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    • Gaming and Cooking Tech
      Gaming and Cooking Tech
      Episode 08.03.2010
      Check out cutting-edge gaming systems, high-tech cookware, useful gadgets for moms and a charging station that hides your messy power cords.
    • Online Travel Tips, Hair Help, Bid On The City, Teched-Out Cars
      This week on Gotta Know, planning a honeymoon should be fun, but it can also be time-consuming and stressful. Get online travel tips for romantic getaways. Then, Hairstylist Diane D'Agostino provides the high-tech help you need to avoid bad hair days! Next up, learn about an exclusive online real estate auction. Finally, gear up for the latest teched-out cars at the 2010 Auto Show.moreless
    • Home Improvement Help, Tech for Grandparents, At-Home Beauty Gadgets, Soap Entrepreneurs
      This week on Gotta Know, helps you keep your home improvement project on track and under budget. Then, grandparents don't always love technology -- so learn about some easy-to-use gadgets that will bring them into the 21st century! Next, Makeup Artist Michelle Champagne shares high-tech solutions to get the bikini body you've always wanted. Finally, Heidi Jones introduces the entrepreneurs at Carved Solutions, a soap business that has found success on the web.moreless
    • Sleep Tips, Wild and Wacky Gadgets, Chocolate Making, Handheld Gadgets
      This week on Gotta Know, Web MD makes a house call with tips for getting a good night's sleep. Then, join "Gadget Nation" author Steve Greenberg and check out some wild and wacky gadgets for people and their pets. Next up, we go behind the scenes of high-tech, gourmet chocolate making. Finally, learn how to take your handheld gadgets to the next level -- explore cutting-edge tech like a remote control with a TV built in.moreless
    • Skin Care Gadgets, Painting Help, Sleep, Flexible Keyboard, Candela Candles
      Many people are on a quest for younger, fresher-looking skin. This week on Gotta Know, learn about high-tech treatments that you can do at home! Then, painting is a great way to give your room a facelift, but choosing the right paint and color can be overwhelming. Get online help from Benjamin Moore and spruce up your home! And, find out how technology can save you from sleepless nights. Finally, check out some cool new gadgets like a flexible keyboard and flaming artificial candles.moreless
    • Facebook Safety Tips, Mr. Tod's Pie Factory, Fun Fitness Gadgets, Spy Gear for Kids
      Facebook isn't just a trend -- it's part of our culture, with over 400 million users. Steve Rubel, senior vice president at Edelman Digital, joins Heidi to share some Facebook safety tips. Then on Gotta Know, we have the sweet story of success from a man who loves his pies -- Tod Wilson of Mr. Tod's Pie Factory. Next up, find out about the latest fun fitness gadgets that will keep you on track! Finally, check out some spy gear for the young secret agents in your life.moreless
    • The Foodpod & Chef Richard Blais, Tech Etiquette from socialsklz:-), High-Tech Flower Power & A Car Charger
      Heidi Jones shares the gadget of the week: the foodpod, which saves you time when boiling, steaming and draining food. Then, Chef Richard Blais introduces the sous vide culinary technique to help you make your food taste like it was cooked in a fine restaurant! The home water oven will cook your food perfectly, with very little cleanup. Next, "socialsklz:-)" offers classes in tech etiquette so that your kids can brush up on manners in a world where teens and tweens are more comfortable interacting via text messaging or social media. Finally, Gotta Know showcases two handy gadgets: a plant sensor that collects environmental data and gives you advice on gardening, and a car charger for those times you're stuck on the side of the road.moreless
    • Unisex Toiletry Tips, Money and Energy-Saving Gadgets, S.A.T. Tips for Teens, High-Tech Car Safety Features
      Are too many toiletries filling up your precious cabinet space? provides tips on unisex products. Then on Gotta Know, learn about money and energy-saving gadgets. Next, remember taking the S.A.T. test? We'll hear how kids today are looking to for answers. Finally, check out the latest high-tech bells and whistles for the family car!moreless
    • Working From Home Online, Environmentally-Friendly Tech Products, Keeping Children Safe Online, Hi-tech Footwear: No Gym Required!
