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  • ''Gotham'' more like best thing since the internet

    This is the best thing on television. I mean the show was great from the first season I loved it half to death but now on season five, this show is on fire. A ten rating as an understatement for real

    I adore Gotham. I watch it all the time on Netflix. I've recently gotten my mother to watch it with me, and I rewatched it with her. She absolutely loves Oswald. We both want more seasons! #SaveGotham #GothamDeservesBetter
  • Masterpiece! Totally Underrated And I Deservingly Rate It Above Game Of Thrones And Breaking Bad . Best Tv Show I Have Ever Seen .

    I Know I Am Saying A Big Thing But I Rate Gotham Higher Than Game Of Thrones And Any Other Top Rated Shows Including Breaking Bad , Friends etc. I Know They Are Of Different Genres And Stand Out In There Respective Categories But Gotham Is A Blend Of Powerful Characters Like Penguin , The Riddler , Bruce Wayne , Alfred And Last But Not Least Jim Gordon. The Character Cast Is The Exceptional . Never Seen Such Good Actor Fit It The Demanding Roles With Such Intensity. Great Direction And Exceptional Story Writing. Gotham Is A Masterpiece. It Is Highly Underrated And Deserves Much More Awards And Rating And Hype Than Game Of Thrones. Though Game Of Throne Is Also My Favorite And An Exception Tv Show But Gotham Stands Will On Top.
  • Great, dark, gritty show!

    Great, dark, gritty show! I love it! I'm currently only on season 1 ep 19 but it's a very enjoyable show. I really like it. Lets hope the writers keep up the good work!
  • Loved The Joker

    I like how they're changing things with The Joker and introducing him to the show. I haven't seen a show with him or a proto-ver of him in ages even if Jerome is an inspiration to him, it is still great.
  • A New Twist On the Old Source Material:

    I loved the new twists on the origins and especially The Joker, they certainly aren't shy on straying from the source material in a good way of course

    The version of Victor Zazz is the best i've seen but they should go more in depth with him.

    I also liked the gang wars and possible introduction of some groups from the comics such as Red Hood, Court of Owls and what's looking like to me The League Of Shadows.

    A weak point would be the main villain of Season 2 (Can't say who for spoilers though) and some of the gang characters in the first like Marone but Falcone made up for that with his performance.
  • Hope we get more seasons

    Love the show would like to see more and a transition with a chance of batman coming to TV screens from this show.

    The other super hero shows needs to look at Gotham and bring some elements
  • Season 3 just got even better

    New characters and the gorgeous new Ivy makes this show a continued success. After I buried the new Strain, Humans, The Last Ship with their new seasons, its good to see at least Gotham got amazing direction, new cast and acting!
  • The line between good and evil is not that clear here and I love it but it's not for everyone or kids

    OK I have loved the way the show is from the start of it and wouldn't change a thing about it however the thin line between good and evil is kinda blurry at times and it can be hard to know who's for you or against you let's take for instance Celina one minute she is sweet and caring the next she is a total badass but you gotta love her Jim Gordon is clearly a good guy but has a bad temper that can get away from him at times but I love it one word of advice though I think the parental advisory is very important to follow here it's not a world for kids or the squeamish of any kind it's a very violent world and as I mentioned before the line of good and evil isn't always clear and it's easy to like and at times even root for the baddest of people in this world but I have to say that I love it and it makes for good TV
  • waiting for the bat

    On paper, this was a project I wasn't much interested in, although I'm a huge Batman fan. I mean ... another origin story so soon after Nolan's movies ? And one that would be dragged over several years ?Meaning Gordon had to do deal with future Bat-villains and either fail, or succeed and make Batman useless ? Yeah, this wasn't looking good. But, after a few episodes, the show turns out worth watching. ( I'd say "Penguin's umbrella" is the first legitimately great episode, and the first one where I told myself "yeah, THIS is Jim Gordon all right !" )

    The cast is uneven ( I don't like Pinkett's Fish, or even McKenzie's Gordon, a little wooden for my taste ), but some are great, mostly the Penguin ( creepy and unhinged, he's more Joker than Penguin, but the actor is so good I don't mind ) and the kids. Bruce and Selina are good on their own ( lil' Bruce manages to be both the smartest one in the room and still a lost child, and the actor is great at displaying flashes of the adult Bruce we know ), and great together.

