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Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on The CW

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    A really surprising episode of Gossip Girl, it was a little bit slow moving and frankly it was hard too get into especially since most of it was the after math of the last masquerade episode, but it was still good.

    Final scenes of episodes always make the entire episode, and this was no different. We got a great payoff in the end, and even though I'm not a huge fan of everyone switching partners as early as the seventh episode of the series, we still go a great scene.

    I mean, I understand two people getting together because of their chemistry, but when two people get together just for the heck of it, now that bothers me. Hopefully that isn't the case for Chuck/Blair, I actually see a lot of chemistry between the two. Nate getting punched by his father was a powerful scene, and I've been for the most part impressed this season, good episode overall.
  • The unavoidable happens

    Bit too sappy for my liking, but certain parts were extremely good in this episode.

    For example, the Dan / Serena storyline was a bit too over the top for the show. I'm not saying it was bad, it wasn't. It was sometihng that HAD to happen, but I thought it was a bit of a waste to make a full episode about it.

    On the other hand I like how Nate dealt with his father, that was really good. Blair and Chuck getting together - yay? I really like Chuck so I'm glad about that. Blair confronting Nate was also great, I mean that really had to happen now, I was happy the writers didn't drag it out longer. Good episode overall, but not great.
  • Awesome.

    So it has been a while since my last review on Gossip Girl, been to busy. But I'm glad I have started whating it again, I have missed it and all the hot boys. Well this episode was something. I really, really, really enjoyed it. The storyline was amazing. Dan and Serena are just love. So cute and just so right for eachother. I'm actually glad that Blair and Nate broke up. I also like the scene with Nate and his father. Oh and I loved the end, Blair and Chuck, there the same type of people so I like what they have done. All in all awesome episode. Bring more Gossip Girl on.
  • ...

    This is my all-time favorite episode. I just loooove it. I could watch it all over again and I'm not getting bored. The storyline was tasteful from the beginning til the end. I like the excitement in Chuck's eyes when he though about his own burlesque bar, because this was the first episode when we get to know other sides of Chuck's personality - so he's not just an underage womanizer and boozer, but also a wannabe entrepreneur, who even wrote the business plan to show it up to his father. The scenes at "Victrola" was hilarious, I wouldn't expect something like that from any TV show, but Gossip Girl made these scenes so decent and watchable and I even enjoyed it. Blair - the baby vamp, who stepped up on the stage to dance with other burlesque girls. hmmm... even Chuck was surprised, but I still think that viewers (I mean us) were even more shocked than he. Nate and his father... clever move, Nate. I didn't like his father since the very first time I saw him, but to use his son as a bait to get into higher level position, it's cheap, especially if parents already are the socialites themselves. But as I said in the beginning, I just loved this episode.
  • In this episode Chuck tries to impress his father by investing in a new business venture. Nate, takes matters into his own hands to get his father some much needed help and Blair realizes Nate's true feelings or lack thereof and decides to cut loose.

    This episode was smart, sexy and beautifully filmed. From set design to costume; soundtrack to editing it was a treat to watch. It was almost as if they did a period piece with a contemporary edge similar to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliette. This is the start of the romantic relationship between Blair and Chuck and it has set the Gossip Girl fan base on fire! A hot scene where Blair does a strip tease on stage is followed by losing her virginity in the back of Chuck's limo and this seems almost too hot for TV! Certainly not to be expected of a teen drama. This is where it becomes obvious that the rules of behavior in the Upper East Side are like nowhere else!It is also the first time the Chuck storyline is the A story and hence it is where we are first introduced to his star power. The B stories are related in theme to the A since they all seem to deal with the need to gain independence and the quest to live life on your own terms. As layers of each character are shed we see new aspects of the characters' personality revealed making them more real. To date this is the best episode of Gossip Girl.
  • The mundane of Serena and Dan thinking about taking their relationship to the next level, Lily and Bart think about revealing their affair, Blair and Nate come to a decision about their relationship, and Chuck makes a business pitch to Bart.

    I thought this episode was genius. I loved the Chuck and Blair conclusion at the end. It was what made me begin to watch the show in the first place, and basically the only reason I continue to watch. CHAIR !! This episode revealed a little more about Chuck and what drives him to be the type of person he is. It added great character development to the his character and humanized him in a profound way. This is the turning point of the series first season and from here on it only gets funnier, hotter and more interestingly intense.
  • Definitely one of my favorite episodes.

