Grace Under Fire

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Sep 29, 1993 on ABC

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  • Grace Kelly is a newly divorced woman with 3 kids under her, must deal with life as a single mother with 3 kids and bills to pay. Thus she gets a job as a blue-collar job working at an Oil Refinery.

    Grace Under Fire was an exceptional show, and this pilot episode showcases that originality and exceptionality. Though the character of Quentin is played by a different actor (only in this episode), the meaning of the episode and its thematic impressions do not change. Grace Kelly is newly divorced mother of 3, her ex-husband Jimmy abused her physically as well as emotionally, causing her to leave him and seek the divorce. Also the problem of his alcoholism did not help out the situation and Grace did not want her children to ever find out that their father hit their mother. However, in the end of this episode, it made quite clear that Quentin tells Grace that he knew about the abuse, causing the two to bond and cry as Grace never wanted her son to find out that "secret." Libby, her daughter, has no idea neither does the baby Patrick. This image of Quentin knowing Grace's deepest secret allows for an outlet and a bond to be formed that only they can share. Grace must get a job to support her family, so she enters the male-dominated world of working at an oil-refinery. Much to the liking of her co-workers she fits right in with the blue-collar crowd. Her neighbor is her best friend Nadine and her fourth husband Wade. Lastly, pharmacist Russel Norton is introduced as the comic relief character and does a superb job in an other wise doleful part.