Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 16

You've Got Yale

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on The CW
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Who will get in the Ivy League institution of their choice? The students find out who is worthy of an early admission to Yale. Serena connects with a new Shakespeare teacher, who has no clue about what is going to happen when she gives Blair the first B grade in her life. Chuck pairs up with an unlikely ally in his battle over Bass Industries. Nate and Vanessa have a romantic night at the opera.moreless

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  • 216

    Another dull episode of Gossip Girl. This show is slowly but surely getting worse. We have one promising story line with Blair trying to get back at the new teacher, but honestly, I'm not very excited.

    The Nate & Vanessa scenes are really taking a toll on me. Give these two new story lines or just write them out already. Honestly, their scenes tonight we're just incredibly pointless. Don't even get me started on Dan & Serena. Another love triangle? Involving a teacher? Seriously? I'm so done with this couple.

    The Chuck & Lilly scenes we're the highlight of the episode, even if it was a bit out of character. I'm just glad Jack is gone, hopefully he never returns. This show is really going downhill. The season finale will be the make/break on whether or not I should continue watching.moreless
  • a fist from chuck bass. very interesting episode

    Love it. This is the best episode of the season by far, and I totally agree with iewuxis, I cannot accept that the score for this is episode is so low. I mean, it's the BEST episode (in my opinion).

    I'm getting tired of seeing Dan's punch, but a fist from Chuck Bass is definitely what I've craved for - poor jack bass (or jack@ss?) OH, and, did you guys realized he punched Jack with his left hand instead of right? Left-handy :D

    The Lily & Chuck conversation at the end of the episode, we can see there's a mother & son bond. Which I totally loved it. After all the things Chuck's been through, things are starting to pull together.

    Chuck moved in to the van der Woodsen's, so as the Humpreys. Um, big family much? The used-to-be empty house are now packed. I can't wait to see how Chuck and Dan will go through this, you know, living under the same roof.

    As in for Chuck & Blair? Sadly, nothing interesting happened. I'm still not giving hope for the couple. They're just too hot together.

    Well, I'm looking forward for the next, next episode. Hope it will be superb :D (and not like Carnal Knowledge which totally disappoints me)

    xo xomoreless
  • Eric speaking German is a beautiful beautiful thing.

    Ok so, this episode. It was pretty good albeit slightly fragmented. I have to say after the episode before this one and some truly horrific (I need to gouge my eyes out) spoilers I'm feeling rather apathetic about Gossip Girl. I did however, like this episode even though it took me ages to watch it (that episode before last left a bad taste in my mouth so I was stalling, with good reason it seems).

    Now I have to remember what actually happened in You've Got Yale! Uh… oh yeah, Opera! Chuck and Lily! Vanessa with a face like a slapped bum! Rampaging Blairzilla! Gay dads! Ugly dresses! Rapists! Other… uh, stuff….!! So yes what a fun episode. I did like the Chuck and Lily interaction the mostest mainly because it painted Chuck in a more mature light than episodes past, and Lily less like a gold digging heatless nitwit. The fact that she was so motherly towards Chuck was very sweet and I pretty much forgave her for her past grievances at the funeral… and for banging her Humphrey so loudly that their collective children can hear them.

