Season 1 Episode 3

Heat Run

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2013 on USA

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  • Graceland.

    Well i was expecting more from this episode, but it wasn't that bad, Lauren basically screwed up the investigation. But it was Briggs that planted the GPS tracking device under her car, but Mike found out and the trail lead straight back to Briggs. I also agree with Briggs that Lauren jeopardized the whole operation and put Graceland in risk of being exposed and we cant have that. What Charlie did for Whistler was a really good thing with the cheque, but i knew wasn't going to happen, he took the money and ran (Which I Guess You Would Do If You Were A Meth Head). So the big investigation into Briggs is about how much money he should take in, but Briggs makes more money than he takes in. Thats the big investigation (I Like How Briggs Gets The Job Done). Have to say Mike is getting on my nerves (The Sugar High From Mike Is Making My Teeth Fall Out). Good Episode. Need More Action Please.
  • Goodbye Lauren, Hello Abby

    Scottie Thompson makes her final appearance on the show as a member of the Graceland crew as Lauren's obsession with taking down the Russians leads her to lie to Briggs and the team and puts everyone in danger. Although too high strung, I'll miss Lauren as a member of the group.

    Vanessa Ferlito gets her own B-story here as Charlie is forced to cut-off a nice but untrustworthy CI with a meth addiction. Despite her best attempts to leave him with a safety net, Charlie isn't surprised when the man screws it up. Although it feels a little out of the place, the episode manages to weave the themes of this story into the larger Lauren story in the final few minutes.

    This episode continues to set the Paige/Mike relationship. I like that it's Paige who is responsible for Mike meeting Abby, a Georgetown Law graduate and presumably Mike's love interest for this first season.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine Review
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