Gravedale High

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • One great show that was under appreciated like so many other shows like this who deserve to have more episodes.

    This show was great. And I feel it was clearly under appreciated, especially since it only got 13 episodes.
    It featured Rick Moranis as a cartoon character who is a teacher of a class with the most difficult students. To make it even worse, the students are all monsters, literally!
    In every episode every character gets his or her own episode so we get to know that monster a little better. It is too bad it only got this many episodes since there was so much more potential in it, like seeing where the monsters live, their homes, and the other random monsters in school getting parts too as well.

    Great show....
  • Weird horror high school romp with a largely padded role from Rick Moranis.

    What was all this about? A high school where the students represent the best of the classic monsters, from a sex kitten medusa to a nerdy werewolf. Funnily enough, when this was included in the line-up of Saturday morning show Going Live in the mid-nineties, no kids seemed to bat an eyelid. Re-watching in your early twenties is one of the most surreal experiences imaginable.

    I can imagine that kids today would get bored of this show very quickly, what with the more sophisticated crossover humour of the likes of Spongebob Squarepants. Don't rush to watch this, in my opinion Gravedale High needs burying.