    So yeah, as long as there are weird cases-of-the-week ( balloon man ! ) and engaging season-long arcs such as the Penguin's schemes ( always fun to watch ), I can wait for thee Bat-signal to shine. But not too long, please.
  • please not fish back!

    I really like the show and was very happy when fish mooney was finally out of the show. Over the top bad acting ruined the character for me. And now she is coming Back???? More Penquin and Riddler please! they are so cool!!
  • Top 5 Shows of this decade

    Not for kids , great take on batman's universe
  • Can the rating of this series be reset?


    This series has taken a huge step in season 2 compared to season 1. It is unfair for this series to be affected by the bad ratings in Season 1.

    Can the rating not be reset?

    Season 2 rocks!

    Worst DC show. Completely disregards the Comics and is a pathetic waste of time. Save yourself and Cancel this it with Constantine
  • A new high for a TV show with season 2

    This is a 10/10 show in its second season. From the writing, to the sets and the selection of characters and actors. Most TV shows would go with one or two anchor actors that would then have to pull a cast of fill-up characters, but this shows can fill entire episode with every single character being brilliantly cast and played. The form of overlapping multi-episode arc plots works great here than the typical villain of the week and also does allow to drop a side story in the middle of season. When you think about it it is very cleverly written as each episode has its own resolve and at the same time make you want more. A truly new high for a TV show in this season that has all the qualities and hallmarks of a "A" movie production. A pretty tough for all the other marvel universe tv shows that now drags behind.
  • please use caution when letting young kids watch but its spectacular

    well i must say i love this show as does my 15 year old brother however i dont recomend it for anyone under 14 'sticker age on parental advisory ' but i love selina penguin and others just be careful with violence it can get extremly brutal and even gory at times but i say try it u might like it if u can handle it
  • A pure masterpiece just be aware of brutal violence and other adult content

    Ok so I have fallen in love with this show its truly magnificent and a total fun ride to enjoy action packed fun every week I love Selina Kyle penguin and others but be forewarned this show can get pretty brutal at times its not really sutible for anyone under 14 "as the parental advisory says " it's also got some lesbian kissing wich may offend some it dosent matter if u are an adult if u are faint at heart and offended by brutal violence stay farrrrrrr farrrrrr away from this show but I and my brother 15 love it if u meet the requirements mentioned I highly recomend that u watch it
  • My Guilty Pleasure... (warning SPOILERS)

    Gotham is a fantastic show, and a great answer for all my Batman needs! I am a HUGE Batman and all around . comics fan. I grew up with Batman, regularly buy and read comics (Silver age rules!), and absolutely eat up any thing . But . in years past, has left much to be desired in Hollywood. Now they are fighting back against the mediocre, assembly line action created by Marvel with good . shows and the upcoming much anticipated movies. My favorite part of the show is watching Bruce and Alfred's relationship, and how it works along with the rise of Batman. One of my favorite moments of the whole series was when Alfred made Bruce run home from school for training, and when they found the Bat Cave. I also love watching the rise of the Penguin and the heartbreaking (yet strangely pleasing) down fall of Ed Nigma. Also, the other villains like Ivy and Harvey Dent are great too, but they hit the nail on the head in casting Cameron Bicondova as Selina Kyle. In fact, all the casting in this show is great, and I can't imagine a better job could have been done. And the cherry on top would be Gordon and Harvey's relationship. They are a great team, and their interactions with each other just give the show it's fullness! However, on the flip side, the rise of the Joker left MUCH to be desired. In my mind, there has been no better actor than Cameron Monaghan to have played the Joker (well, assumingly the Joker), so when Jerome died, I felt as if my world exploded. I get where the show is going with this, because the Joker does create this atmosphere of consuming madness where ever he goes. He IS the King of Crime, and if the embodiment of the part of crime we all secretly find pleasing: absolute and total freedom. With maybe the exception of Satan himself, he is the most well known villain in the world to the point of cults being formed in his name. There were even a string of crimes committed here recently were the criminals were wearing clown mask in the Joker's name (crazy things like robbing a McDonald's by jumping through the drive through window, giving a speech, not hurting any one, the driving away and they still haven't been caught to my knowledge). So I more than completely understand what they did, but they killed off the greatest actors to have ever played him (in my opinion), and I will not be satisfied if a final Joker doesn't rise up from the Red Hood Gang and completely dominate all the other little ones running around with equally as much "Pizzazz" as Jerome had. I also didn't like Butch losing his hand, because I absolutely LOVE him and want to keep him as a pet forever, but Penguin will be Penguin I guess. I am also waiting for the birth of Barbara Gordon. I mean, Barbara has gone off the deep end and I hate her almost as much as I do Iris on Flash and Louis Lane in the Golden age comics, and I LOVE Leslie Tompkins with all my heart, but I have NO CLUE where the writers are going with this, but it has to be soon (I also want her to have red hair BTW). But over all, this is one of my favorite shows, and I will eagerly await each release!
  • My issues with Gotham

