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  • Would you believe

    I do follow this show. I think the acting is good, but there are definite plot holes. This is about a house full of intergovernmental under cover agents. These agents live double lives as addicts, enforcers, gang members, etc. and then you have Mike, graduated at the top of his FBI class, and his first assignment is to investigate Briggs, the top under cover agent living in Graceland. It seems that it would not be prudent to put a rookie, even the top rookie, immediately on an under cover assignment to investigate veteran under cover agents. You'd think he'd get made and be dead after the first week. I would imagine living that kind of life would blur the lines between the fake persona and the real one, but it seems almost everyone in the house not only has secrets, but agendas all of their own. Mike seems to be the only agent with a boss to report to. While the show does keep the acts of violence down to a minimum, having the right bullets for guns would definitely make sense, so would surveillance cameras around the residence in case anyone gets followed.