Gravedale High

Season 1 Episode 7

Fear Of Flying

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 20, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mr. Schneider has the class doing science projects and is pleased with everyone's attempts except Vinnie who isn't attempting at all. Mr. Schneider decides to team Vinnie up with Reggie since Reggie is working on a flying suit from his favorite comic. Mr. Schneider tells Vinnie that he will get the same grade as Reggie for helping him with the project.

Reggie and Vinnie go outside to start trying it out and Vinnie leaps into the air and encourages Reggie to try his outfit. Reggie does and its a success. Reggie accidentally runs into Nardo of the football team and Nardo is mad at him for making him drop the ball. Reggie tries to apologize but Vinnie intervenes and tells Nardo that he doesn't appreciate how he's treating Reggie. Nardo challenges Vinnie to a duel called "fly or splat" and Vinnie accepts and Nardo knocks Reggie out of the sky and then when Nardo lands, he kicks Reggie's propulsion unit. Vinnie goes up to get it and gets struck by lightning.

Later, after Reggie leaves, Vinnie discovers that he has lost the ability to fly and is now afraid of flying. When the class learns of this, they try several methods to get him over his fear and none of them work. When it comes time for the challenge, Vinnie meets Nardo on the field and they are about to start when Reggie intervenes and challenges Nardo himself and they take off before Vinnie can do anything. Reggie's flying suit gives out and he starts to fall. Vinnie overcomes his fear of flying and saves Reggie from hitting the ground and then he goes up to meet Nardo and they continue the challenge and Nardo "splats" while Vinnie makes a safe landing.
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