    This program is on at 7PM in my area. It has way too much senseless violence for that time slot. I have not watched very much of the program as it is sadistically violent. I generally change channels when I realize what I am watching. In this world that is already filled with true violence, why would someone, anyone want to watch the dark horror for entertainment. It makes Stephen King movies or books look like fairy tales. There may be a place for this type programming but it is not at 7 pm where children whose TV watching can watch this violence and be even more desensitized by it than what everyday life is dishing up for them in real life. It doesnt belong in this time slot. Have we lost all respect for the innocence of childrens minds. They will be corrupted soon enough by the real crap that goes on in this world. We did fine as kids with Batman without having to see peoples heads being cut off for fun and held up to the camera dripping blood. Dont you think that is a little much for elementary age children to see or have we all in America lost our friggin minds. And we wonder where this bullying, mean kid, out of control behavior comes from. They are just repeating on the playground what they watched as "okay" behavior on TV the night before.
  • A Batman show, without batman... but it works

    Season 2: Episode 3:

    Can't believe they killed Jerome. So much Joker potential gone. The actor, Cameron Monaghan, was just brilliant. He was as great as Jack Nicholson, I mean, he gave such an amazing performance in Season 2, I wonder, he is dead, or is he?

    This is a solid show. The twists and turns of this show are delightful and surprising. Very little is to be taken for granted. Now, it's clear that any iconic character which we know already in Batman's mythos won't die.

    I mean, let's face it, if you've been a Batman comic book reader, basically, this show is really all about enriching the background of all of Batman's characters. This is well done. Characters like Fish Mooney for example, that, will die or be forgotten. But characters like Falcone, Zsasz, Cobblepot, Nygma, obviously not. Neither will Gordon, Bullock, Montoya and Allen for example.

    To enjoy this is really all about wanting to see the journey and evolution of these characters as Bruce prepares his path to eventually become Batman.

    Overall, the key actors do a splending job, by that I mean for Bruce, Gordon, Bullock, Alfred and especially Selina, the kid who plays the role has so many 'Michelle Pfeiffer' features. It's really awesome, she's acting like a catwoman.....

    The villains or would be villains are equally well chosen, Zsasz, Falcone, Cobblepot, Nygma to name a few have been very impressive.

    Obviously, this Gotham isn't at all inspired by the last trilogy from Christopher Nolan.

    In a way, this is a very good thing.

    The age of the characters will be very appropriate by the time Bruce becomes Batman.

    Anyways, I wonder how long this show will last, I mean, David Mazouz who plays Bruce can only be a kid for so long, he's currently 14 yrs old.

    Will he grow into the role? He seems pretty frail. By the time an actual 'Bruce Wayne' gets to be 18 yrs old, he's going to be tall and very athletic, as he will have been doing intense training for a few years. I wonder if they will eventually replace the kid with someone else.

    Don't get me wrong, David as Bruce is actually doing a really superb job. Just not sure if he's going to grow into the character in the later years.

    Anyways, love the show, hope it goes on strong for a while! :)
  • I like the the technology doesn't mix.

