Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 17

Woman on the Verge

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 12, 2008 on The CW

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  • Can this show get any worse?

    This show has just gone from spoiled rich kids to impossible and just plain annoying. One thing I must point out is Rufus's super fake voice. In the slim possibility that it is real, the mere fact that it sounds fake already destroys every single positive thing that could come out of it being real.

    Dan is switching boats? But why? Georgina is really getting on my nerves, it just goes to show how much free time these rich useless, poison to society type of people are. I just don't get how she benefits from what she does? And her face is so annoying, I just wanna shoot her.
  • 117

    No Jenny? Than it must be a good installment of Gossip Girl, that statement was definitely true tonight. After the definite Jenny overload we got in the past couple of episodes, she was finally gone to make room for the more important story lines.

    I was incredibly intrigued and enthralled in Serena's story. I never actually blamed her for the guy's death, she didn't really "kill" him as she had claimed, but I was still satisfied with the pay off.

    I'm really loving Georgina, and the cliffhanger was just really great, with the shots going back and forth from Serena & Georgina and Dan kissing. Loved the friendship dynamics between Nate, Blair and Chuck. Also it was nice to see Vanessa actually being useful with the Sara/Georgina tie in. Overall, great penultimate episode of the first season.
  • Serena's secret is revealed.

    Although the acting on the show is sub-par, this was a fairly decent episode of Gossip Girl. Instead of behavior passed off as scandalous, but rather better described as lame and ingenuine, we had a powerful, emotional storyline. While Blake Lively is not the best actress in the world, she was able to get the viewer interested in her story and feeling for her. Leighton Meester was great in her role, coming down to Earth from her "Queen Bee" status to help her friend out. The whole apologizing to the family deal was not needed though, and anything involving Rufus is usually brutal crap. If Gossip Girl would just try more to be a classical teen drama than an exaggerated look at female behavior more people might watch the program.
  • exactly why i watch the show. great episode :)

    exactly why i watch the show. we learn serena's secret, and we learn that chuck and georgina, well, you know :)in sixth grade! love chuck! And we get some rufus/lily action! Her interview with that guy from rolling stone, that was a turning point for her. she realized how much she loves rufus. yay! And lets not forget about " sarah" a.k.a. georgina. dan and vanessa have no clue who she really is! and her little story about how her boyfriend is out to get her?! how could dan believe that? i mean i thought he was supposed to be smart? all in all, great episode :)
  • The non-judging breakfast club saves the day!

    It was great that Nate, Blair and Chuck set their differences aside to help their best friend. It was a good episode, and we finally find out Serena's secret. A lot of people would say that Serena is a wimp for not telling Dan about her secret. But I think otherwise. She didn't want to cause conflicts with Georgina especially when she's still convinced that she killed Pete. Lily and Rufus were amazing in this episode, especially when Rufus was looking at her while he was singing. CB shippers had their fair share of CB moments. Nate was quite stupid when he told Vanessa that they should look for Dan and Georgina "alone". Speaking of Georgina, she is a manipulative psycho b*tch and I love every bit of it. The way she could twist the truth and lie about why she was pretending to be Sarah. That was genius! Of course Dan fell for it. All in all, great episode.
  • georgina! shes fantastic.. i lov her evilness.. it's exactly why i watch this! first blair,now her..great! hope she'll be back next season..

    georgina! shes fantastic.. i lov her evilness.. it's exactly why i watch this! first blair,now her..great! hope she'll be back next season.. i'm busy but find time to watch my 3 fav shows including One three hill & grey's anatomy.. hope gossip girl wont get me bored.. Queen B & G rules.. i like S but she kind of bored me.. xoxo also can they show some mean girls like,nicole & paris, LALOhan,some supermodels... make it worth watching.. coz i watched ugly betty coz lindsay was ther! Blair & chuck look nice i love the way ed do his character..chuck bass! COOL! BLAir in SPOTlight plz.. lily & rufus kinda lame..
  • Georgina adds her own lethal poison ingredient to this dreary show's already toxic recipe for viral living.

    GOSSIP GIRL may be television's most dehumanizing drama.

    The GOSSIP GIRL creators, producers and writers have a talented and attractive cast portray private high school students as arrogant, petty, selfish, cruel, malicious, dishonest, alcoholic, drug-sucking, irresponsible, unfaithful, untrustworthy jerks. These characters have nothing in common with the high school students that I am aquainted with.

    The rare mature, caring moments that some of these characters share do not mitigate the show's cold climate of relentless, self-destructive, boorish behavior that demeans and diminishes the characters. I was hoping that the recent tender heliport scene between Serena and Blair was the creative team's signal that the show was moving to a more intelligent, assured, refined story line but Georgina's return in the May 12 episode is the single most disheartening episode of any television drama this season.