    The start of the episode, where there was a burlesque, I was like, THAT COULDN'T BE BLAIR. Lol, but it was :D I loved loved loved this episode. Chuck and Blair look soooo good together. The limo scene would go down to one of my favorite scenes in television history. Nate was a jerk. He doesn't even love Blair?? I wanted to kick him. Lily and Rufus were awesome. I love those two. Well, back to Chuck and Blair. My heart is definitely palpitating and I'm salivating because I can't wait to see more of them. They look perfect but still there's a tiny speck of hope in me that Nate and Blair would still get back together. I love With Me by Sum 41! Definitely one of my favorite songs. AAAHHH, the limo scene. I love it.
  • Definitely a turning point in the series.

    Victor, Victrola was a drama filled episode where everyone was going through something serious. Chuck desperately tries to make his father proud by investing in a strip club; Jenny finds out about her mom's affair and blabs about the kiss between her and Nate; Serena and Dan finally decide to take things to the next level or not. As you can see there was not a dull moment in the episode. The most shocking thing was at the end when Blair and Chuck were getting busy in the Limo, I definitely didn't see that coming. If Nate finds out, there will be a big showdown and he and Chuck more than likely won't be friends again. Man this show is great, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • I liked it!

    Serena and Dan are really getting serious about each other. Blair learns from Jenny that Nate told "Serena" that he still loved her. Blair and Nate break up. Nate finds that his father is buying drugs. Nate lets him get arrested. Jenny goes to see her mother to bring her back. Lily breaks up with Bart. Chuck wants to invest in a strip club, but his father doesn't approve. Blair strips for Chuck at the club. On the way home, Blair and Chuck start making out and eventually have sex. Dan and Serena spend a romantic night and Dan loses his virginity.

    This episode was alright. The only thing was all the sex going on. Dan losing his virginity and Blair losing hers. I don't agree with this at all. I also don't think Rufus was wise in pretty much letting Dan have sex. Blair and Nate's break-up was so-so for me. I kind of liked them together, but they didn't seem to fit well. I would rather have Blair and Chuck together. I just hope that Serena stays with Dan and not go to Nate. I also don't want Dan to hook up with Vanessa either. I like Lily and Rufus, but Rufus is married. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!
  • cool

    It was really Exciting. i love gossip girl to the death. umm
    i guess it is because its really cool and the clothes they wear are fabulous. Maybe part of the reason why this is so popular is that, gossip girl allow us to live out this fastasy life of richness, hot people, things that we normally do not encounter.
    But i do not believe how can all these things happen when they are just,what? 17? unbelievable.
    The actors and the actresses are too to compare.
    i would say this is better then the O.C. or anything else.
    Way to go gossip girl! get cooler every episode.
  • Shocking.

    Chuck wants his father to invest in a strip club. Chuck tells Lilly by mistake that Bart is having an affair with an Asian woman. Lily breaks up with Bart. Nate confronts his father about the drugs and finds him buying more. Nate gets his father in even more trouble. Jenny tells Blaire that Nate kissed her by mistake at the ball and that he wanted to confess hiss love to Serena. Nate and Blaire break up. Serena and Dan plan on having sex. Jenny visits her mom. Lily and Rufus spend the night together. Blaire looses her virginity to Chuck in his limo.
  • In this episode, I think is where we get to know more about the characters. This was definately one of my favorite episodes. Though, even though it was one of my favorite episodes, I didn't necessarily liked everything that happened.

    This is by far one of my favorite episodes. There were a lot of different stories going on and I think that's what makes the show more interesting than usual. I think that the show also showed different sides to some of the characters that we haven't seen before. We learn that despite Chuck's ways, he really does want to do something with his life, and he wants to impress his dad. We learn that even though Serena isn't a virgin, she doesn't end up having sex with Dan because this is one of her first serious relationships and she doesn't want to rush things. Also, we learn that even though Blair was a virgin and was planning on only loosing it to Nate, an hour after she and Nate broke up, she lost her virginity to Chuck in the back of his limo. All these plots made the episode especially interesting. Though, I didn't like the plot between Chuck and Blair. I'm really hpoing that Blair and Nate will end up together, I think they're meant to be.
  • This episode is what hooked me permanently to Gossip Girl The Show.

    I must first say that as a dedicated reader of the books, I was surpised when I was not immediately addicted to the show. It wasn't until this episode that I found myself dying to know what happens next week. I was so proud of Blair for finally telling Nate that she doesn't need him. She deserves better than Nate has to offer at this point. He's unclear about what he wants and how much he loves her and she needs someone who wants her and only her. That is why I was surpised at how much chemistry there was between Chuck and Blair in the limo scene that ended the episode. It has been made pretty clear the whole season that Blair and Chuck have a close friendship, they both get each other and there is no confusion. So it makes sense that the characters would have a connection, but it truly was the actors chemistry together that made the scene. I hope we get to enjoy even more scenes with them together in a romantic way.
  • Chuck wants to by a strip club to impress his father.

