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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • A Dark Knight: No Man's Land

      Ra's and Jeremiah join forces to remold Bruce in their image, while Jim races to stop Jeremiah's bombs from exploding. Meanwhile, Barbara and Oswald join forces to take down Ra's.

    • A Dark Knight: One Bad Day

      Jim returns from apparent death to help the city as Jeremiah threatens to blow it up. Oswald has his own plan, and convinces Tabitha, Barbara, and Butch to help him.

    • A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse

      Jerome apparently leaves an after-death message sending his followers to the GCPD to celebrate his death. Meanwhile, Jim wonders what to do with a captive Lee, and Butch grows impatient with Oswald's failure to find him a cure.

    • A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond

      While Lee and Riddler go on a spree of bank robberies, Ra's returns and seeks to take the Demon's Head from Barbara... one way or another.

    • A Dark Knight: That's Entertainment

      Jerome and his allies launch a two-pronged plan for Jerome to get his revenge on Gotham. Meanwhile, Bruce celebrates his birthday with Alfred and Selina, and the League of Shadows take Barbara to Ra's' secret vault.

    • A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting

      Jerome finds out where his target is but gets captured. Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey trace Jerome, while Riddler confronts Lee in a contest of wits.

    • A Dark Knight: One of My Three Soups

      Jerome and his allies Mad Hatter and Scarecrow escape Arkham and set out to make Gotham their own. Meanwhile, the League comes after Barbara, and Bruce convinces Selina to help him find Jerome.

    • A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause

      While Jim and Harvey track down Oswald, Sofia looks for the man who can tie her to Pyg. Meanwhile, Selina feels guilty for stealing from the man that Ivy killed, and Grundy reveals that he's regained his intelligence.

    • A Dark Knight: Reunion

      While Ivy prepares to destroy all of the "poisonous" humans in Gotham, Bruce seeks Alfred's forgiveness and Lee tries to make a deal with Sofia.

    • A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

      While Ivy pursues the mysterious Project M, Bruce suffers through hallucinations caused by her toxins. Meanwhile, Sofia threatens Jim with something worse than exposure, and Jerome tries to get a smile out of Oswald.

    • All In One - West London
    • A Dark Knight: Pieces of a Broken Mirror

      A new killer strike at someone in the Narrows, and Jim tries to find out who. Meanwhile, Butch regains his memories of his old life and visits Tabitha, while Ivy gains a new look and goes to Sirens.

    • A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight

      Carmine pays a visit to Gotham to determine the situation between Sofia, Jim, and Oswald. Meanwhile, Alfred tries to stop Bruce before he spirals completely out of control, and Edward is haunted by the man who killed Kristin.

    • A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom

      While Jim tries to make a deal with Oswald concerning Sofia, Pyg lets a clue slip to his real identity and Lee's control of the Narrows increases.

    • A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

      Sofia and Oswald host a fundraiser at the orphanage, but Professor Pyg appoints himself the chef. Meanwhile, Alfred objects to Bruce's new partying lifestyle.

    • A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself

      Oswald sends the Sirens to Cherry's to bring Edward to him. However, Grundy as something to say about that... until he sees Tabitha. Meanwhile, Oswald makes a new friend, and Jim takes Harvey's place at an important police ceremony.

    • A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows

      Jim and the GCPD continue to hunt Pyg, who has abducted three cops. Thanks to some prompting from Sofia, Oswald decides to get directly involved. Meanwhile, Selina is forced to call on Tabitha for help, and Bruce meets up with some former classmates.

    • A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon

      Edward tries to buy Lee's help recovering his intelligence, and Oswald discovers that Sofia is conspiring against him. Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey try to track down Professor Pyg, a serial killer who leaves a trail of dead cops with pig masks on their heads.

    • A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path

      Edward gets a new partner when Butch emerges from his coma. Meanwhile, Sofia invites Oswald to dinner, and Bruce breaks into Blackgate to kill Ra's.

    • A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head

      Bruce tries to uncover the meaning of the dagger that he purchased. Meanwhile, Sofia tries to take back Gotham while Ra's launches an assault to get the blade.

    • A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

      While Jim tries to convince Carmine to help him take Gotham back, an unexpected ally rescues Edward from his icy imprisonment. Meanwhile, Barbara attempts to obtain an ancient knife for her benefactor.

    • 9/28/17

      Oswald makes a deal with Jim to bring in Jonathan, who is terrorizing Arkham as the Scarecrow. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Selina both receive a mysterious invitation, and Lucius gives Bruce a present.

    • 9/21/17

      A new gang in town frees Jonathan Crane and uses his father's fear gas formula to go after Oswald... who controls the city's criminal population through the issuance of "licenses". Meanwhile, Bruce continues his field training and meets Selina again.

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