Gravion - Season 1

A&E (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • White Steel Fang
    White Steel Fang
    Episode 13
    The Zeravire have been evolving, not in order to destroy humans, but to ensure the destruction of Gravion. When the new and improved Zeravire comes to Earth to challenge Gravion, Sandman is hesitant to let the Gran Knights go to battle but they refuse to sit on the sidelines. With no other choice, Sandman must authorize the use of Gravions most adavanced weapon.moreless
  • Because You Are
    Because You Are
    Episode 12
    Gravion continues the fight against the Zeravire but is losing. The Zeravire has put out a jamming wave, so the G-Call is not working. Yumi regains consciousness and tells Eiji to get on the Gravion to protect everyone. Cookie appears and hefts the rocks off of Yumi, and takes her to the medical treatment room.moreless
  • Because You're With Me
    The battle wages on as Gravion fights against the attacking Zeravire with a failing auto-pilot and Eiji and Leele still missing. But after his friend Yumi is injured in the attack, Eiji decides that his place is with the rest of the Gran Knights on Gravion.
  • Parting with Myself
    Parting with Myself
    Episode 11
    Eiji is sleeping in his apartment when Yumi shows up to rouse him. Yumi asks him what he has been doing, but does not believe he has been fighting on Gravion. Raven reflects on how Toga has been stunted socially as he has been raised to just be a pilot, and how contact with Eiji was supposed to change this.moreless
  • The Thing That Was Lost
    After seeing what darkness Toga is capable of in the heat of battle, Eiji quits the Gran Knights and leaves the castle to return to a normal life. Leele ventures to town to convince Eiji to come back. Two pilots down, Gravion must operate with its auto-pilot taking up the slack when the Zeravire attack.moreless
  • Crack
    Episode 10
    Following recent events, Sandman reluctantly has an auto-pilot device, The Gran Phantom intstalled into the Gran Kaiser in case of emergency. And one does arise when a Zeravire with a nuclear power supply attacks and one of the maids is put in danger, causing Eiji to try and rescue her while the rest of the Gran Knights use the system and go into battle with out him.moreless
  • A Distant Embrace
    A Distant Embrace
    Episode 9
    Repairs begin on the castle following the attack by the Zeravire and Eiji begins to recover from his battle but runs from his physical and runs into Mizuki who gives him insight to the disappearance of his sister Ayaka. Together they decide to investigate where she vanished, the West Tower.
  • Super Heavy Battlefield
    Gravion is fighting a Zeravire and attemps the Graviton Pressure Punch, but Gravion is too close to the critical point to use it. Gravion uses the Graviton Crescent and destroys the Zeravire, but reaches the critical point and breaks apart. Eiji is admonished by Raven for not following orders, but Eiji blames Luna for failing to use the Punch. Gravion is being analysed by the Earth Federation Alliance scientists.moreless
  • Storming the Castle
    When the Zeravire attacks the the castle, all hope of stopping it lies with Eiji, who has accidentally found himself piloting the Gran Kaiser. To survive he must call upon all the power of the Gran Kaiser and all that his body can withstand.
  • Drill Girl on the Beach
    On the anniversary of her father Isanas death, Luna returns home to the island of Okiaowa but is surpirsed when she finds that the rest of of the Gran Knights have decided to accompany her to the have some fun on the island. But all fun is soon ended when the Zeravire target the International Peace Conference for their next attack.moreless
  • Toga's Day Off
    Toga's Day Off
    Episode 6
    Eiji sneaks out of the castle during the staffs shopping day and takes Toga along with him for his first day out of the castle and his first day in the big city. As the maids search for them, the Zeravire launch an attack on the city.
  • A Girl Who Doesn't Smile
    Lelee is in a field picking flowers and she sees her father, but he transforms into a monster. She wakes up, it was just a dream, one she has been having frequently. World leaders are analysing the material that makes a Zarevire, noting it is metal, but also living matter. The scientist hypothesises that these Zeravire are being sent to Earth by something. The government officials are investigating Sandman but can find no information on him.moreless
  • The Girl Who Wouldn't Laugh
    In an effort to get to know each other better, the team goes on a picnic together but Leele is hesitant to share as she is haunted by nightmares of her past. Meanwhile the EFA attempts to find information of Sandman.
  • The Princess in the Tower
    When a ghostly figure is sighted in one of the castle's towers, Toga and Eiji go to investigate. There they discover Leele, the mysterious pilot of the G-Shadow.
  • The Labyrinth
    The Labyrinth
    Episode 3
    Eiji is confronted by Luna and other maids in the morning bringing him a change of clothes. Trying to clean up Eiji breaks the tap in his bathroom. Eiji breaks out of his room and climbs to the roof of the castle where he encounters Toga. World leaders are having a meeting with Raven about how they defeated the Zeravire, frustrated that Sandman will not let them help. Raven claims they are not practised enough due to the long period of peace on Earth, and to leave future battles to Gravion. Toga says he will help Eiji find Ayaka, heading to over the tower where she disappeared from.moreless
  • Labyrinth
    Episode 3
    Eiji begins to get used to life in Sandman's castle and to the castles inhabitants. As he and Toga venture to the forbidden area of the castle in search of Eiji's sister Ayaka and the identity of the G-Shadow's pilot, Raven attempts to convince the EFA to allow Earthgertz to take the lead in the defense against the Zeravire.moreless
  • Mission of Gravity
    Mission of Gravity
    Episode 2
    The newly formed Gravion faces off in their first battle against the Zeravire and the pilots discover their weaknesses. Meanwhile The Earth Federation Alliance plan their own attacks on the Zeravire.
  • The Castle of the Slumbering Giant God
    At a party in Klein Sandman's castle a woman wearing a purple dress leaves the party, taking off her disguise to show it is really Eiji Shigure. Luna and Mizuki are watching him from the monitors and set the alarm off to capture him. Eiji escapes into the depths of the castle, stumbles across a giant robot and Toga Tenkuji steps out. Eiji states he is in the castle looking for his sister, Ayaka. The castle starts shaking and Eiji falls through a crack in the ground under the castle. Back at the party Sandman appears he announces that Earth is in currently under attack from aliens. The aliens start attacking Earth, and the units inside Sandman's castle launch a counterattack. Eiji finds himself inside a plane that is to be launched in the counterattack, and he has to fight in the air battle against the aliens.moreless
  • Fortress of the Diety
    While searching for his missing sister, Eiji Shigure secretly enters the castle of millionaire Klein Sandman. There he meets the castles strange inhabitants and is selected to join in Sandmans mission to stop a destructive alien known as the Zeravire. The teams weapon, a series of fighting robots designed by Sandman called the Gran Kaiser and the Gran Divas who when needed join together to form Gravion.moreless