.

    • Blair: Yes, it would be very nice, if I was sailing up on the Mayflower.

      The Mayflower is the famous ship that transported the Pilgrims from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.

    • Episode Title: Victor/Victrola

      This is a reference to the 1982 film Victor/Victoria, starring Julie Andrews and James Garner. Also it could be an allusion to phonographs made by The Victor Talking Machine Company from 1901 through 1929, because these phonographs have been called Victor and Victrola. In fact both (Victor/Victrola) mean the same.