    My admiration for the wonderful Margaret Colin persuaded me to watch GOSSIP GIRL, but I've quit this malignant series and will look for Margaret in the movies.
  • we find out what serena meant by "i killed someone" and she and dan break-up, georgina continues being evil and blair, chuck and nate work together to help serena.

    Interesting, i mean the episode was good, but i have i dunno,i've watched every episode on gossip girl recently because i can't watch it online, and lately i've been regretting it. I have high expectations for the show, and it never seems to reach it, I always end up saying I should have watch greek or bones instead. it was interesting to find out what serena meant by "i killed someone" but to tell you the truth I kind of found it to anticlimactic. I'm not even sure if i'm gonna watch the season finale today because the season finale of bones sounds way better than gosip girl's but ultimatly i will cuz i can watch the bones season finale tomorrow online but we'll see how good today's episode is.
  • This was full of excitement!

    Serena tells all to Blair, Chuck and Nate. When Dan finally finds Serena at Blair's, she tells him that she slept with someone else the night before. He says that they're over. It's not true, but Serena believes that it's better than what really happened. The night before she left to "boarding school" and after she slept with Nate, she went to Georgina and Pete's. Georgina wanted to make a candid sex tape of Serena, but she was too guilty to really do anything. Pete started to do drugs, but he overdosed and died. Serena feels guilty of that. Lily finds the tape, but doesn't see the whole thing. She wants to send Serena away. Rufus' band is performing tonight. Vanessa invites Nate to go. "Sarah" and Dan go together. Nate warns Vanessa about Georgina. Georgina lies to Dan about why she lied about her name. Serena finally feels better about the situation and wants to talk to Dan, but he and Georgina have already gone. She tells Serena that she's going to sleep with him. Rufus and Lily kiss after his concert, even though Lily's dinner rehearsal was that night for her wedding.

    This episode was really good! It really revealed what happened that night. I'm glad Serena didn't intentionally murder anybody. I did not like the tape with Pete and Serena though. It was too inappropriate. The ending was so frustrating! I hate Georgina! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!

    First I know gossip girl kinda got down after the break but this episode is the best!!!!
    We can see now that Nate,Blair and Chuck can work together for Serena...she is the glue that stick them together...
    I liked the way Blair called them "the non judging Breakfast Club" I love breakfast club and it is funny....
    I hate Dan in this episode i know Serena "cheat" on him but it is not the reason to jump on Georgina "Sara" she is mean and stupid!!!
    Poor Serena no one wants to be in her shoes!!!!
    Eventually i think they will work things up and they will be together...
    Poor Rufus he can't be with Lilly because of Dan but it didn't bother him kissing her!!!they r a perfect couple....
    Does anyone think that Lilly will get married or stay with Rufus although Dan and Serena? we will see at the next episode the season finale!!!!!! XOXO G.G.
  • Serena gets drunk in a bar and tells Dan she cheated on him. Chuck, Nate and Blair get together to take care of Serena. Serena finally tells her secret and gets free to tell Dan. Meanwhile, Georgina gets close to Dan.

    It was a good episode. It was predictable that Serena didn't actually killed some one, it would make her too bad to be a main character. But i never understood since Georgina appearance why Serena couldn't just tell the truth! Why could it be so hard to tell it? If i was in her position i think i had already tell Dan a long time ago what made her go away. Isn't the main rule of dating telling the truth and trust each other no matter what?
    In the end, i didn't like Dan's attitude. His girlfriend cheated on him and he kisses another girl, although doesn't love her? Didn't seem to be a Dan attitude at all!
    I'll wait anxious for the next and last episode of the season.
  • omg i loved it chuck blair nate and serena all toghter again

    i loved this eposdide it was great i liked the fact that jenny was not in it i hate her lol.i feel bad 4 serena becasue she blames her self 4 petes overdose .i use to think grogina was a good chacter now i hate her she is so evil she mad serena feel worse then she already did and in the tape when they were friends and serena was feeling bad about wat hse diid to blair and she did not even want to call the cops when pete was dieing .serena and georingina r both part of it y is senerna the olny one suffuring .i think dorta was kinda ean i mean y would she go and tell lilly she has no right ot do that.now for blair and chuck they r so cutie toghter i liked it when she was like wat if i told u i knew georina sparks was that was my fav.these was on of my favrite eposide .i cnat believe dan beieved gerogina and he is supposed to be hte smart one he is os not he belived wst she said .i hate dan know .i love chuck .till next time u know u love me xoxo blair
  • we get some chuck, nate, blair action post scandal and serena's big secret is finally revealed. not as good as last week's episode but still amazing.