    The show is good and as well the stories in it. what I DO have a problem with is the technology in the show. Reason being is because its doesn't make any since when you have a cell phone with old antiques of decades past mixed with what is suppose to be (I believe) the 70s? Plus the big bulky monitors with typewriters. Also the decor of the show doesn't mix with the rest of the show.
  • This is genius

    capability of this show is limitless. it can go from rise of the villains and rise of the bat man to the death of the bat man. also can go for the rise of the james gorden as a batman after bat mans death. this is because of the name of the show is gotham and the way story line started. This is minimum 10 season show.
  • Gotham's Got it!

    Gotham is an American Crime Drama adaption of DC' Batman franchise developed by Bruno Heller (HBO's Rome, and CBS' Mentalist) that focuses on the timeline just after Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered, focusing on a younger James Gordon before his days as commissioner, Bruce Wayne, the origins of carious future supervillains, and the power plays of current ones.

    This has to be the best DC adapted to television show anyone has had the pleasure to witness. It hit all the buttons right across the board, thus it is not a surprise that has quite a fan following and is well regarded by other critics.

    The cinematography was brilliant; they knew how to utilize the camera for the optimum effect without going overboard, particularly with framing shots, long shots, and establishing shots. The special effects did a decent job in creating the gritty noir ambiance that is a titular trait of the fictional Gotham.

    The music was exactly what you expect from something from the Batman-verse, despite the timeline, and helped to enhance the tone of an episode or character.

    The utilization of the outfits was also effective in the visual enjoyment of the show, particularly the Penguin's slightly debonair creepy suit, the subtle nod to future Joker's outfit that Cicero wore during "The Blind Fortune Teller" (season 1 episode 16) and the gangster Fish Mooney's wacky-sexy outfits, portray the unique styles and looks of each character and also give subtle nods to the source material at the same time.

    The characters meanwhile is where the show really shined, forming them by utilizing the source material, but making them separate enough entities in and of themselves to make them unique without diverging to harshly from who they were in the comics, building each character from the comic canon into what they will later be with a refreshingly gorgeous respect for character development.

    The best of the characters would have to be Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), two antagonists that vie and clash for their own convoluted grasps for power.

    Fish Mooney is a gangster with power in the leading crime family running Gotham, a femme fatale that takes her archetype to heart and uses it as just another tool to get what she wants from those around her. She is fearless, convoluted, and is willing to play with both criminals, victims, and the law alike. Jada Picket Smith owns this character, utilizing her body movement, her facial features, and her amazing voice to portray Fish with a professional attention to the detail and dedication to the show that comes out in her performance.

    The Penguin, or Oswald Cobblepot, is a youthful underling who moves up in the ranks through guile and the occasional good old fashioned stabby-stab insanity from time to time. He has yet to develop his debonair aspect that Penguin from other Batman materials has, and he can come across as a little snively from time to time, but he utilizes his intelligence and combines it with his ambition in such a way, that as wormy as the guy is, you can't help but be fascinated by his progress into becoming the future Penguin with power we all know he was in Batman. Robin Lord Taylor like Smith for Mooney, utilizes his body movement, facial, expressions, and voice to project the character's personality well, merging with the penguin look and making it a part of himself as he portrays the character, adding just a touch of sinister naivet at times.

    Finally we look at the other great strength of the show, the story, and boy is it good! Using the Death of the Waynes, which in the comics was briefly explained catalyst for Bruce becoming Batman, and turning it into this primary story arc of conspiracy was a smart move on part of the show's writers. The conspiracy is well paced, just the right amount of mystery and twists, drawing in the various main characters in this domino effect of action and reaction. Which is what a main overarching story arc should be, particularly with this story's premise.

    The other arcs that run through the season centering specific characters outside of the Wayne murders are also interesting, convoluted, and well-paced. Each character has well defined motives, and each is challenged in different ways, making or breaking the characters as the show progresses. For example, Gordon's challenge in morality and his definition of duty to the law, you can see the personal struggle of this central protagonist as he treads that personal and political edge, what you need for a main protagonist. With antagonists like Penguin, you see his rise, his failures and his victories to become the supervillain he is in the source material, yet still rough enough around the edges to leave plenty of room for more development. Fish Mooney's arc is the best of the lot watching how her maneuverings and manipulations both win for her and lose for her. Every episode that centers on her are always the most riveting to watch because you never really know what to expect.

