Grand Slam

Season 1 Episode 1

Quarterfinals Show 2

Aired Saturday 6:00 PM Aug 25, 2007 on GSN - Game Show Network

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  • The only reason it was painful to watch was because my favorite guy, John Carpenter...lost! More details below

    The Kn vs. Phyliss (spelled wrong) matchup was what everyone expected. Ken crushed her in the round. If you think it was a fluke, he crushed her in the second round. If you now believe, he crushed her in the third round. In the final round, when Phyliss ran out of ime, Ken still had over 2 minutes left on his clock! Ken moves on to the semi-finals. In the second matchup, it was John vs. Michele. Michele won every round and had a 50 second advantage in the final round. Michele won her matchup by 9 seconds. If John had used his switches, he would have won!