Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2013 on USA

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  • I should end this on an unfinished sentence and see how you like it!!

    OK, so the episode was enjoyable, but I surprised at how quickly and easily everything was resolved - left me wanting a whole lot more from a season finale. But I think my harshest criticism would be my indifference to Paul Briggs' character. I understand that his character is manipulative, mysterious and always has an ulterior motive... but maybe it's the actor but I don't see where he comes from at all. And, does he have another facial expression or emotion rather than this weird, unsettling, blank faced, emotionless composure despite the fact that everything is turning to hell! I didn't see a heartbroken, grieving man desperate for revenge on his girlfriend's killer... why didn't he kick the shit out of Jangles or give him a second look while he was lying on the floor? I don't know, maybe it's just me...

    Other Thoughts:

    --100% loved the interview snippets with the Graceland members... especially johnny "finally you gonna explain some shit?" "he went to jakes?" "my brain isn't processing any of this... this is stupid" and charlie "call the goddamn coast guard already!". I probably watched the whole sequence about 5 times.

    --Another positive was Johnny and "his wide eyed pouty shit!" and being jealous of DJ being the accomplice to Briggs.

    --Do we know why Jakes was so willing to risk everything to help Briggs despite how deep this all went... how does he owe him? And after everything he just forgives forgets?

    --I didn't like how quickly everything was resolved and how everyone was ready to trust Briggs again. That honestly made no sense to me; especially Charlie who should now have even more reason to think about her earlier suspicions. And from Jakes confrontation to forgiving and forgetting by the end of the episode.

    --Similarly, I don't think the characters were given enough time to address Mike being a rat? They went from anger to easy acceptance all to quickly and without any good reason.

    --I think the episode should have probably been extended over two episodes, so that everything didn't seem so easy, unresolved and abrupt.

    --Oh, and a single shot to the chest kills Jangles, no extra

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this show... I guess I just expected more and am reeling from frustration. But, it still wrapped everything up... and I'll be tuning into season 2 most probably.