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Grand Slam

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Grad Slam, hosted by funny man Dennis Miller and Amanda Byram featured sixteen of the biggest winners in United States game show history from the past two decades. Each vying for the $100,000 grand prize and the title "The best of the best." The show featured one on one rapid-fire matches where the contestants face difficult trivia questions in four rounds: General Knowledge, Numbers and Logic, Words and Letters, and a final match where questions from the previous three categories were asked. A fifth round, Pop Culture, was added for the final match. In each round, the contestants were given one minute on their clocks, and the first contestant would then be asked a question by the off-camera "Questioner," and his time would begin counting down. If a contestant answered correctly, his clock would then stop, and his opponent's clock would start. When the active contestant answered incorrectly or passed on his question, his clock would continue until he answered a question correctly. As soon as one of the contestant's clocks expired, the round would end. At the end of each round the time that was left on the winning contestant's clock was added to the one minute they had for the fourth round. The contestant who won the final round won the match.moreless
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  • "mildly Interesting" is an understatment, but close to what I was trying to get at. A new show and its great.

    This show just started out. Hosted by Dennis and Amanda. I don't like the hosts, but the rest of the show makes up for it! The voice that asks the qusetion is the same guy who asks the questions from "World Series of Pop Culture" I believe. Pat Kernen (or whatever his name is) The show thakes the best game show contestants ever (based on amount of money won) and pin them against each other. (one on one trivia) Its a round of 16, single elimination format. I highly recomend it. It can be seen on the Game Show Network(GSN)at 7 eastern, 4 pacific on the weekends!moreless
  • Several of the smartest game show players ever, and some of the biggest winners in a giant tournament for $100,000. Wow.

    First of all, I love watching game shows that are like this. I love the fast-paced action that always comes with shows like this, and if you are like that, you will not be disappointed. Two players face off against each other for four rounds. For the first three rounds, both players have one minute to work with, and once that minute is up, the round is over. In the final round, time accumulated by the winners is added to their standard minute. Like I said, if you love fast-paced question and answer shows, you will absolutely fall in love with this show.moreless