Grand Designs - Season 2

Channel 4 Premiered Jan 01, 2001 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Moroccan Electricity Sub Station: Sunderland
    Ann and Richard Curtis are inspired by Morocco for their redesign of an Electricity Sub Station.
  • The Wool Mill: Huddersfield, Yorkshire
    Kevin travels to Huddersfield to meet a couple who are planning to turn an old, derelict wool mill into a new, stylish home.
  • The Isolated Cottage: Brecon Beacons, Wales
    Kevin travels to Wales to meet a young couple who are trying to do up an old, very isolated, abandoned, derelict cottage! This couple have to put up with everything however, from snow & gales (causing newly built walls to be knocked down) to foot-and-mouth disease blocking out the enterance to their property! After all that in the end they still have to put up with no electricity or mains water!moreless
  • The New England House: Sussex
    Kevin travels to Sussex to meet Jane and Willem who are planning a kit-style house inspired by New England.
  • The Regency Build: Surrey
    Kevin travels to Farnham to meet a family who are trying to recreate a regency house.

  • The Jewel Box: London
    A couple are doing up a dilapidated house in London.
  • The Derelict Barns: Devon
    Kevin travels to Devon to see the restoration of a few old derelict barns
  • The Community Self Build: Birmingham
    Kevin travels to Birmingham to meet a community of people who are trying to build to an entire estate of houses for them to live in.
  • The Cruciform House: Lambourn, Berkshire
    Kevin travels to Lambourn to meet Rupert and Julie are creating a Cruciform house out of oak and glass.