Gravedale High

Season 1 Episode 10

Save Our School

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 10, 1990 on NBC
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Save Our School
Vinnie gets elected student body president against his wishes and now Gravedale High is about to be knocked down for a health code violation. Can Vinnie motivate his student body to save the school?

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    Kimmy Robertson

    Kimmy Robertson

    Medusa Duzer

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Frankentyke / J.P. Ghastly III

    Maurice LaMarche

    Maurice LaMarche

    Sid the Invisible Kid

    Barry Gordon

    Barry Gordon

    Reggie Moonshroud

    Ricki Lake

    Ricki Lake


    Georgia Brown

    Georgia Brown

    Headmistress Crone

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      • (after bringing Health Inspection Report for Schnieder to look at)
        Schnieder: This is Terrbile! According to this, if we don't fix these Violations before the Inspector comes back, They'll shut Gravedale down!
        Headmistress Crone: (chained to wall) OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

      • Schneider: Vinnie, as student body president, you've got to motivate the kids to get the school in shape.
        Vinnie: Yo! Who's gonna motivate me?
        Schneider: I'll try. Consider this, if Gravedale closes, you could get transferred to a human school.
        Vinnie: Yo, I'm motivated!

      • Vinnie: Curiosity killed the bat.

      • Vinnie: See Teach, nobody here cares about politics.
        Schneider: I'll make a deal with you, Vinnie. Instead of a report, you can run for Gravedale student body president.
        Vinnie: Say what?! Being president ain't cool. Oo, it's work, oo!
        Schneider: I didn't say you had to win Vinnie. You just have to go through the process and I'll change your F to an A.
        Vinnie: Well, as long as I don't got to win, I guess I got nothin' to lose.

      • J. P.: I usually sell my vote. I supplement my income that way, you know.

      • Schneider: Just hand in your report and take your seat.
        Vinnie: Hey, yo. Here's my report. I ain't got one. (heads for his seat)
        Schneider: Well, I've got a report for you, Mr. Stoker. An F on this assignment is going to land you right in summer school.
        Vinnie: Whoa! Summer school ain't cool, teach, but neither is politics. All they do is talk, talk, talk, talk. It's borin' stuff, huh?
        Schneider: Boring or not, Vinnie, the people we elect can have a big influence on our lives.
        J. P.: Not at Gravedale. Our lives are already over.

      • Schneider: Now, let's continue our class on the election process...(Vinnie flies in) And as usual, Vinnie elects to show up late.

      • Schneider: Masterful use of cliche's, Sid. You're a natural born politician. Maybe you should run for Gravedale student body president.
        Sid: (imitating Rodney Dangerfield) Hey, I don't have a body to run with! Besides, I want a little respect.

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