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  • Season 31
    • Bang!
      Episode 20
      Togger's future at Grange Hill looks uncertain due to his poor results, but a last minute appearance by Uncle Tucker puts him on the right track. Rachel's Grandad Frank is hailed a hero after diffusing an active WWII shell.
    • Zut Alors!
      Zut Alors!
      Episode 19
      A French exchange student is coming to stay with Alison and Tigger thinks he might have a chance with her.
    • Virtual Reality
      Virtual Reality
      Episode 18
      Alison tells Sammy that Alex wanted to ask her out. Jenny befriends a new Year 7, Patsy who reveals her sister's supermodel life has led her into problems with anorexia.
    • Where's The Justice?
      Laxo and Theo challenge one another to a day of staying silent. It's Chloe's birthday and she thinks she's getting a surprise party when really she's summoned to bully court.
    • Episode Twenty Six
      Episode Twenty Six
      Episode 17
      Susi's put under pressure by her parents as the first year exams are soon to take place. Tucker thinks he's found the answers to the geography exam.
    • Grapple
      Episode 16
      Alex and Sammy look forward to the end of term prom. After Andrea spells two difficult words correctly in Science, Ms Rawlinson enters her for a spelling competition.
    • Who Are You?
      Who Are You?
      Episode 15
      A slave auction is held in the amphitheatre, were Tigger is sold to Laxo and Theo and Chloe and Andrea to Gyngell and Clooney. Year 8 has to help Year 6 out in a 'Who Are You' project.
    • Gift Rapped
      Gift Rapped
      Episode 14
      Togger rings up Uncle Tucker to seek help with a girlfriend issue. Tigger, Ed and Alex get banned from a school trip, but sneak on the coach anyway.
    • The Competition
      The Competition
      Episode 12
      Jenny gets in the way of Tanya's revision, as she practises for a music competition. Megan is made to face up to the fact that Serena might not come to Grange Hill. The kids at the school face a panel in a talent contest, X Factor style, judged by Mr McDonnell, Miss Bettany and Miss Greene from the Primary school.moreless
    • Veggin' Out
      Veggin' Out
      Episode 11
      Tigger longs for a girlfriend and starts to become attracted to Kathy. When asked to meet later, he is disapointed to find out he's just showing the mayor around. Chloe gives herself a makeover, because she's heard a photographer will be with the mayor. Year 8 go on a trip to a farm to find out how meat gets from the animal to plates. Lucy, who's dad runs the farm gets the others to smuggle animals back to the CLC. As the mayor arrives, everyone ends up locked in, when rats chew through some cables. Togger and Mr Johnson try and get everyone out.moreless
    • Building Bridges
      Building Bridges
      Episode 11
      Rachel and Lucy have a big fall out. The year 6's, 7's and 8's are set a technology competition to build a bridge across the playground. Alex completes a science exam. After the results of the competition are announced Rachel and Lucy make up, and Serena wins a MP3 player.
    • Schmutts
      Episode 10
      Kathy organises a pedigree dog show. Jenny decides to get rid of her dog, Rory who finds Andrea's hidden money. Ms Rawlinson gives it to pensioner Frank to buy a new microwave for the old folks home.
    • Extra-Terrestri Hill
      Kathy signs the CLC's computers up for a local observatory's alien hunt. Ms Rawlinson reveals that the BBC are interested in doing a piece on Alex's garden, however because of a earlier incident she doesn't allow Chloe and Andrea after a earlier incident.
    • You're Nicked
      You're Nicked
      Episode 8
      A performance artist visits the school, but when he arrives some of the students are alarmed by his policeman costume, believing him to be a real police man. The artist himself, is led away by the police when Laxo reveals him to be a thief.
    • Buddy Hell
      Buddy Hell
      Episode 7
      The year six pupils visit the school, much to the dismay of the year sevens who are made to buddy up to a younger pupil.
    • Thing About Mates
      It's Alison's birthday, but everyone forgets, so Ed, Alex and Tigger compete against one another to try and buy her the best present. Andrea tries to impress Chloe.
    • Food Fight
      Food Fight
      Episode 5
      Mr McDonnell wants to give an ex-pupil, footballer Dwayne Millar a warm welcome, but the current pupils have other ideas. Togger and Tanya, as headboy and headgirl are given the job of hosts and set to work making sure some kids attend Dwayne's meal tasting, to promote his new cookbook later on in the canteen. The kids however don't understand why he's even coming and decide to make his visit memorable for all the wrong reasons - staging a protest outside the school, because he's leaving the local team to go to Spain. The other kids plans to egg him, go amiss when they realise who he is. Gyngell helps Laxo and Theo with their science project. Abbie and Chloe are told that Dwayne has a short temper, so decide to try and catch him getting mad on film to sell it to the papers. Togger gets jealous of all the attention Dwayne gives to Tanya. Dwayne takes the wrap for a food fight iniatiated by the kids, when going to cook his meal in the canteen.moreless
    • The Double Cross Country
      Pupils are required to take part in the cross country, and alot of them try and find a way of getting out of it. Theo and Laxo film it all on a camcorder. McDonnell gets worried when alot of the students take far too long to complete the race.
    • Election Day
      Election Day
      Episode 3
      Kathy shows a group of Year 6 Pupils around the CLC. Lucy and Jenny start a fight, which Togger and Tanya have to break up. Togger and Tanya become head boy and head girl for the year.
    • Boarderman
      Episode 2
      XS challenges Theo to a skateboard show-off competition. After a incident almost hurting Rachel and Lucy, the boys stay quiet so Mr McDonnell implements a skateboarding ban across the school. Theo dresses as a character called 'Boarderman', who skates around the school in protest, McDonnell starts trying to find the masked villain.moreless
    • New Beginnings
      New Beginnings
      Episode 1
      Lucy takes her dog Lenny to school. Ms Rawlinson sends Tanya home to change her clothes. The new look CLC now known as 'The Grange' is opened. Togger and Tanya go for a date and order Tigger and Lucy to explain why the dog was taken to school, after it causes more mischief.moreless
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