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ABC (ended 1998)


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  • One of the best sitcoms of the 90's.

    'Grace Under Fire' follows the life of Grace Kelly, a former alcoholic who has left her abusive husband. She tries to balance work, her three children and rebuilding her life while her past actions are constantly brought up reminding her of where she came from. Her relateable struggles, quick comebacks, supportive friends and open door to anyone needing to talk made her home a place you wanted to stop by to vent your issues.

    The series follows Grace taking whatever jobs she can to keep the bills paid while juggling attempts at relationships. Her high school best friend/neighbor Nadine is always available to help out. Nadine's husband Wade is a military vet who loves to tell stories about it when not modeling clay. Russell, a divorced pharmacist, goes on a single date with Grace before they realize they would make much better friends (who can verbally bash their exes together). Grace's kids are Quentin, a troublemaker who wants to idolize his father Jimmy but also has memories of the abuse his mother endured; Libby, academically perfect, optimistic but stresses when Grace is stressed; and Patrick, whose birth is what finally encourages Grace to leave Jimmy. Recurring characters include Vic and Dougie; who work with Grace at the oil refinery; Faith, Grace's older sister; Jimmy, Grace's ex; Jean, Jimmy's religous mom and Grace's ex-mother-in-law who defends her son in everything but trashes Grace when possible; Floyd, Russell's womanizing father who reconnects with his son by going to work alongside him at the pharmacy. Over the course of the show they covered alcoholism, domestic abuse, money troubles, family drama, adoption, infertility, divorce, bad co-workers, dysfuntional neighbors, regrets, ambitions but with small town humor anchored by Grace's southern attitude.

    Unfortunately, what made the show entertaining was also what slowly spoiled it. Grace's perseverance and struggling finally does what it is supposed to, as she is eventually able to graduate from college and seek better employment, alienating her blue collar fan base. Jimmy was an unseen villain during season one, but when he was finally introduced in season two there was a slow build of redemption to where Grace actually apoligizes to him in season four for how she treated him when he was abusing her. Nadine and Wade's marriage is always struggling, as when one of them wants something the other doesn't. And when one finally gets what they claim to want, something else goes wrong to make one or both unhappy. Once Russell breaks up with Faith in season two, his character flounders and no longer serves a function, so Floyd is introduced for him to have someone to interact with. Then there were behind the scenes problems, where Brett Butler's recurring drug problems led to shortened seasons, the departure of two cast members and the network pulling the plug during the fifth year.
  • Great show.

    Love the realness of it but still having it be very funny.
  • One word:

  • Show of things

    Grace Under Fire, - Grace Under Fire was about a reguler family living life in the time they lived the 90's. Dealing with regular problems of family and life. Nothing different that works with different shows. But like other mother leads on different shows in this time it actually felt like they were a problematic family that had problems but still felt like a family. I caught a few episodes after the show ended and it still makes sence and still fits with how life is lived in todays world. And that's what made the show work and it's short life.
  • the story of a woman just trying to survive life with her 3 kids and abusive, alcoholic ex-husband she dates and works at an oil refinery. But all and all she just tries to live life normally.

    I love this shows I have to wach it every day. I really like brett butler. I think she is a great actress and comedienne. I like the episodes when she's dating Rick Bradshaw because he is funny and serious at the same time. I love that she constantly calls herself a tramp and a slut. I am so upset that I can't get the season on dvd. I think that is totally unfair. I wish I could be just like Grace. She is funny and outspoken and always has a good comeback. I just wish it wasn't over I wish it would comback or I wish I could meet her
  • Brett Butler is the Roseanne for the nineties.

    Grace Under Fire is a show about a woman named Grace Kelly. She was a divorcee who was abused by her husband, because he was an alcoholic. She had three children Patrick, Quentin and Libby. Grace tries to protect her children from making the same mistakes as she did. Grace found humor in the relationships between her co-workers at the oil refinery, and her neighbors Wade and Nadine. This show was very witty and very humorous, to bad it ended after only five years.
  • I missed Grace when it was on. I LOVE it! I want more! Bring it back!!!

