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Oct 03, 2014
Gotham needs to take a page out of Rome's book and kickstart Bruce's detective skills with a mentor like Harvey Harris/Ducard. Could start out as a hired PI that Bruce uses to gather information on his parents' murderer.
May 07, 2014
I'd really like to get excited about Gotham, but with FOX's habit of cancelling great shows after one season regardless of fanbase and the show's potential, I'm sceptical. But then if we all hold off our excitement to see if it's given a 2nd season, it'll be cancelled anyway because the figures won't justify the budget . . . oh the dilemma. So, do we all switch on and hope it won't be yet another one-season-wonder from FOX, or do we deliberately keep our distance to save our heartache because we're sick of gripping TV being torn from us without being given a fighting chance?
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