Grandpa in my Pocket - Season 1



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Episode Guide

  • Season 1, Episode 26
    Captain Shipshape and a Fish Called Bryan, Grandpa's Greatest Escape Ever
  • Grandpa's Busy Bee Day
    Comedy drama featuring a grandpa with a magical Shrinking Cap that only his grandson Jason knows about. Jason is off school with a sore throat so Grandpa is looking after him. Great Aunt Loretta turns up with some bizarre remedies and sends Jason up to bed, away from Grandpa. Now Grandpa must persuade his sister to let Jason come back downstairs again.moreless
  • Liker Biker's Big Mountain Mission
  • Nothing Stops Grandpa
    Comedy drama featuring a grandpa with a magical Shrinking Cap that only his grandson Jason knows about. The Mason family are going on a bike ride around Sunnysands. Grandpa wants to come too, so he shrinks and hides in Jason's backpack. When they get to the beach, Jason tries to fly his new kite but there is no wind. Can Grandpa help?moreless
  • Magic in the Air
    Magic in the Air
    Episode 23
    Jason and Jemima have joined a new weekend art club. Grandpa wants to join in the fun so he shrinks and sneaks into the class. But Mrs Pointy Pencil the teacher is not making the art club fun at all Grandpa decides to liven things up.
  • Season 1, Episode 23
    Big Elf - Little Elf, A Song for Miss Smiley
  • A Saturday Full of Surprises
    Comedy drama featuring a grandpa with a magical shrinking cap that only his grandson Jason knows about. Grandpa is looking forward to spending Saturday playing with Jason but is thwarted when his sister Loretta turns up. Great Aunt Loretta is in a grumpy mood so Grandpa shrinks and tries to make her laugh. He finds it is not that easy.moreless
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.22
    Grandpa Pocket 1.22
    Episode 22
    Mr Whoops' Toy of the Week, A Perfect Little Litter Picker
  • Season 1, Episode 21
    Horatio Heave Ho!, Great Aunt Loretta's Not So Great Plan
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.20
    Grandpa Pocket 1.20
    Episode 20
    Miss Smiley's Strawberry Surprise, In It To Win
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.19
    Grandpa Pocket 1.19
    Episode 19
    A Very Needy Speedy Edie, Making the Most of Max
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.18
    Grandpa Pocket 1.18
    Episode 18
    Bubbles and Squeak, No More Dolls for Dora
  • Season 1, Episode 16
    Taking Floyd for a Ride, Trying to Play with Shy Shanay
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.15
    Grandpa Pocket 1.15
    Episode 15
    No Two Rings the Same, A Carrot Called Christopher and Other Odd Vegetables
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.14
    Grandpa Pocket 1.14
    Episode 14
    Captain Dumbletwit's Toughest Mission Yet, Mr Mentor's Custard Puff Plopper
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.13
    Grandpa Pocket 1.13
    Episode 13
    Jason is off school with a sore throat and Grandpa is looking after him, but Great Aunt Loretta arrives with some bizarre remedies. Comedy drama, starring James Bolam.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.12
    Grandpa Pocket 1.12
    Episode 12
    Jason and Jemima join a weekend art club, but when the teacher fails to make the class an fun, Grandpa sneaks along to spice things up.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.11
    Grandpa Pocket 1.11
    Episode 11
    Mum loses a necklace that Dad gave her for their wedding anniversary. Grandpa needs to shrink so he can find it, but Great Aunt Loretta has decided to get rid of his cap.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.10
    Grandpa Pocket 1.10
    Episode 10
    Aunt Loretta falls ill and looks like she won't make it to the Rick the Rocking Raver's concert, so Grandpa shrinks and embarks on a series of surprising cures.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.09
    Jemima has a birthday party, with food, games and a magic show performed by Mr Marvelloso.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.08
    The naughty next-door-neighbour causes trouble for Bubbles the babysitter when he is having fun with Jason and Josh.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.07
    Great Aunt Loretta asks Mr Hackit to tidy her garden, but Grandpa and Jason like it just the way it is and decide to stop him doing any work.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.06
    Accident-prone Mr Whoops looks after the cafe while Miss Smiley is away and encounters a difficult customer.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.05
    Jason wants Grandpa to come and watch him perform at Miss Smiley's Summer Show, but Grandpa's not well and Mum has told him to stay at home. Grandpa decides if he should follow Mum's advice or find a way to help Jason.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.04
    Jason and Grandpa build a beautiful castle for the Sunnysands Sandcastle Competition. When spoilt boy Troy turns up and tries to take over, Grandpa is determined to stop him, and Troy gets a big surprise.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.03
    A famous film star visits, but Grandpa is horrified when he discovers she has big plans to change Sunnysands.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.02
    Mr Liker Biker plans to raise funds for the Young at Heart Club by cycling up Mistymoor Mountain, but becomes more interested in arranging his gear than reaching the summit.
  • Grandpa Pocket 1.01
    Comedy drama about a magic shrinking cap. Great-aunt Loretta threatens to take Grandpa's pet Beowulf to the dogs home, but he only makes matters worse when he tries to help her love the animal.