    Nate and Vanessa went to 'da opera'. Be still my heart. Oh how cute they were, the chemistry the romance the boredom. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to put them together? They could certainly be worse but not by much. I think most of us go to sleep during their scenes -- or if you're a woman, you start thinking about what needs cleaning in your house or what food needs buying. NV scenes are actually some of the best thinking time I get. -- treasure the blank but pretty people they facilitate ones cognitive function kids. So NV are at da opera and WTF OMG! Blair's gay dads are there also, but wait there's more Chuck is there too busy drinking and saving cheating stepmothers from coked up rapists, all while gays dads and Nate-Vanessa's are snuggling. Blair is also there running around missing Chuck saving cheating stepmothers from coked up rapists, too bad Blair! Rufus was there too, I think. The guys pretty boring so I usually forget what the heck he is doing most episodes, although I'm willing to admit that that's because I usually make a conscious effort to suppress his bulls***. After some brief Rufus/Chuck handholding at the end of the episode it seems that Chuck has forgiven his cheating stepmother and has decided to move in to casa der Woodsen once more. This made me happy since I do adore Chuck and I want him to happy -- it's also good for him to be around sane(ish) adults who can help him grow as a person, rather than remain a stunted yet purpley stylish manwhore. Jack also going going gone. Thank goodness, I really hated him he was a awfully conceived character and I hope we never have to suffer him again -- what's annoying is that I doubt we'll ever find out what new years was about (aside from national get rat arsed day). I wonder if the network stepped in regarding this storyline since it was pretty ill received. Blair applying for Yale as her only college choice was freaking ridiculous! Now I've been to university and I remember what the process was like… and it really wasn't indicative onscreen that the writers knew what the frak they were doing! As writers I would've hope they remembered their uni days, and yet I am not comforted. I think the point was that they were bending over backwards to cause Blair some drama away from Chuckles and possibly to kill two birds with one stone, they attempted to keep Blair from getting into her psychopathic-dream university of choice. Contrived? Yes. Blair was quite annoying in this episode and once again I felt like slapping her, and her little dog too. I hope the writers can pull their heads out of their collective arses and actually write Blair properly… but also perhaps Leighton needs to tone down her performance a tad (less shrill!)

    Serena Serena. It's ALL About Serena. I liked her the most this episode and sympathised with her even though I didn't understand what the frak she was doing or thinking. Was she giving up her Yale place for Blair or because she actually didn't want it? I really couldn't tell, I presumed it was the former -- the martyr stuff is quite annoying though. I've decided Serena has a hero complex like Jack from Lost although she's stupider than he will ever be and far less pathetic, go Serena. If All About Serena did give up her place for Blair then she is a dumb bimbo. Seriously, Blair is hard work and I'm sure most people would rather watch Chace Crawford try to emote than be associated with someone like Blair in real life *shudder*, but Serena have some balls. Jeez. Now despite All About Serena and Dan sharing a half Humphrey they are continuing to bump nasties (oh lovely) all the whilst Lily is bumping nasties with her Humphrey (if you ask me there are far too many Humphreys on this show -- they should have killed off Less Bass and more Humpty-Dumpties. Because you know. They suck). While all this incestuous creepiness is occurring we have Eric, and for this episode, not the only gay in the village, who is busy repressing and possibly blinding himself right along with the audience. I feel his pain. Speaking of fair Eric I adored his impression of Claus (or Klaus?) -- we will ever be priviledged enough to see and or meet the enigmatic Claus? He sounds like someone I want for Christmas.

    This episode was kind of fillerish. Next episode, I hope will be better and less irritating Blairzilla wise.

    In summation, we still don't know if Uncle Jackarse gave Blair gonorrhea (I assume like Lawd Marcus it was never be spoken of again and fade into the mists of offscreensville with the other half of Smallville's plots), Blair is going black-ops whatever the heck that means (probably something lame like exposing All About Serena's teacher for being some kind of older woman who preys on the young and stupid -- Humphrey Second Generation certainly fits the bill!), Chuckles is going to bump nasties but not with a Humphrey but young ladees (or more accurately: attractive masked sluts -- the best kind of slut), Nate is helping Chuck along with the annoying and frizzy. I don't know what All About Serena is doing, but I'm sure it'll involve saving kittens from burning buildings and rescuing nuns from celibacy. I know I can hardly wait xoxo.moreless
  • just wow...

    First of all, I need to admit that I cannot understand why the ratings of this episode is so low, cause this was like the first season Gossip Girl - with a lot of action, intrigues and good music. For a while I missed that all. It was tasteful and I totally adore this one, but I put only 9.5, because this powder room scene was kinda unacceptable for me. Nevertheless, "You've Got Yale" was really enjoyable. Oh, no! I forgot about useless scene of Nate-Vanessa, the only one that was decent and funny was that creepy old lady scene, but otherwise these two kinda didn't fit in the whole storyline. It seems to me that Josh and Stephanie try too much to not to lose these two character, but in fact since they are together and Chuck and Nate aren't so good friends as in 1st season, they totally stand out, but ok, I'm looking forward to watching next episode, maybe it'll change. Finally we can see Blair and Chuck in action, I mean witch haunt, revenge, etc. Westwick and Messter were both pretty good. Lively, Crawford and Szohr were boring. Badgly? Somewhere in the middle. Settle too. If we're speaking about Rutherford and Harrington they were perfect. But most of all I liked Szadkowski - "Is it war?".