    Wow! This truly was an amazing episode, and this is definitely one of the best episodes yet of Gossip Girl. I loved Blair and Chuck in this episode, and I especially enjoyed the interaction between the two of them just like I always do. Blair and Chuck were my favorite part of this episode. I was so shocked when Blair and Chuck had slept with each other. I would definitely love to see those two become a couple. I loved the whole Dan and Serena story line for the episode, especially Dan's material for the episode. I loved the lines for Gossip Girl in this episode, and I thought that Kristen Bell's delivery of the lines was perfect. This episode was so well written and so well acted by everyone involved. All things considered, I loved this episode, and it's definitely one of my favorite episodes of Gossip Girls.
  • Simple but sophisticated. what every1 wnaa see.

    Simple but sophisticated. what every1 wnaa see.
    Dan and Serena wanna take it to the next level but both of them have completly pasts. vanessa is always into dan's life and blair and nate into serena's. we also hv to remember that wonderful part when captain archibald is arrestes, crawford rcks!
    the last sceen, any1 have never expexted, but was all about glam and sophisitcation.
    dan and serena r from differnts worlds, but im sure they will make throug and deal with it the best way, so does josh, stephnie and the others producers who is making the book a perfect live style.
  • This episode had some storylines that were interesting, but it was nothing special

    I enjoyed seeing what would happen with Dan and Serena. It seemed like a problem that people may be able to relate to and it was interesting to see how it would work out. I was a little disapointed that they didn't do it in the end, but I guess it is better that they wait and that they realized how special it is. It was sad that Chuck tried to impress his father, and it didn't work out, although he should have moved further away from partying. I like how he was misinturpreted his fathers relationship with the Asian women and I wasn't sure how it was going to play out. The Blair and Nate plot was good. It was very entertaining how the parents were so focused on marriage and Blair new about what happened with Serena. I also liked how Nate was dealing with what his father was doing. It would be so horrible to have a father who covered up his drug usage by blaming you. Wow, is his father in a lot of trouble at the end. My favorite part of the episode was when Blair and Chuck ended up together. That will lead to a lot of drama for next week.
  • Serena and Dan try to take their relationship to the next level and Nate has to make a difficult decision.

    Great episode, I loved how nervous Dan was and how Serena eased his feeling and expressed her own feelings of sadness that it wasn't her first time and how she had never met anyone who looked at her like he does. Sooo sweet.

    I hope that Blair and Nate can get a clear perspective on their relationship. It's clear Nate doesn't love her and now that Blair's had a fling with Chuck, who seems really interested in her, they should both be able to get over one another.

    I wonder who they'll find for Nate. CHuck and Blair, Dan and Serena. Vanessa and Nate ??? Jenny and Nate ???
    We'll have to wait and find out...
  • It was the best eposide yet

    i loved the fact bliar and chuck hooked up and chuck has feelings for a girl first time in his life he usally is just a player but every one saw the way he looked at her and also he asked if she was ssure if it was himself he would never ask i thing like that but to bad the next eposide there not going to be toghter because she said the events of last will neve be mentioned again because nate is giveing bliar the fanlly ring and then they broke up i dont now y i guss we have to wait and see . xoxo bliar
  • Everything goes haywire...

    This was my favorite episode of Gossip Girl thus far. I know that this show is such a guilty pleasure, but tonight it was even guiltier! I feel bad for Jenny, but I also think she needs to make up her mind about what kind of person she wants to be. The flip flop between being goody two shoes and being bad doesn't really sit well for me. I thought the Dan/Serena thing was cute although a little boring at the end. Clearly they are waiting for another time to get the ratings for them to be together. What was great was Blair and Chuck. Chuck is dispicable but him with Blair was great!! Those two definitely deserve each other and his lecherous self was even a little charming today when he even asked her if she was sure. Kinda cute even though he's scum. haha. I can't wait for next week with the fall out from everything that happened this episode.
  • Eveything has either changed or it set to change...in a big way!

    Another fine example of Gossip Girl...though I was surprised at the end with Chuck and Blair.....they NEVER got together in the books...chuck was even revealed to maybe being gay in the books so i found it surprising that blair would stoop to his level....replenishing her demons i suppose. Serena and dan finally get it on...sorta maybe.
    jenny takes her exit from the inner circle for doing the right thing ....surprise surprise
    Chuck blows his fathers chances of having serenas mum out of spite, then realizes he made a mistake
    and nate just ruins the family name....but im still proud of him for finally standing up for himself...even if he may have not with blair
  • I just couldn't get into it, all the other episodes were great though.

