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  • Federal agents doing heroine

    I hate this show.

    First and foremost; It glamorizes heroine. According to the script; there's two federal agents in the house that have done heroine, and somehow kicked it like it was a sugar, or caffeine addiction! This will give kids the Idea that they can try heroine once or twice and put it down later.

    I can tell you that, Once, is all it takes to become a slave to this drug! Just like nicotine, heroine is the most powerfully addictive drug on the planet ANd this show's Treatment of heroine use by people "THat can take it and walk away from it" . is COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!

    No one in the world can predict how they will respond to a single use of heroine! Most become addicted the first time! And Most heroine users eventually die from overdose or other problems caused by one use of the drug; ONly After they have stolen from their families and hurt a lot of people along the way to their death!

    See Train Spotting, or Pulp fiction, if you want to see heroine in action! It (Heroine) Doesn't belong on public prime time cable channels with such a light, and irresponsible treatment!! Neither should such Bad casting be allowed. LOL!

    Aaron taviet, is completely unbelievable in his role on the show. And Vanessa Ferlito looks like a heroine addict, REALLY... I wouldn't touch her with a 10 -foot pole in real life!! SHe's gaunt , with sunken eye sockets, and she looks like an AVERAGE transvestite, at best.

    It's too bad this talented group of writers , and directors are burdened with the whole heroine storyline, and ugly, unbelievable actors! THis show should be Trashed !!

    I'm a Lib/Dem and believe in free speech. But this show is Bad in Every way imaginable ! It goes Way beyond poor taste. Poor Acting, Poor Casting .And the most egresses of all; poor social responsibility! I Am Appalled!