    The individual episode arcs (some running for 2-3 episodes), were fascinating little origin stories into characters from the Batman Rouges gallery primarily (Joker and the Scarecrow for example), as well as introducing themes such as vigilantism in its proto stages into Gotham, even details like Detective Bullock's keen antagonism towards to Batman in the source material explained through his experiences with The Spirit of the Goat (Episode 6) and The Red Hood Gang (episode 17).

    Overall this was an enjoyable first season, a definite grade A start and then some, setting up the players, the plot for the following seasons, yet stands on its own in strength. It makes one excited to see what awaits them in the next season to come.
  • Better without Batman

    This is a detailed, fascinating look at regular cops trying to battle soon to be super bad guys. Why is it that the show grinds to a halt whenever young Batman is on the screen. Commisioner Gordon is the true super hero here.
  • Dawn of the Super Villains!

    I found the season finale quite satisfactory. Fish Mooney and most of Gotham's other underworld figures are wiped out and The Penguin and The Riddler look set to take over (I think Falcone deserved to die also). I can't help but feel sorry for Barbara Keene, her story is indeed a tragedy. As for Selena Kyle this episode really shows her to be no good and I can't imagine why young Bruce Wayne would even waste his time chasing after her. In the last scene we do at least get a look at what I would think is the Bat Cave. I will certainly be buying this on DVD when available and I look forward to more episodes this coming fall.
  • Show Summary Update needed.

    "Explores the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon. He is still a detective but he has yet to meet Batman and the villains who made Gotham City so is not totally accurate.

    Gordon does meet Batman, as a young Bruce Wayne. And he does meet Penguin, Riddler, and Cat Woman, all as their younger selves before they became known by their famous nicknames.
  • This town deserves a better class of criminal

    I thought it was an excellent finale. I called fish dying by penguins hand from day one. The whole mob war chaos made for enjoyable television. I thought it was poetic really. With Falcone retired,maroni and fish dead and penguin the new king, it means that the age of the supervillain has come to gotham.

    I did feel bad for riddler. I knew that kringle was going to be the cause of his decent into lunacy

    I havent felt bad for barbara since early in the season though I thought it was a good twist to turn her into a delusional nut that killed her parents.

    Season 2 is going to be fun
  • Rating is no surprise, but it's the best show

    Everything about this show is perfect: the story, acting, screenplay, going to be canceled, no doubt. It isn't exactly mainstream, that's the problem. I hope to see more of the same actors. Taylor - I've never seen this actor before, but he is absolutely fantastic as Penguin. By far my favorite character. But the whole cast is amazing. I was at first appalled at the 7.7 rating here on but then-what did I expect?? It will share the fate of the most of the best shows on TV: Firefly, Life, Rubicon....
  • Jeez ...

    Gotham isn't a superhero show.. It's and origins/ detective crime show centered around Gordon, not Bruce wayne.. He's barely out of junior high... I dig it because it reminds me of those oldschool pulp comics from the 1930s, with villains from batman before they became notorious.. Take it for what it is ..
  • Why Gotham doesn't quite work, but would if it weren't called "Gotham"

    Gotham is not quite doing it for me as "Gotham".

    And I feel that the sole reason it is not working as well is due to it's link with DC Comics.

    Tell the story of two high profile socialites suspiciously murdered, the aftermath in the business and underground world following that, the effect it has on their only child, add a side story of the rise of a by-the-book cop in a corrupt department but have none of the names and places that have it fall under a DC property, and you have yourself a decent little crime show.

    But the moment you add the expectations of what the characters must become to have them be what we all know and love in the comics, then you have a very very thin layer of ice to walk on when it comes to doing the Gotham side of the DC Universe justice (hehe justice).

    As a concept, a Prequel to the Batman mythos sounds great, I was keen.

    This however failed to deliver.

    I realise that this series openly said that this will be its very own telling, things will change to be separate in some cases to allow the show to be in it's own world, but the amount of UNNECESSARY (<
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