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  • Amazing

    I love this show, it keeps you hooked. I cant wait for season 2.
  • can't wait

    season 1 was good,waiting on season 2......
  • Unbelievable? yes!

    The plot keeps getting better and better. Sure its unrealistic but but isn't that what some tv series' are there for. The show never proclaimed itself to be thought provoking, what it provides is entertainment for 40 minutes and it sure has delivered that. Hot guys like Briggs are added eye candy!
  • Best. Show. Ever.

    This show is simply a must. I cannot imagine many shows that stack up to this one. It keeps you glued to the screen and dying to know what happens next, just like a good series should; week after week.
  • Very promising!

    Love this show! Great actors, interesting plotlines and awesome locations. All in all an enjoyable show.
  • best new show

    i love it cant stop watching it plz dont canceled it
  • Love it..

    This is one top 10 of my tv-shows.

    It has just the right amount of cop, fun, friends and parties
  • re: federal agents going heroin

    Disagree. What I've seen is they've shown heroin as a highly addictive, you do it once and you're hooked kind of drug. They made using a big deal and coming down from it like hell. We watching same show?
  • This show just keeps throwing unexpected curveballs...

    Initially I'd expected this to be a fun bottle-episode type of FBI show, what with each episode a self-contained adventure focusing on one or two of the characters of the show...

    ... instead we have an interesting story arc that, while it can be a little over the top at times, it keeps me hooked and waiting to see what's going to happen next week. I'm not sure if what I was expecting would have been a better show than what they've given us but it keeps me coming back for me. Almost every episode has some new twist that keeps the story going.

    I also disagree with the reviewer that suggested the show glamorizes heroin as the one officer's confidential informant (CI), a habitual user, was a bit of a down and out sketch bag and after "Charlie" took her first and last shot of heroine, she was sketched out and in rough shape for days. It was an accurate portrayal.
  • Would you believe

    I do follow this show. I think the acting is good, but there are definite plot holes. This is about a house full of intergovernmental under cover agents. These agents live double lives as addicts, enforcers, gang members, etc. and then you have Mike, graduated at the top of his FBI class, and his first assignment is to investigate Briggs, the top under cover agent living in Graceland. It seems that it would not be prudent to put a rookie, even the top rookie, immediately on an under cover assignment to investigate veteran under cover agents. You'd think he'd get made and be dead after the first week. I would imagine living that kind of life would blur the lines between the fake persona and the real one, but it seems almost everyone in the house not only has secrets, but agendas all of their own. Mike seems to be the only agent with a boss to report to. While the show does keep the acts of violence down to a minimum, having the right bullets for guns would definitely make sense, so would surveillance cameras around the residence in case anyone gets followed.
  • Decent but needs improvement

    I think this show is better than average, and I do enjoy aspects of it, but there are many ways in which it can improve.

    First of all, the characters are all fairly well-rounded, multi-dimensional people. Most of them are developed well with multiple aspects to their personalities (not one-trick ponies, such as the characters on Criminal Minds). The storylines so far have been interesting and have kept me coming back.

    The negatives, however, are glaring and can be improved greatly with time. I find the dialogue to be very poorly written and extremely unrealistic. I've never met a person in my life that talks to people like they do. The best written dialogue makes you believe the show could be a slice of everyday life with realistic interaction, not dialogue that sounds like it came straight from a 1990s action flick. It reminds me of the dialogue in the film Speed.

    Also, although I like Aaron Tveit as an actor, I do not believe he was the right choice for this character. He looks like a typical upper-class Caucasian New England university student, not a man with experience working as a bodyguard for drug dealers. I highly doubt any criminal would hire someone who looks and acts like him to work for him. In my opinion, they should have switched his role with that of Manny Montana's, who I think is much more believable in the role as a drug lord's bodyguard.

    I also don't think it makes any sense for undercover agents to be living in the community they are supposed to be working in. Most people I know who work in such a capacity live well-removed from the community because it lessens the chances of their cover being blown.

    Update: I have continued watching the show into the second season and it has gotten better. I think the actors have grown into their roles in seem more convincing. At the end of the first season, the show became very unpredictable and that keeps me interested. In fact, I think it is the least predictable show on American TV right now. So I upgraded the rating to an 8.
  • Technical expert-this show needs one

    Rifle bullets do not fit in a hand gun.
  • Aaron Tveit

    Please quit! Someone please kill his character! PLEASE! Everything else is just cake. So please get rid of this guy. I mean if this is called acting than i'm not sure why i don't have an oscar on my shelf.
  • A very Average Show

    A very average show - how come some dummies give it a rating of 10

    The whole incidents happen like its all set up and according to plan - life is not like that

    No thrilling moments
  • Unrealistic

    There is some show, very often in the summer that are make so unrealistic it's impossible to watch. This show is so that!

    First lets me explain : The main character is suppose to be undercover as a bodygard of a drug lord! A very dangerous man... Not a junky you find on the side way! No one has ever check if he legit, no one as ever follow him to his supposed house, no one ask question when he is not there 24/7 as the bodygard... No, he can freely go where he want, when he want... Come on! And he can do that after like, 2 times he saw the guys and Bang... He became the new bodygard whitout any question!!!!

    I'm not a drug lord, but to become my friend, I'm pretty sure I will know who you are. And if my life is on the line... I'm pretty sure I will know where you live!

    The secondary character. One is addict to drug.... Yeah, like it's belivable! Ok, maybe for me, who dosent work as a DEA agent I might be fool, but come on!!!!! He live with DEA agent, they are train to see an addict, they know what to watch...

    The girl... Dont start me on the girl, they are as useless as you can get! They never ever made something useful, they are more or less in the way.... Why are they Agent in the first place?

    To sum this up, the show is a very fake summer show with no substence whatsoever, each episode is more or less the same as the last one and you cannot feal any danger for the character because they are heroes in the simpliest way.

    To who ever said this show is a 10... Go watch Game of throne. The actor are better, the text from writer are better.... that is a 10 show.... This one is a summer show, nothing else.
  • Federal agents doing heroine

    I hate this show.

    First and foremost; It glamorizes heroine. According to the script; there's two federal agents in the house that have done heroine, and somehow kicked it like it was a sugar, or caffeine addiction! This will give kids the Idea that they can try heroine once or twice and put it down later.

    I can tell you that, Once, is all it takes to become a slave to this drug! Just like nicotine, heroine is the most powerfully addictive drug on the planet ANd this show's Treatment of heroine use by people "THat can take it and walk away from it" . is COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!

    No one in the world can predict how they will respond to a single use of heroine! Most become addicted the first time! And Most heroine users eventually die from overdose or other problems caused by one use of the drug; ONly After they have stolen from their families and hurt a lot of people along the way to their death!

    See Train Spotting, or Pulp fiction, if you want to see heroine in action! It (Heroine) Doesn't belong on public prime time cable channels with such a light, and irresponsible treatment!! Neither should such Bad casting be allowed. LOL!

    Aaron taviet, is completely unbelievable in his role on the show. And Vanessa Ferlito looks like a heroine addict, REALLY... I wouldn't touch her with a 10 -foot pole in real life!! SHe's gaunt , with sunken eye sockets, and she looks like an AVERAGE transvestite, at best.

    It's too bad this talented group of writers , and directors are burdened with the whole heroine storyline, and ugly, unbelievable actors! THis show should be Trashed !!

    I'm a Lib/Dem and believe in free speech. But this show is Bad in Every way imaginable ! It goes Way beyond poor taste. Poor Acting, Poor Casting .And the most egresses of all; poor social responsibility! I Am Appalled!