Season 1 Episode 7

Goodbye High

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2013 on USA

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  • Graceland.

    So we find out that Briggs went undercover a few years ago and ended up in Mexico against orders to meet up with one of his CI's. As it turns out Briggs finds Benito dead and Briggs is taken by the Cartel and they start shooting him up with smack. So for two weeks Briggs was high as a kite and then one day they just let him go and left a needle there for one for the road. Say i believe this story which i did in the beginning and Mike really believed it, to the point he tells Badillo everything that happened to Briggs and Badillo says to Mike then we'll help him. As for Charlie coming clean to everyone in Graceland about what she did, i support her choice to do so and if Briggs has a problem with that, (Tough). Isn't that what Graceland is all about, family and watching out for each others back, so why does Briggs have a major problem with that. When Charlie was at Briggs' is other apartment and she tried to open the closet doors but there were locked, what was Briggs hiding in there, his secret stash. At the end when Bello wants to meet Odin and Briggs tells him that he is Odin and conveniently Briggs' watch goes silent and then makes the deal and tells Bello (Just Keep This Between Me and You). When Charlie approaches Briggs and says where's Odin and Briggs says no show (Really). Well we will find out in Two weeks. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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