    the best parts of this episode are deffinitely the scenes with chuck, blair and nate. loved how they got together despite their own problems to help Serena. the final scene with georgina's and dan's kiss was really good but i can't believe he really bought the silly story georgina told him lol! i really hated rufus and lily kissing and the whole scene with the interviewer asking lily all this questions about rufus! they can't be together, she should just marry bart! now that we're starting to get used to the idea of the basses and the van der woodsens merging, it would really blow if rufus ruins lily's weding. loved the scene were blair tells chuck that she knows where georgina is and they go together to defend serena, the way they looked at each other that was hot lol! can't wait for next week's episode.
  • "i'm chuck bass"... haha!! not as good as last weeks episode but still good!

    so we finally find out what serena did! i must say it wasnt much of a shocker cos we knew she couldnt actually really have killed someone! so its not so bad! thinks he was stupid not to have told dan in the first place but they its a drama!

    i loved how they all rounded around serena in her time of woe! and man dan is so lucky he gets to hook up with too seriously hot birds. georgina is damn hot! jeez these girls they dont stay with one guy do they! the guys defo get around, chuck, nate, dan! whata world they live in!
  • Serena's secret is finally revealed; Georgina plots her next move; The Non-Judging Breakfast Club joins forces and Lily & Rufus!!!

    Last night's episode was so good. I loved it from beginning to end. Serena needed a friend and had plenty by her side with trying to take down the manipulative Georgina. Although her secret is finally out (like her little brother in the previous week's episode), Serena becomes distraught and relies on the help of an unlikely union: Blair, Chuck and Nate. The animosity was definitely in the air with these three but all did a good job of masking it in order to help Serena. I hope the Season Finale lives up to the same expectations. I'm already ready for season 2. Hamptons, baby!!!!
  • Another great GG Episode

    I don't know why most people think that this episode wasn't more than average, i really really enjoyed it.
    I'm glad that Rufus and Lily are getting together again (at least i hope that they will) and Vanessa and Nate are such a adorable couple.
    But for the Serena thing, i really expected more than what actually happend. I was kinda dissapointed that Georgina already got away with Dan when Nate, Chuck and Blair arrived. I would have loved to see Chuck giving her what she deserves. I just hate her character and wished that she'd go away already! The last few episodes before Georgina i thought Jenny was bad, but J. is really a little angel girl compared to G.
  • great episode!

    this was one of the best gg episodes ever! this show promises an excellent season finale and i personally can't wait! in this episode serena finally shares her secret with her friends but she fails to tell dan who ends up thinking awful things about her. i was actually expecting to see chuck and blair interact a little more but their scenes always included more people so there was no chair in this episode. nate and vanessa are sort of together (they're not a couple... yet) wich is extremelly weird and almost wrong! i never liked blair and nate but i think vanessa is not right for him.
    it was a great episode, the acting was fantastic and, as always, it was a perfectly written episode, it was exciting and dramatic... gg is such a great show and i can't wait for next week!
  • What an awesome episode!

    this was a great episode! next week is going to be so good! I cannot wait to see blair and serenas reaction to Dan and i hope that chuck and blair get together! Hopefully Vanessa and Nate will continue to develop! Rufus and LILY!!! woaH!!! I think she should stay with Bart though, I mean they are really cute together. The only frustrating part of the episode was the whole dead druggie and his family, I wish they showed that instead of just skipping over. I was surprised at how well Lily took Serena's past indescretions! Hmmm. I am eager to see what happens next week
  • Within this episode alot becomes more clear, mainly the actions that have made old-Serena so infamous, however what really shines is the build-up for what will be a supreme season finale.

    As a whole I felt that this episode was not the best that "Gossip Girl" has to offer, but also not one of the worst. The Serena revelation was interesting, but also just wasn't as powerful a scene as you hope, and the semi-reunion of Chuck and Nate while funny at times didn't seem to have the animosity you would hope for. Parts of the episode were a little bit slow, however, other parts were of typical Gossip Girl fare with drama and some great one liners.

    Despite those negatives, this episode also had some great moments and even better foreshadowing. The Lily-Rufus storyline has been on the backburner for awhile, but suddenly it is back front and center to get us ready for what should be a drama filled Lily-Bart wedding. Serena is forced to make a decision that will push Dan towards what could be his biggest mistake, although I don't want to go too much into detail for those who didn't watch the show. Vanessa and Nate I feel give a nice simple feel to them as always, and Chuck is at his usual superb self, although sadly there weren't as many great Chuck-Dan dialogues that we all love so much. This episode was mainly here to build us up for the finale, and it does its jobs well enough, but doesn't set itself from the pack of good Gossip Girl episodes either.
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