    I didn\'t get to see Grace Under Fire when it was running and I regret that! The value, for me, was the role modeling: having examples of how to face adversity in single mother living with humor and clarity. The use of humor for entertainment also had a possibly unforseen side effect of the use of humor for teaching. Grace is the main character who courageously, and with wit, becomes the head of household who is working her \"program\" and raising her kids on her own. The writing was great, the characters were developed, the tempo was fast, the situations believable - and all of this combined to make a truly enjoyable show. Bring it back!
  • Reeel Life meets real life.

    This was an absoluterly fabulous show. I watch it when I can find it even though I have seen all of them before. Brett Butler is very funny and truly tells it like it is for single moms everywhere. The cast are all etraordinary actors and bring their roles to life. I don\'t know why they decided to end this program but I wish they had resonsidered. There is not anything on now that even comes close to being as real life as this show was. If you can\'t bring it back at least put it on more stations. BRING IT BACK!
  • Another decent "Blue Collar" comedy from the 80's.

    Another decent "Blue Collar" comedy from the 80's. Brett Butler (the female comedian, not the male baseball player) was in the title role as Grace Kelly. She was a divorced mother working in a factory. grace was pretty good in this role. She was having problems with Alchohol abuse during this time so she was rumored to be hard to work with. The rest of the cast was pretty good nd included Casey Sander as Wade Swoboda, Lauren Tom as Dot, Tom Poston as Mr. Norton, Dave Thomas (of SCTV fame) as Russell Norton, Peggy Rea as Jean Kelly, Julie White as Nadine Swoboda, Alan Autry as Rick Bradshaw, Kaitlin Cullum as Elizabeth Louise "Libby" Kelly and Cole Sprouse as Patrick Kelly. a pretty decent comedy over all.
  • Grace Under Fire is a great show about real life and the issues that women face every single day. Beautifully written.

    This is one of the best shows I personally have ever watched. Being a strugling single mother raising kids, I think this show is a wonderful indicator of how I and most sinle mothers have to look at life and deal with all the issues that life throughs at us. Grace is a wonderful example of just how strong women are, and how far we have come. I would like to see more women like Grace in real life, married and single. All women can take from this character and apply it to her on personal life.
    Way to go.
  • Grace is a woman who is struggling to make ends meet after a divorce, with crazy friends and 3 children.

    I have watched this show for years. It is hilarious show helped by Grace's sarcatic comments and her children's (including Nadine and Wade) school and marital problems. I hope that this show is never taken off air, at least not until after a season boxed set, and Bret Butler will always remain sarcastic
  • Grace is a woman with problems. She has never denied that, but rather than let her past trap her, she laughs at it and used laughter and sarcasm to make her way through each day of her difficult life.

    Grace is a woman with problems. She has never denied that, but rather than let her past trap her, she laughs at it and used laughter and sarcasm to make her way through each day of her difficult life. As a divorced recovering alcoholic with three children, Grace fights hard for everything she has and will do whatever it takes to support her kids. Luckily, she has gathered a great support network of friends along the way. The show is enjoyable to watch with just the right combination of humor and drama. The main point, life isn't pretty, but it is what you make of it. And Grace makes a lot of what little is given to her.
  • i love this show.

    the story is about Grace and her family. After divorcing her abusive, alcoholic husband and recovering from her own alcoholism, Grace tries to rebuild her life and protect her children from making the same mistakes. Against this serious backdrop, this show is actually a comedy, finding humor in the relationships between Grace and her co-workers at the oil refinery, her neighbors Wade and Nadine, and Russel Norton, the bachelor pharmacist.
    I just find the remarks Grace makes really funny and the grace-jean thing is hilarious .
    The cast is super , i totally adore the sprouse twins and jon paul steuer /later replaced by sam horrigan, who both played in the movie little giants.
  • Riveting, funny show. Even when I was younger, I remember being glued to the TV. Shows a strong, independent woman.

    I can remember watching this show when I was younger and I was just thinking about it the other day. Grace, the strong independent woman, raising her kids after hitting what seemed to be rock bottom. Grace gets out of a bad situation (divorcing her husband) and starting a whole new life for herself. The somewhat protective mother kind of shows women today that even if they hit a low in their life, and think they can't overcome it and build a new life, it is possible. And even when I was younger, I could understand the humor in this show. A-