Season 2 Episode 3

Tinker Bell

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 25, 2014 on USA
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While the hunt for the smuggling bus line continues, Johnny tries to sell an antique gun.

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  • What's going on with this show?

    Season 1 was brilliant. Every episode had me on the edge of my seat, and I was on pins and needles waiting for the next. Yet 3 episodes into season 2 and I'm about to give it up.

    What happened to the well-rounded characters that I love, and the almost cohesive team that came together, worked together to bring down the bad guys?

    Now we have characters that are unlikable, and when I don't like the characters, I can't invest in them, and don't really care if they live or die.

    Let's start with Mike:

    Season 1 he was the moral center of the team, yet now he is having relations with 2 women, betraying both, without a second thought. Ambition seems to be the driving factor in his actions, with little regard for those around him or his team.


    Where's his vitality of season one. He was a man of meticulous planning and action. Sure his experiences of season one affected him, rightly so, but he has now become a shell of his former self. Would the Briggs of Season 1 allowed Mike to walk in and say, "I'm taking over, you all work for me now", and just accept it, without putting up a fight?


    With her perpetual bitch-resting-face, she's the worst. Okay, she doubts herself, second-guesses her actions and decisions, to the point that she can no longer do her job. Yet instead of bowing out, saying something to the effect of, "I can't function," then quitting or transferring, she stays. She knows how dangerous her job is, and if she can't be relied upon, then her team mates are at risk. She should just get out, she knows she's not being any good, believes she isn't any good, but her selfishness keeps her in the house. Her character, I want to see meet a grisly end.


    Oh come on, his ex-wife invites him over, counter to the intervention order she has against him (making the order moot) and has the police waiting for him to arrest him for breaking the intervention orders, effectively setting him up. And he responds by getting drunk and throwing a child-like tantrum (proving, in effect, that he shouldn't be around a child, if this is how he reacts to frustration and disappointment). You want to fix this situation, buddy: get a lawyer, sue for visitation. Do something constructive.


    You don't like your appointment in life, don't feel sorry for yourself, change it. Ask to take lead in a case, and if that fails, transfer to where you have greater opportunity.


    Since when is she little more than the house tart? She was a smart, capable, and even hard-edged agent, now she's little more than eye-candy, and "the other woman" in Mike's life. Does she know that Mike has a paramour back home? If no, then she comes across as naive and stupid for not asking. If yes, then she is even worse.

    Where's the team dynamics? And no, writers, having the characters constantly bickering, resentful and at each others throats, isn't team dynamics. Where's the working together for a common goal?

    It's as if each character has so much going on outside of the job, that the job has become secondary. GRACELAND, the show, is supposed to be about the joint law enforcement tasks force called Graceland, and their undercover efforts to bring in the bad guys, and make a difference. But the show no longer is.

    And when the characters are supposedly on the job, they all go their own way, working their own ends, without common direction. Are the writers trying to show us what a bad leader Mike is? If so, it's working.

    By the way, in episode one, Mike came back to the house because word was out that a hit had been put on his undercover identity of season 1. So Mike acted as bait, only to get captured and discover that what the bad guys wanted was the real Mike, to find out how far his investigation in the buses had gone.

    The bad guys used Mike's undercover id to get to the real Mike, yet no one has questioned how this came about? No one doubts whether Graceland has been made? Whether it is common knowledge that, "in that there house, there be cops pretending to be criminals"? And they all go about their own undercover jobs, without fear that they've been exposed?

    I'm giving this one more episode, then, if things continue as they have, I'm giving it up.moreless
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