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Grace Under Fire

ABC (ended 1998)


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Grace Under Fire

Show Summary

After divorcing her abusive, alcoholic husband and recovering from her own alcoholism, Grace tries to rebuild her life and protect her children from making the same mistakes. Against this serious backdrop, this show is actually a comedy, finding humor in the relationships between Grace and her co-workers at the oil refinery, her neighbors Wade and Nadine, Russell Norton, the bachelor pharmacist, and her ex-husband Jimmy and his odd-ball family. In Germany, the show is known simply as Grace.

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  • Peggy Rea

    Peggy Rea

    Jean Kelly

    Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Russell Norton

    Tom Poston

    Tom Poston

    Mr. Norton

    Casey Sander

    Casey Sander

    Wade Swoboda

    Kaitlin Cullum

    Kaitlin Cullum

    Elizabeth Louise "Libby" Kelly

    Alan Autry

    Alan Autry

    Rick Bradshaw

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    • Great show.

      Love the realness of it but still having it be very funny.
    • One word:

    • Show of things

      Grace Under Fire, - Grace Under Fire was about a reguler family living life in the time they lived the 90's. Dealing with regular problems of family and life. Nothing different that works with different shows. But like other mother leads on different shows in this time it actually felt like they were a problematic family that had problems but still felt like a family. I caught a few episodes after the show ended and it still makes sence and still fits with how life is lived in todays world. And that's what made the show work and it's short life.moreless
    • the story of a woman just trying to survive life with her 3 kids and abusive, alcoholic ex-husband she dates and works at an oil refinery. But all and all she just tries to live life normally.moreless

      I love this shows I have to wach it every day. I really like brett butler. I think she is a great actress and comedienne. I like the episodes when she's dating Rick Bradshaw because he is funny and serious at the same time. I love that she constantly calls herself a tramp and a slut. I am so upset that I can't get the season on dvd. I think that is totally unfair. I wish I could be just like Grace. She is funny and outspoken and always has a good comeback. I just wish it wasn't over I wish it would comback or I wish I could meet hermoreless
    • Brett Butler is the Roseanne for the nineties.

      Grace Under Fire is a show about a woman named Grace Kelly. She was a divorcee who was abused by her husband, because he was an alcoholic. She had three children Patrick, Quentin and Libby. Grace tries to protect her children from making the same mistakes as she did. Grace found humor in the relationships between her co-workers at the oil refinery, and her neighbors Wade and Nadine. This show was very witty and very humorous, to bad it ended after only five years.moreless

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