A&E (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Spirital Song of Victory
      This is it, the final battle for the fate of the universe has begun as the Gran Knights and Sandman take on Hugi and the ulitmate Zeravire weapon. As the whole world looks on, our heroes must band together like never before to ensure the saftey of mankind. Win or lose, it is time for the end and time for goodbyes.moreless
    • Creation Star Machine
      The Gran Knights and the rest of the castle take to space in order to take the battle to the Zeravire homeworld. It is the beginning of the final battle, where the fate of the universe will be decided.
    • The Sun's Flames
      The Sun's Flames
      Episode 10
      Ena returns in the Sol Gravion. Together the two Gravions are able to defeat the Zeravire hord. Later the pilots get used to their new Gran Divas but Hugi sends his Zeravire to attack and gives an ultimatum, surrender the earth or die.
    • The Crimson Fang
      The Crimson Fang
      Episode 9
      Eiji continues his search for Toga who is confronted by Faye regarding their past together. Mizuki sets out to redeem her self by saving Luna. The Zeravire launch an all out attack on earth leaving the overwhelming the Gran Troopers and Defeating Gravion. But a hope presents its self when Sandman unleashes a secret plan.moreless
    • When Gravity Becomes Weak
      After the defeat at hands of the Zeravire, The Gran Knights lie in disarray. Ena has been killed and Luna has been captured by the EFA, whose Gran Troopers have begun to take their place as Earths protectors and the replacement of Gravion. As Eiji ventures out to find the AWOL Toga, Sandman enters a state of depression over his failure, one that only Raven can snap him out of.moreless
    • The Shattered Goddess
      After being shown the truth about her past so suddenly, Leele lies in a coma, leaving a confused Toga feeling guilty and Ena feeling a failure as a caregiver. Though still shaken by the recent events, the remaining Gran Knights are forced to battle a Zervire bent on using the Gran Kaiser to form its own super robot. To save Toga, one of the Gran Knights may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.moreless
    • Lamenting Rosario
      Following the battle at the amusment park many questions arise and the time for answers has come as shocking confessions and revelations break the team to pieces. And finally, the truth about the mysterious Klein Sandman and young Leele are revealed.
    • The Dream Solitary Isle
      The Gran Knights are sent to an amusement park to investigate a supposed disturbance. Though the park seems normal, it is soon apparent that the threat is very real when the Zervire spring a trap on Gravion. One which leads to a shocking discovery about one of the Gran Knights.
    • From Underneath the Waves
      When The EFA Marine Base is attacked by the Zeravire, they reluctantly ask Earthgertz for help and Leele is sent to investigate. But when the castle loses contact with her, the team fears the worst and venture down to look for her. But when the G attacker is not ready for action. Eiji switches places with Ena in order to rescue his friend and to keep his eye on Toga.moreless
    • Scalding Battle! Gravion Hot Springs!
      The entire castle go on vacation to the hot springs, but while everyone else is trying to relax, Eiji and Toga end up stuck in the nearby city where they run into Faye and the rest of the EFA forces who are also trying to have a vacation. But all relaxing is put to an end when the Zeravire attack and Gravion is called to action.moreless
    • The Beautiful Reunion
      Eiji's high school friends venture to the castle to visit him giving the maids a rare chance to have outsiders to show around and entertain. Sandman decides to have everyone have a relaxing picnic but the day takes a turn when two of Eiji's friends accidentally go on a joy ride in the G-Driller. Meanwhile, The President of the EFA discovers a disturbing secret about Sandman.moreless
    • The Super Heavyweight God Descends Again
      Following Gravion's use of the White Steel Fang, The Zeravire have been in hibernation allowing Earth to enjoy some peace. But Peace is short lived when the Gran Knights are called back to action as the Zeravire make their return. Meanwhile fearing a resurgence, the EFA prepares their own defense against the alien threat.moreless
  • Season 1