Season 1 Episode 4

Pizza Box

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2013 on USA

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  • I can deal with solid.

    ... The rating of this episode is unbelievably low?!

    What was wrong with it?

    I thought it was pretty solid....

    Not super awesome, but it had everything this show is living of:

    action, twists and an interesting case.

    The Briggs-Warren relationship wasn't that present and/or evolving, but ok.

    (I gave 10 though, to compensate the low ratings xP)
  • gracelaqnd

    why is esp 5 not on didnt it show on july 4 it one hell of a good show
  • Graceland

    I like Mikey, hes really smart and handsome but I kind of hate him too for helping with the investigation of Briggs. I mean yeah, Briggs isnt innocent but hes his friend, isnt he? I am curious about what Briggs did but if its just about his money... Didnt the man in the shop say Briggs payed the locater in cash? How could Mike see this payment on Briggs card statement then? Btw. I thought that FBI agents do make a lot of money...

    I didnt really get the scene where Briggs points gun at Mike. What if Bello would think Mike really did it? He would kill him. What if Mike mentioned the FBI calling? Bello would kill both of them. I just dont get how the gun helped. And what exactly is the FBI waiting for? They could just arrest Bello when Mike was teaching the guys how to shoot and Eddie would be still alive...

    I liked the sauce scenes and the one with "marihuana farmer" haha
  • Pot, Guns, and Sauce

    Mike is put in a precarious position when the man Briggs has been after for more than five years takes a shine to his Marine friend and wants to hire him to teach all his best men to shoot with military precision. Balancing keeping his role but following the FBI directive of not actually training them anything useful becomes quite a challenge. To keep Mike safe Briggs and Charlie (who spends most of the episode making her famous sauce) further turn Bella against Eddie forcing a deadly confrontation and reminding us just how dangerous every lie told really can be.

    The episode's other story involves Tuturro stepping up to help Paige and Jakes with a beautiful but dangerous pot farmer who is growing more than her legal allowance and selling the extra on the street. Tuturro goes off book twice, which leads to a romantic encounter for him, but trouble in the end for both Jakes and Tuturro forcing Paige to make a triumphant save.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine
  • Graceland.

    So Mike really has stepped up his game and the fact that Bello wanted Mike and not Briggs on this job made it more interesting. Charlie was right about Briggs when she said "You Dont Think Any Of Us Can Win Unless Your Leading The Charge" which i suppose is true, although Briggs is my favorite character on the show. I knew Eddie was going to make trouble and for a time there i thought Mike's cover was blown. When Bello found out about Eddie, i knew it was all over (Nicely Played Briggs and Charlie). Poor Eddie shot himself with Mike's gun although not handling it very well but Mike is still in with Bello. The other storyline was quite good as well with Dale, Paige and Johnny going undercover. Johnny just wanted to bed Ashika, i knew that fake tattoo would come off on the sheets, but it didn't blow the drug bust with Paige coming to the party. Great Surprise To See Mia Kirshner In This Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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