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Everyone, meet Batchild! 

Fox's Gotham, which tells the origin story of Gotham City Police Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon and NOT the origin story of Batman—as the network has been careful to emphasize—has gone ahead and cast a young actor in the role of preteen Bruce Wayne: David Mazouz, who was last seen in Fox's Touch, will play the kid who grows up to be Batman. When Bruce's story begins, his parents have already been murdered and he's relying on help from Alfred Pennyworth and Gordon.

Gotham has also cast its Selina Kyle, a.k.a. the woman who will someday be Catwoman. Newcomer Camren Bicondova will play the orphaned teen, who's described as being a "skilled pickpocket," "wholly unpredictable," and "dangerous when cornered." Both Mazouz and Bicondova will be series regulars, joining a cast that already includes Southland's Ben McKenzie as the star detective/future commissioner, Elementary's Sean Pertwee as lil' Wayne's protector Alfred PennyworthSons of Anarchy and Vikings and TerriersDonal Logue as Gordon's partner and mentor Harvey Bullock, and Jada Pinkett Smith as a sadistic gangster boss named Fish MooneyGotham already has a series commitment at Fox.

Given that Gotham is focused on Gordon's origin story and not Batman's, I do find it a little bit strange that Mazouz and Bicondova will both appear as series regulars. Yes, McKenzie's Gordon will be looking after Bruce—after all, the young lad is heir to a floppity jillion dollars—but it's always been my impression that Gotham's premise is more along the lines of a cop show set in Gotham City, not Adventures in Babysitting.

And on another note, does the world care enough about Jim Gordon to be interested in his origin story? It's not that I don't love Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood for life!) or that I'm not looking forward to seeing what Gotham has to offer, but with so many comic book adaptations coming to TV these days, does the character of Gordon command enough attention to be successful? It's starting to feel like Fox wanted a Batman origin story, but knew that it would be silly to attempt one so soon after Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, so it went with the next best thing. 

Or maybe I'm just a little worried that Gotham might now be in danger of turning into Rugrats: Batman Edition.

How do you see Lil' Wayne fitting in to Gotham's overall story? Do you like the casting casting choice?

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