Grace Under Fire

Season 4 Episode 18

Birthin' Babies

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Grace and Rob return home from their date, they are on the front porch smooching and Rob is debating wether or not to come in and meet the kids. Libby is peeking at the window, and is shooed away by Nadine and told to get ready for bed. Nadine takes over on "spy duty" peeking outside while Grace & Rob smooch. Wade interrupts her as he needs to leave for an undercover assignment. Grace finally convinces Rob to go inside, and as they do Grace calls for the kids. As Patrick and Libby rush down the stairs Libby informs Grace that something is wrong with Nadine. She got sick while getting Patrick ready for bed. Nadine makes her way downstairs and announces that she's having the baby NOW. She asks Grace to page Wade, and shortly after she does, a pager beebs inside Nadines purse. Grace takes charge and gets Nadine ready to go to the hospital leaving Rob to watch the kids. Shortly after their arrival to the hospital Nadine's pain worsens, and to comfort her, Grace reminices about her deliveries and flashes back to being pregnant with Quentin. At the time, Nadine is there with Grace waiting on her hand and foot, and Jimmy is nowhere to be found. He finally arrives with a new present for the baby...a 10 speed bike, followed by a wagon loaded with brand new toys. Grace comments that there was no way Jimmy could have paid for the $500.00 worth of toys sitting in front of them, and police cars arrive with lights flashing. Grace then flashes to a memory of her and new baby Quentin in the county jail visiting brand new daddy Jimmy. Another one of Nadines contractions brings Grace back to present time. Grace calls Jimmy and asks him to help find Wade. and again attempts to reassure Nadine by reliving Libby's birth. Grace flashes back to her pregnancy with Libby and is seen calling Nadine for help. She's in labor, and again, Jimmy is nowhere to be found. Nadine rushes to Grace's side and as they prepare to leave for the hospital, Jimmy shows up...intoxicated and ready for opening day of hunting season. Nadine and Grace convince Jimmy that he must accompany them to the Hospital instead. Nadine's contraction's worsen and good friend Grace reminds her that it is she that wanted the "natural childbirth". Grace tries to help Nadine focus on her breathing by having her look at a picture of Patrick. She then relives the moment of Patricks birth and flashes back to a scene of herself checking in to the hospital alone. Nadine arrives shortly after and askes where Jimmy is. Grace admits that she hasn't seen him in days and is leaving him. Nadine agree's to fill in as "Mr. Kelly" and Grace tells her to "get a vasectomy 'cause I'm sick of this". They return to reality as the nurse lets Nadine know that she is almost fully dialated and ready to deliver. Nadine decides that she has changed her mind about having the baby because she is too "flakey". She rants to Grace that between her 4 husbands and constantly changing hairstyles, she's never had anything constant in her life. Grace lovingly reminds her that's not true as she points out "you and me". Nadine smiles and Jimmy busts into the hopital room yelling "they're in here". Wade rushes to Nadine's side just in time. The nurses wheel Nadine away to delivery and Grace asks Jimmy how he managed to find Wade. He explains that when Grace told him Wade was staking out someone for stolen auto parts, he knew it was "Eddie Shortfingers". Grace tells Jimmy that what he did was really good, and Jimmy explains that a man should be there for the birth of his children, because if he wasn't, a "real daddy would regret it". The show ends with new mommy & daddy Nadine and Wade checking out of the hospital with their beautiful baby girl, aunt Grace right beside them.
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