      If you've ever considered working from home, get some tips about online opportunities from jobs expert Tory Johnson. Then, we visit the Green Products Expo to check out hi-tech, environmentally-friendly products like ceramic cookware and a home composter. Next, lean what software can best help you keep your children safe online. Finally, leave the gym behind and get a workout just by wearing hi-tech sneakers!moreless
    • Music Technology & Artist BT, Tech Accessories, Tongue Controlled Wheelchairs, Fine Chocolates Online
      Heidi Jones ventures to Macworld 2010! First, she chats with renowned producer and artist BT about how he is using technology to change the music industry. Then, she checks out some cool gadgets and accessories, like a handheld scanner, customizable iPhone cases and a solar-powered phone charger. Next, learn about new technology that enables the disabled to control wheelchairs, computers or other wireless-enabled devices using their tongues. Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, Jacques Torres joins Heidi to discuss how his fine chocolate business has grown online.moreless
    • Online Parenting Resources and, The Latest, Greatest Video Games, Reliable Financial Planning Websites, Gadgets Galore at the 2010 Toy Fair
      Expecting parents have lots of questions, and these days they are turning to the Internet for answers. Heidi Jones introduces the website, which provides resources before, during and after pregnancy. Then, tech expert Nick Thompson takes a look at popular video games that aren't just for kids and couch potatoes. Plus, there are thousands of websites that help you manage your finances online -- find out which ones are the most reliable and easy to use. Finally, we head to the 2010 Toy Fair to discover fun gadgets like the TV hat -- a virtual theater you can wear anywhere -- and robotic bugs.moreless
    • Emergency Preparedness Gadgets, Instant Movies, Businesses Online, Designer Dish Gloves
      Heidi Jones introduces you to gadgets that you can use in case of an emergency. Then, pull out the popcorn! It's movie time at home with tech expert Nick Thompson of Wired magazine, who shares the best new ways to watch and stream movies in the comfort of your home. Next, we bring you free online advertising tips that can help you generate buzz for your small business! Finally, learn about a designer dish glove company that's generating dollars and suds with the help of the Internet.moreless
    • Travel Gadgets, Online Resources for Learning Disabilities, Home Soda Maker, Exploring WebMD
      Before you plan your next vacation, learn about the latest travel websites and gadgets with Heidi Jones and Nick Thompson. Then, if you know someone with a learning disability or have questions, the National Center for Learning Disabilities and its website can help. Next, forget buying sodas from the store -- we found a cool gadget at the Green Expo that allows you to make soda at home! Finally, explore health tips and advice online with
    • Smart Phones, Lost Pets, Job Connections, Gift Fair
      Find out what smart phone is right for you! Explore the differences between today's popular phones and their costs. Then, check out a website that can help pet owners find their lost animals. Next, learn about an organization that helps women reenter the workforce, and discover websites that can help you find employment. Finally, we search out the hottest trends in gifts at the 2010 New York International Gift Fair.moreless
    • Cupcakes Online, Distracted Driving, Mommy Bloggers, Online Entrepreneurs
      First, the Internet makes it easy to satisfy your cupcake cravings, as Crumbs Bake Shop has shown. And, we'll take a look at how moms are using the tools of social media and using their growing virtual power personally, commercially and politically. Then, learn about the dangers of distracted driving, and why your glove compartment may be the perfect place for your cell phone. Finally, we'll explore an online business that offers you a cuddly boost when using crutches!moreless
    • Cheese Online, Weddings and the Web, Cashing in on Twitter, The iPad
      First, cheese lovers across the country are celebrating as specialty stores grow their online business. Then, learn what every bride should know about weddings and the web. Next, find out how to cash in on Twitter by launching your own career! Finally, we'll tell you everything you gotta know about the iPad.moreless
    • Beauty Products, Personal Finances Online
      Heidi Jones starts off by showing you professional, hi-tech beauty products that are now available at home. Then, learn how technology is changing the way we manage our personal finances and the best ways to budget online. Next, find out about the latest in gadgets for moms and babies. Finally, set sail with us and check out the latest trends in boating!moreless
    • Relationships, Social Gaming
      Heidi Jones explores people's view of love in the 21st Century, as technology becomes more and more influential. Then, discover how social gaming has become a popular way of interacting with others online. Next, find out how a new form of technology is helping children with autism. Also, a new study about kids and media use may shock you.moreless
    • Rent the Runway, EZ Pass
      Rent the Runway, EZ Pass
      Episode 02.03.10
      Heidi Jones explores 'Rent the Runway,' a website that lets you save money by renting designer clothes online. Then, learn how to make traveling and commuting a little easier with the EZ Pass, an electronic toll system. Next, find out how technology can help out the visually impaired in everyday life, with gadgets like electronic readers and talking watches. Finally, go behind the scenes of a cyber tournament where student hackers are going head to head in competition.moreless
    • Kitchen Gadgets, Blogging Basics
      This week on Gotta Know, learn about gadgets that will help you whip up delicious meals in the kitchen! Then, have you ever wanted to start a blog? Find the easiest ways to start and customize your own blog. Next, resident tech expert Nick Thompson walks you through the differences between several kinds of headsets, explaining how you can get the best sound. Finally, we explore "Improv Everywhere," a website and comedy collective that strives to bring laughter to public places, and online!moreless
    • Workout Gadgets, Warehouse Deals
      Learn about hi-tech tools that make working out easier, and more fun! Then, get some insider's secrets on how to get the best deals at warehouse stores. Plus, electronic gifts don't have to be expensive -- we share a handful of fun gadgets that won't break your budget! Finally, explore with editor Heather Dale.moreless
    • Homework Help, Travel Savings, 'Golden Years' Gadgets, Music Application
      Robin Raskin shows host Heidi Jones some great websites that are helpful when the kids are doing homework. Becky Worley shares advice on when to buy the cheapest airline ticket. Our resident tech expert, Nick Thompson, shares great gadgets for the Golden Years and we'll talk with the founder of the website, My Parents Were Awesome. We'll also check out some music gadgets for kids.moreless
    • Online Diet Resources, Gadgets For Men
      Heidi Jones talks to Heather Cabot from Yahoo about how the internet can help us keep in shape. Then we'll check out Hammacher Schlemmer -- the gadget lover's playground. Nick Thompson gives us the ins-and-outs of online social networking and technology for babies! Plus, check out a new and fun pet-friendly gonzo gadget.moreless
    • Hi-Tech Fashions, Stop and Shop Grocery
      Check out the latest hi-tech fashions. And, find out more about a supermarket that makes it faster and easier for shoppers. Plus, get some tips for buying a digital camera. Finally, learn more about hi-tech workouts with Janet Lee from Shape magazine.
    • Pet Gadgets
      Pet Gadgets
      Episode 01.10.10
      Dan Ackerman comes into the studio to show host Heidi Jones and her pup, Oliver, some helpful pet gadgets. Then we take to the road while Mike Austin shows us his hi-tech car gadgets, everything from devices that will help us send emails while driving to gadgets that help us show fellow drivers how you really feel. Our resident tech expert, Nick Thompson, goes over all we gotta know about e-readers and we'll hear from Skype Expert Jamie Sorcher about the basics of Skyping.moreless