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Grapevine (1992)

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Grapevine was a stroke of genius. This show centred around romance from the position of both the parties involved in the relationship and their friends (truly a unique experience). Typically, it would be fun and upbeat, set as a series of edited interviews with all the parties linked to any specific event. Each week the show would centre on one couple, a romantic event that occurred in their life and what happened. The couples ranged from singles to married and all the characters were likeable, in one way or another.

As an example of the shows design, one person would speculate on one part of an event which occurred regarding a friend (for about 10 -20 seconds), with a second giving their version of the same event (10seconds) and a third (perhaps the party involved in the event) saying what really happened (3-5seconds) and then sometimes a fourth saying why they believe the third party is delusional (suggesting another reality, not earlier mentioned) and the show would move on. Many events painted the overall picture which only became clear as the episode progressed. This gave way to lightening fast and very entertaining television, demonstrating not only how people genuinely reason when confronted with a whole range of social issues but also, more entertainingly, how things can be interpreted (and misinterpreted) by bystanders and associates, leading to a whole barrel of laughs.

Interestingly enough, because of the lighting, sets and attitudes of the characters interviewed, even traditionally bad news wasn't depressing and the overall ambience of the show was constructive, positive with the overbearing idea that "life goes on, so don't mope over spilt milk" - something seriously lacking from the paranoid and over anxious TV, so common today, in which there are no real winners (even the winners don't have any real happiness today). In Grapevine everyone won somewhere.

Sadly CBS cut the show after only a handful of episodes were made. I cannot think why. I can only presume the viewing public of the day had no vision or insight. I guess in a world where people are becoming increasingly emotionally (and otherwise) unintelligent, I can only presume the general viewing populace of the day either couldn't relate to what they saw or never saw it. However, if you are up-tempo, intelligent and witty - you'll love this.

Only problem is - where can you find this? If you have this on video please post it on line (due to the absolute absence of any credible representation on Youtube, I would imagine it could be posted for educational purposes to inform audiences that the show actually existed). If you know where this can be found on line, please post the links (I'm sure I'm not the only one missing it). CBS will never release this on DVD if there is no perceived demand for it and there will be no recognisable demand for it, if people don't know about it. Grapevine (unlike most popular television) is one show that needs to be brought back from the vaults of time.


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