    Ok, if we return back to plot, there were things that I kinda didn't understand, e.g., previous two eps Jack was all time sober, but in this one we realize that he's junkie. weird, isn't? Chuck's mood jumped up and down, but wait he's a guy, he cannot be pregnant and he doesn't have PMS. so what's wrong with that guy? Have you ever tried to fax some documents to the Opera? I haven't, because I thought it's like mission impossible, but ok, it seems to be easy. Have anyone noticed that when Jack entered in the powder room his suit looked too baggy? Rufus couldn't find Lily, so why he didn't try to call her? And the locked door... Why Chuck was the only one, who find it bizarre? In fact it's kinda sad that Jack's gone, because he was a good addition for GG and we finally had some handsome man around there, ok, Rufus also is ok, but others, who appeared before were kinda weirdo. But I'm not talking about C, N and D, because they're more like guys not yet men.

    Ooops, my review is kinda really long, but I had a lot of things that I wanted to write. Thank you for your attention and see you next week. xoxo.moreless
  • Blair's back!

    I am not sure why the average score for this episode is so long. It was certainly not any worse than any of the other episodes this season. The episode had some really good moments, particularly with Blair. I enjoyed seeing the old scheming side of her come out again. I agree with everyone else that Nate and Vanessa are totally boring and pointless. They really need something dramatic to happen to them. Chuck was great and his unusual collaboration with Lily worked well to get rid of Jack. I'm not sure how long the truce will last. though. So actually there was a lot of good stuff here - take no notice of the really low score.moreless

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  • QUOTES (33)

    • Eric: (Explaining an opera to Rufus) And then the queen of the night sings this kick-ass aria. Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen. The vengeance of hell boils in my heart.
      Rufus: Lovely.
      Eric: It is. It reaches a high F, that NEVER happens in operas! That's a good fact, you should talk about it at intermission. You're gonna love the magic flute, it's... well, uh...
      Jenny: It's okay, you can say it.
      Eric: Opera for amateurs. If anyone asks you what you thought, just tell them, Ish vungar di shine, un sy? That's what Klaus always used to say. That and "get some toifel!" But whatever you do, don't say that.
      Jenny: Okay, this is ridiculous. Dad, Lily loves you because you're not that guy.
      Rufus: This feels different.
      Jenny: Only because you're letting it.
      Eric: No, he's right. In our world people say one thing but they expect something else. If you can hold your own, it'll go a long way with my mom and her friends.
      Rufus: Well, everyone else can get some toifel. I just want to do right by her.

    • Serena: What are you guys doing?
      Blair: Don't talk to them. They're working. REFRESH!

    • Dan: Ah, thank you my friend to see you. Serena and, we moved up with our parents before we got here, and it went from Family Ties to Fockner in one cocktail fleck.

    • Lily: Did you really try to buy anthrax with his credit card?
      Chuck: The black market isn't what it used to be.
      Lily: And you got him on Megan's list?
      Chuck: If only his apartment were few blocks closer to the playground..
      Lily: Look, I understand why you try to do these things, but we have got to do something that is not illegal.

    • Roman: It's all the color of Yale. You see?
      Blair: That's just what I need to perk me up. I couldn't sleep a wink.
      Roman: We know. We heard you watching "Gilmore Girls" all night. Again.
      Blair: Oh. I am so better fit for Yale than this Rory.

    • Gossip Girl: (closing voiceover) Some endings take a long time to reveal themselves. But when they do, they're almost too easy to ignore. Some beginnings start so quietly, you don't even notice they're happening. But most endings come when you least expect them. And what they portend is darker than you've ever imagined. Not all beginnings are cause for celebration. A lot of bad things begin, fights, flu season and the worst thing of all... Want to be starting something? XOXO. Gossip Girl.

    • Miss Queller: (to Blair) I've called you here this morning because Miss Carr told me what you did. You leave me no choice but to give you detention. Yale has been notified, your acceptance has been placed on hold. If you complete detention to my satisfaction, Yale will still be possible. But if you do not...

    • Blair: (on the phone) What are you doing?
      Serena: I'm just reading the Brown catalog. Oh and I ordered a home dreadlocking kit. Want to meet up later?
      Blair: Definitely. Maybe we can get a jump-start on your veganism.

