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Graceland S02E03: "Tinker Bell"

After so much backstabbing and sneaking around and lying prevalent at the end of Graceland's freshman season, as well as in the first two episodes of sophomore year, it was a little surprising (and kind of a nice relief) to get away from the angst and just indulge in a straightforward mission—one that will clearly have a lasting effect on this season's story. 

But first: a counterpoint to DJ's sad, sad, sad realization that he can't have a life with his son after all and in fact, the kid has no idea who he is. Opting to indulge in that old standby—drinking the feelings away—DJ's angstfest ended up being a spot of needed levity to the larger angstfest that is Graceland itself. Almost getting his face blown off when he snuck his schwasted ass into the house to reclaim his old room, DJ spent half the episode sleeping it off and drooling on stuff and the other half-day drinking on the job with one of those scowls that means the drinking isn't working and the feelings are still there and OMG GET THEM OFF ME GET THEM OFF. 

Even Mike's lecturing dad routine seemed to be played for mild laughs as much as also illustrating what a delightful square he is these days. (He needs to ditch the DC girlfriend and just chase Paige the whole time. She's the key to showcasing a personality that isn't classified.)

"Tinker Bell" also featured some professional role reversals for Briggs and Johnny, with sunshine personified Johnny finally getting just a touch of the darkness that makes his housemates cynical about the best-worst job ever. They grow up so fast.

The first two episodes of Graceland's second season built on the foundation laid in Season 1 with Charlie's guilt front and center, Briggs' ongoing thirst for revenge, and Mike's newly won leadership role that, even though I knock him for being a tool all the time, he doesn't seem entirely comfortable with. Everything Mike does, he does with the intent to get back to the DC offices. That single goal takes precedent over everything else in Mike's life (you know, until the thing between he and Paige heats up some more) and his company man routine is born out of what he perceives to be necessary to maintain order in the house. Without order, you get the breakdown that came last season, with no one capable of trusting anyone else and turning what should have been a safe haven for the agents assigned to the house into a very dangerous place. 

At the same time, however, illustrated by Mike's decision to keep drunken DJ in the house over the more personable and (at the moment) professional new guy, Mike still wants to be an intimate part of the house. He wants to be accepted. He wants to be friends with the housemates but he understands that in his position, that could turn into a serious conflict. Just look at everything that went down last season and how easy it was to manipulate each other based on the assumption that everyone was friends and would never, ever intentionally compromise or exploit that. This show is like the most elaborate PSA against workplace fraternization ever. 

Anyway, the case: Tracking down drug mules with Tinker Bell backpacks. Briggs briefly fumbled some undercover details and got Paige stabbed in the hand. Paige subsequently bonded with one of the girls smuggling for the cartel because so far, Paige has generally escaped the damage that plagues everyone else in Graceland having not accidentally gotten anyone killed yet. 

Graceland, like Wednesday-night partner Suits, is on hiatus until July 9 because FREEDOM and irresponsibly-used illegally-acquired fireworks and stomach cancer on a bun and more freedom and stuff. 


– LOL Mike preaching about insubordination.

– Paige's ditzy hippie chick drug dealer undercover persona is so much fun. 

– Do you agree with Mike's decision to keep DJ around?

What did you think of "Tinker Bell"?

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