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AIRED ON 8/2/2013

Season 1 : Episode 20

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An animated comedy about twin siblings who are thrown into the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon where you can trust no one, especially when strange things start happening.

Alex Hirsch

Alex Hirsch

Grunkle Stan, Soos, Old Man McGucket, Bill Cipher, Gnomes

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Wendy Corduroy

Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter

Dipper Pines

Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal

Mabel Pines

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  • A Disney Channel Show that's not Phineas and Ferb: And it's actually GOOD!

    This is definitely a show worth watching, and it seems that Disney Channel is getting out of it's bad cartoon/ teeny bopper slump just like Cartoon Network. I'm not rating it a 10 as of now because I know for sure that it will have a dud at some point. But over all the show is good and one dud in the future will not take away from the overall quality. Take note I don't judge tv shows by just one episode alone, Powerpuff girls can't be judged by Town and Out, Foster's can't be judged by Everyone knows it's Bendy, Hey Arnold can't be judged by Arnold Betrays Iggy, etc. Still, this show is well thought out, well animated and proves that Disney Channel still has something that Nickelodeon doesn't seem to have these days, WRITERS.moreless
  • Great!

    The best show on Disney Channel.
  • It's Like Harry Potter Meets Summer Vacation

    This is basically the only show I watch on Disney Channel. It has a blend of humor, horror, sci-fi, romance, mystery, and fantasy rolled into one show.

    Like Harry Potter, it has a fantasy setting in a real world environment. It has gnomes, zombies, ghosts, and merpeople in the show, making it all the more fascinating.

  • I don't see what's so great about it...

    Honestly, there's nothing good about it. I've fallen asleep many times watching it. I mean, it's just kind of rude if you ask me, they make fun of one of the characters weight, Mabel makes fun of the way Dipper sneezes, it's just not funny. And don't even get me started on the apparent romance in the show. The characters are how old? 12! Would you want your child dating at 12? I don't think so. Disney's shows always have some type of romance in them, but at least the characters are normally old enough to date. Even Shake It Up is comparable to this crap. Whereas the mom was at least telling CeCe (who was 16) that she was too young to date. This show is honestly garbage. There's maybe an occasional positive message to it, and that's it.

    And also, I've noticed that Mabel is a stereotypical preteen which kind of annoys me... When I was that age, I at least had the knowledge to not make fun of other peoples voices...moreless
  • The only show on Disney Channel that is worth watching right now

    It's refreshing to see an original DC show that isn't some teen sitcom about a teen celebrity or progeny. This show has themes and characteristics that Disney Channel has had for a while; mystery, suspense, fantasy, actual good humor, decent plots, and characters with some depth. There's some magic, myth, alternate history, and some wonder although some of the characters do have annoying moments and other minor faults but still it's by far better than what DC has been airing and making lately. My main problem is the twins specifically Mabel is dating/attempting to date. 12 is too young unless you are in a culture that normally marries/matures at a young age and starts an adult life. Nothing wrong with being interested in the other sex though. Hopefully this can a start for a comeback for not only for Disney Channel but for Disney itself. Disney in general needs good new ideas.moreless

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