    • Gossip Girl: The thing about new beginnings is that they require something elso to end.

    • Rufus: (to Dan) I just had a full conversation with this opera-goer about 'The Magic Flute'. And he pretended like that was exactly what he just watched. I'm beginning to get these society people. It's all a big game pretending you know what you're talking about.

    • Gossip Girl: Sticks and stones may break bones, but a poison pen is the best revenge.

    • Jack: (to Lily) Who's your lucky escort this evening? Someone you picked up at the funeral?

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted, B hot for teacher. Too bad Miss Carr doesn't remember the devil is in the details.

    • Penelope: (to Blair) The Devil would say you're already in Yale. You have security, now more than ever you can do what you want.
      Isabel: And an angel would say, all the more reason to not to. You have what you want.
      Penelope: You don't have a perfect transcript.
      Isabel: But you don't need one. You're in. Ugh! I hate having to play the angel.
      Penelope: I know, the Devil is so much better.

    • Penelope: A new teacher is like a child. It has to be taught.
      Hazel: And spanked.

    • Serena: I know that look. You're up to no good.
      Blair: Good is subjective. If you don't believe me, you can look it up.

    • Chuck: (to Lily) You say you want to be family. But if you really meant it, you wouldn't parade your mistress in public. You'd have some tact, some respect.

    • Chuck: (to Lily) I can't believe you. You're actually going to take your half-price hustler out on the town tonight.

    • Chuck: If your people don't come up with anything, maybe we can try number 26.
      Lily: (reading) Crash Jack in plane. The Bass jet is kind of expensive, Charles.
      Chuck: There's insurance.

    • Lily: (talking about Jack) The bastard is untouchable.
      Chuck: What shall we do?
      Lily: Time to get dirty. I'm all yours.
      Chuck: Let me educate you.

    • Blair: (talking about her assignment) This is a B.
      Miss Carr: Yes. It is.
      Blair: You're new here so you don't know how it works.
      Miss Carr: I have a feeling you're about to explain.
      Blair: Second semester seniors get a free pass, like pregnant ladies or 14-year-old Chinese gymnasts. Constance wants their students to get into the best colleges. That's why this free pass exists. The headmistress, if she knew about this grade, she'd rap you on the wrist.
      Miss Carr: Maybe, in time, I'll get in trouble for not inflating grades like everyone else, Miss Waldorf, but until then, I'll give them based on merit.

    • Blair: Witch hunts are my Valium, Serena. I'm just trying to stay calm.

    • Miss Queller: When I spoke to Dean Barrowby this morning, he assured me that if the student they've accepted turns them down, you are next in line.
      Blair: Dan Humphrey. He's like a cafeteria lady who won the lottery. You couldn't pry that acceptance from his hands with the jaws of life.
      Miss Queller: I wasn't speaking about Mr. Humphrey.

    • Gossip Girl: They say it's not over until the fat lady sings. But who's that, here, turning up in the wings? Sorry, B. I think it's curtains.

    • Nate: (talking about Vanessa) I saw a DVD of 'The Ring Cycle' at her house and I figured she might like some champagne in my family's box.
      Dan: Yeah, that's good, that's good. Don't tell her you saw that DVD though, because I pointed it out once and she made me watch the whole thing with no sub-titles. If you've ever seen 'A Clockwork Orange' then you know how that ended up.
      Nate: What's a clockwork orange?

    • Chuck: (on the phone) No I told you, under 18 and I want verification. I don't care where you have to import them from, I want them young and unstable.

    • Dan: Yale day. I thought we could walk to school together for support. I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason. I'll end up in the right place. But what if I don't get in?
      Serena: Forget you. What if I do and Blair doesn't?
      Dan: Fire and brimstone. A lot of bitchy asides. Death by Dorota.

    • Gossip Girl: (opening voiceover) True love and betrayal. Revenge and more revenge. A heroine with an impossible goal. If only Mozart had lived on the Upper East Side. But you can keep your magic flute, Amadeus. All this queen wants is a golden ticket to Yale.

    • Chuck: (talking to Lily) I'm trying to do something. I really wanted to do it on my own, but that's not working. I'm thinking you are the only person left that can help. (pause) What do you say?

