Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 1

Yes, Then Zero

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on The CW

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    Let's just say that the show's best days are behind it, but it can still be a little fun escape for an hour.

    - I did not even mind yet another pointless Nate and MILF hookup. Sure, the character has no direction, but it could be worry, and frankly the writing for him has been worse.

    - I think the show has been trying too hard to force new characters upon us as evidenced here tonight. You want to get the show back on track? Go back to focusing on the core characters.

  • Ehh (spoilers ahead)


    Maybe it was because the season 4 finale was so exciting, or because the lying game was on at the same time and I was flipping back forth but I found the gossip girl season 5 premiere a tad unsatisfying.

    first off, the pregnancy test. The CW writers used this in two finales and botched up the delivery in both! Granted this wasn't as bad as in 90210 when they just decided she wasn;t really pregnant but in this they made Dorota pregnant. Now don't get me wrong, I love Dorota, she sometimes has the best lines and facial expressions. But making the surprise pregnancy hers? unexciting. Although part of me still suspects that it's Blair's and Dorota was covering for her.

    Serena's storyline. Kind of interesting, her in LA kicking ass at some job on a movie set and her jealous coworker tries to screw her over because she's overshadowing him. okay, but still not that exciting.

    Chuck had a little more to do because he was living his new say yes to everything philosophy and gets mildly unhinged when he finds the invitation from blair;s wedding nate tried to hide from him.

    Blair is frustrated that Louis keeps siding with his mother on everything and her storyline was probably the biggest of the night. I kinda got fed up last year when they made the "Blair Waldorf show" so I hope they don't do that this year.

    Nate. Granted he probably had more lines this episode than all of season 4, it;s more of the same. He slepts with an older broad. She catches him lying to her. Still not satisfying! I have no idea what they can do with Nate, but for the love of God, give this boy a decent storyline this year, or make him move to London to be with Jenny

    Dan finds out his delightful and thank-god-she's-gone ex-bestie Vanessa stole his book and it's getting published and dan tries to stop it. He actually calls Louis to help him out which he does, although through some miscommunication it would appear now Blair is mad at Dan.

    Also Rufus had a big role in this episode cause Dan really didn't have anyone else to talk to and they mentioned Jenny and that she's going to school in London which made me happy cause they acknowledged Jenny still exists, in colllege, on good terms with her family and Eric (Rufus mentioned he was there helping her get settled.) Jenny was my favorite character and while she may be gone for good, I'm glad they didn't write out her existence.

    I know that because season 4 was so "dark" they;re making season 5 more "light and fun" but that is not why e watch gossip girl. It's why we watch modern family, or how i met your mother, or the middle, but light is not why people tune in to gossip girl. granted this was just the premiere but I hope it gets a lot better.

  • An interesting start of the new season.


    I was excited about this episode because there were a lot of cliff notes left and I wanted to see the result. Unfortunately I still have some questions with no answers.

    I am dying to see what Dan wrote in that book. I am under the impression it is very interesting and I hope the book will be published so we can see what it is all about. On that note I find it hard to believe a publisher would accept the book without knowing who the writer is or from the hands of someone else because they could have a lawsuit by publishing a book without the writers consent. But this is a tv show so it is possible.

    I like Chuck more and more. I hated him in the first season but now he is the most interesting character who is not afraid to live. I hope the writers have something special in stored for him.

    Blair and Louis ... hmm it is an odd couple and I think they will not last for much longer. I prefer to see Blair with Dan, I think she could have an good influence on him. I want to see them together but without a baby in the middle. I hope Blair is not pregnant.

    Nate and his sleeping around with women who tend to jeopardize his well being is getting a little old. I think the writers don't know what to do with him any more because I don't see an evolution, they don't develop his character. I want more.

    Thank God Vanessa is gone, she was annoying!

    Serena is finally growing up and I hope she will make better decisions about her life than in the past. The congressman and the millionaire were the lowest of the low

    This season could be very interesting so lets see the writers'inspirantion.