    So this week the gossip continues and more and more characters get involved with each other. Each facing his or her own drama, each facing his or her own problems.

    Dan and Serena
    Well Dan is really hesitant in loosing his virginity since he knows that Serena obviously has a lot more experience than him or to keep it simple, Serena has experience. Anyway, I felt sad for Vanessa because she's just this average girl and you know, if you put up a lonely girl with a popular girl, I'd go on the lonely girl's side.

    The Humphrys
    Ever since Jenny and Blaire got into a fight, Jenny decides to find something else to do, and this is to fix up her family. Not much has happened considering this, but could Rufus and Lillian's relationship cause Jenny's plans to shatter?

    He steps out of partying and drinking and thinks of something creative, but not too far from partying and drinking though. He gives his dad a proposal, which his father reacts negatively to, but could this be the end of Chuck's being a visionary?

    The Waldorf's and the Archibald's
    Getting ready for you dream wedding B? Well, it seems that after Little Miss Jenny Humphry spilled the bad news, there won't be a wedding anytime soon, but that's not where all the happiness ends because Nate finally deals with his father, and his mother is in denial. Meanwhile, Blaire finds other ways to entertain herself.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Gossip Girl): As you might have guessed, Upper East Siders, prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. It's human nature to be free, and no matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down.
  • I LOVED this episode, it's my favorite so far. This episode showed me what great potential this series has.

    This episode defined the series, in my opinion so far. This episode was outstandingly perfect. I loved every aspect of it. Dan tried so hard to impress Serena, and wanted everything perfect for his first time. Vanessa had to ruin the moment when they tried first, but Dan didn't let that get him down. Nate busted his dad about the coke that he had, and now he's on one million dollar bail. I bet you didn't see that one comin', huh Nate? Blair and Nate practically broke up in this episode and then Blair went running to Chuck's strip bar. She got up there and danced like a naughty girl, when Chuck said she wouldn't do it. Then they got in the limo and then they did the nasty. "With Me" by Sum 41 was playing while they were doing it, and they're my favorite band band and the song was perfect for that scene. I was jumping up and down inside because they were featured on this great episode. This episode is the best so far, and I can't wait for next weeks episode. It won't be up to par with this episode, but I plan on watching it! :D
  • A deliciously provocative episode, making up what is probably the best ep of this series to date.

    One can only hope that Gossip Girl will continue in the footsteps of this episode. It is the reason people tune in to teen dramas.

    I feel like with the previous episodes we were all waiting for something to happen, something big that would actually matter. We were given a lot of setup and some conclusions, but nothing major. Victor, Victrola is the episode we've all been waiting for.

    Serena and Dan decide to finally consumate their relationship. It's a sweet little story that only serves to strengthen their relationship.

    On the other side of the plot, we have another relationship falling apart. Blair finds out about Nate's confession that he is not over Serena. They both quietly hold in their feelings until it culminates in an argument and their breakup.

    What does a good girl like Blair feel like she needs to do after a breakup? Head to a club, where Chuck Bass is hanging out. Now at this point we all know Chuck Bass, and he'll take any opportunity to do something that pleases him. He talks Blair into stripping on the club's stage, and in the limo after going home, the show implies that they have sex.

    Chuck Bass' character is developed as we see him trying to impress his father by talking him into investing in a burlesque club.

    Nate is trying to deal with his father's drug addiction, confronting him several times, and finally resulting in Nate getting his father arrested for posession. Little did he know, the police department had been building a case against him for a long time, and his bail ends up being set at a million dollars! Embezzlement, fraud, white collar crimes that spell disaster for the Archibald family.

    A quaking episode that rocks the foundation of several relationships in the show and sets up future turmoil - we couldn't ask for anything more!
  • best episode yet

    i love htis episode i love how dan was always having these flsh-backs to serena and nate and to other stuff because he was trying to find out what to do to impress serena when they were ognna have sex.OMG blair and chuck o.k thats awsome i cant wait to see how it plays out because im a huge chuck blair fan.Poor nate his dad was arested for drugpossesion AND becasue there are other charges his bail is set to 1 milion dollar

    Next episdoe should be the best yet go serena and dAn ihate vanessa it was kinda funny when she walked in on them thought.ha ha
  • Why is every episode of gossip girl better than the one before? This one was aaaaawsome!