    • Lily: Charles, I didn't expect to see you today!
      Chuck: ..or ever, if it had may way.
      Lily: Yes, well. I missed you too.

    • Blair: You look like a firing squad.
      Harold: More like a "Welcoming Commitee". It's the big day.

    • (to Lily and Rufus)
      Erik: I would say get a room but yours is right above mine. Please try to remember that.

    • Dan: That's Miss Car? I guess she has Benjamin Button syndrome.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Ať žije Yale! (Long Live Yale!)

    • International Air Dates:
      Latin America: March 25, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Norway: April 29, 2009 on TVNorge
      Philippines: May 19, 2009 on ETC
      Greece: May 30, 2009 on Star Channel
      Denmark: August 30, 2009 on Kanal 4
      Turkey: December 22, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Poland: January 17, 2010 on TVN7
      Czech Republic: April 3, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Australia: April 22, 2010 on GO!
      Slovakia: June 13, 2010 on Doma

    • Music in this episode:

      "Against Privacy" by Cold War Kids
      "Der Holle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herze (from 'The Magic Flute')" by Mozart
      "The Double" by We Fell To Earth
      "Mexican Dogs" by Cold War Kids

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Gossip Girl: Sticks and stones may break bones, but a poison pen is the best revenge.

      The exact saying is: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

      A poison pen letter is an informal document (letter or note) containing unpleasant, abusive or malicious statements or accusations about the recipient or a third party. The aim of composing the poison pen letters is to upset the recipient.

    • Dan: Ah, thank you my friend to see you. Serena and, we moved up with our parents before we got here, and it went from Family Ties to Fockner in one cocktail fleck.

      Family Ties is a TV show that aired from 1982 to 1989. The story is about family, which has different political viewpoint, parents are with liberal viewpoints, but their kids have espoused conservative viewpoints.

    • Nate: (talking about Vanessa) I saw a DVD of 'The Ring Cycle' at her house and I figured she might like some champagne in my family's box.

      Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) by Richard Wagner (the German composer) is a cycle of four epic music dramas. Each of these four operas is unique piece of art, but to understand all the story it's necessary to see all of them. The works are often referred to as "The Ring Cycle", "Wagner's Ring", or simply "The Ring".

      There's also a movie called Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle(1999), which is winner of Sundance film festival.

    • Lily: And you got him on Megan's list?
      Chuck: If only his apartment were few blocks closer to the playground.

      Megan's list refers to Megan's Law, which President Clinton signed on May 17, 1996. Megan's Law is known as the Sexual Offender (Jacob Wetterling) Act of 1994. Megan's Law provides two main information service to the public : 1) Sex offender registration; 2) Community notification. The list of these criminals is accessible on the internet and it's for free.

    • Roman: We heard you watching "Gilmore Girls" all night. Again.
      Blair: Oh. I am so better fit for Yale than this Rory.

      Gilmore girls is a TV show that run from 2000 to 2007 on the WB and then on the CW. It portrayed the relationship of a mother, Lorelai, who had a her daughter at a very young age, Rory. Both of them worked very hard in order to get Rory into an Ivy league school. After dreaming of Harvard while growing up Rory eventually reconsidered her position and entered Yale.

    • Jack: Although, I must admit having the freshman class at Brearley hold annual sleepover in my hotel room that was a nice touch.

      The Brearley School is an all-girls' private school, which is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is considered as one of the most prestigious schools for girls in the United States.

    • Nate: Wait, what's the Clockwork Orange?

      Clockwork Orange is a 1962 novel by Anthony Burgess, which also has been adapted for cinema in 1971 by director Stanley Kubrick. It is story about a boy named Alex (fifteen-year-old) and his three friends, who rob, rape, torture and murder just for fun. Alex is jailed for his vicious crimes and the State undertakes to reform him.

    • Dan: I guess she has Benjamin Button syndrome. Benjamin Button is character played by Brad Pitt in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The story is about a man who opposite to everyone else starts aging backward.

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted B hot for teacher.

      Hot for Teacher is a song by Van Halen.

    • Episode Title: You've Got Yale

      Refers to the 1998 american romantic comedy movie, You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. About two e-mail lovers that are completely unaware that their sweetheart is in fact the co-worker with whom they share a certain degree of animosity. It uses the trademark greeting that AOL users hear when they receive new e-mail.