    Finaly Dan and S are together, and they get physical, on the school yard at first, in dans bed at last. How far did they go? We don't realy know, do we?
    B and N have a big showdown at the familiy dinner, N's father get caught with drogs, 'caus he beatup his son on the street. What I found realy great was the beginning and the end. Showing part of the end at the beginning is nothing new, but it realy made it's job in this episode. Even though I knew it was B stripping on stage right at the beginning. Was kind of obvious, wasn't it?
  • An interesting and exciting episode.

    This episode of Gossip Girl was really good. Athough I did end up getting a bit spoiled by reading some threads of people who live in Canada (lucky people get to watch it om Tuesdays), it didn't make too much of a difference. While I was proud of Nate for standing up to his father, the huge revelation at the end was pretty shocking. I liked how Chuck got his father to buy the burlesque place. I felt so bad for Blair when Nate couldn't tell her that he loved her. I would have been surprised if I hadn't read the threads about Blair and Chuck. I'm not quite sure if I like them yet, but I'm leaning towards it- hey at least it would be interesting. Dan and Serena during this episode were really sweet, and Vanessa walking in the first time was funny. it seems that next episode Jenny and Dan's mother will be coming back- I can't wait to see the effects that has.
  • This show is really heating up!

    Definitely one of the better episodes of Gossip Girl! Things are starting to get more and more interesting with every episode. Blair and Nate FINALLY broke up (well for now...) and then she and Chuck got it on (again- finally!) Still not sure if Serena and Dan did the same, or if the just cuddled. I'd like to think the former of the two. Things also look promising between Lilly and Rufus, which might be strange as their children are dating. Jenny admitted to Blair that Nate kissed her because he thought she was Serena. Blair seemed hurt and upset at Jenny at the time. Can't wait to see what happens next week!
  • Lonely boy, lonely no more --- Dan's adolescent dream girl is finally his. Go Dan!!!

    The wait is really worth it! Dan and Serena --- I just love 'em!!! Even though Vanessa is sort of annoying I want her to stay in the series. There is no happily ever after if there's nobody who will get in the way of the happy couple. Way to go Chuck and Blair!!! Bad Boy + Sort of Bad Girl = Perfect! Nate is just too distracted right now with his parents and what will become of their family so I guess he better concentrate on that first. Plus he still has issues with his feelings for Blair and Serena. Ugh! Make up your mind, man!!! Or better yet go and hook up with Jenny. She's the only one that's left for you anyways. And also I must say aren't Rufus and Lily just the cutest? I mean c'mon they're already a Dad and Mom to their two kids respectively but yet they are just sooo hot! Bart Bass is just eek-icky-old! *lol*
  • Break ups, hook ups, truths and lies. Lots of ups and downs.

    Dan and Serena tried to bring their relationship into a new level, which was played out quite nicely at the end with the candles and the music. it was sweet. the chemistry between Penn and Blake is really great. in the beginning, Dan was all researchy about what to do and stuff; reading the Kama Sutra, watching some "films", and looking up "sensuous massages" on the net. lol that was nice, shows how thoughtful Dan is.

    it was funny when he got caught by his dad about the massages and when Serena fell off the bed when Vanessa came barging in through Dan's window. i didn't like that Vanessa is still holding a candle for Dan, it made her look, i don't know, rather desperate. (sort of) i'm not sure if that's the right word, let's just say that i didn't see her in a good light in this episode, especially when she listed off Serena's past experiences to Dan...that was tacky, so i didn't like her in this episode. (but maybe that's just because i'm a Dan/Serena shipper, i don't know ^_^) Blair and Nate were heartbreaking....Blair was all, "you should deal with your father, he needs you. you know what? i don't." one can appreciate the irony of the situation: Nate and Blair are supposed to be the perfect couple, yet they can't make it work and their relationship dwindles down into nothingness. it's sad. Chuck and Blair...not my favourite hook-up but i think that it's good because it adds to the depth of Chuck's character in the next few episodes. but, honestly, they didn't click for me. it's the same with Nate and Serena; all the smacking sounds in their scene was quite unnerving, really. hahaha

    kudos to Penn, Blake, Leighton, and Ed for great acting performances. Chace needs to catch up to them, IMO. ^_^
  • Finally a great episode and the wait has paid off!

    Finally an amazing episode. Many important changes. Challenges that make the adrenaline rise. Simply why I watch this show. I just hope that the writers strike won't affect the series and that it will continue on this level. WOW. End montage is also worth the wait. However I don't think there was a need for the way this episode was directed. Finally god bless CTV that allowed me to watch this among the first ! Music is also a great aspect of tonights episode. All the twists and turns are here after last few episodes were pure fillers. Keep it coming the OC way
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