Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 13

Boss Mabel

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 15, 2013 on Disney XD

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  • If you're not completely in love with Mabel by now, then I question your sanity.

    A great episode. Stan makes a deal with Mabel that she can't make more profit than him when he goes away to play a money-making game show. I'm really digging the relationship between Mabel and Stan.

    The episode has complications, such as how Mabel is too easy-going on Wendy and Soos, allowing Wendy to goof off and Soos to screw things up. The monster in the episode was too uncreative; a goblin that you can't look straight into his eyes. Of course, he's defeated with a mirror, Stan looses all of his money, and Mabel wins the bet. There's a great moral; experience what it's like to be in one's shoes before you start judging them.

    Overall, great episode with a flurry of giggles. Gravity Falls seems to never disappoint.
  • Who's the Boss

    It's been a long wait but it was worth it, hopfully this show will be in for the long haul. Anyway, don't to business, this is a Mabel centered episode and it's a very good one, because for once she's taking on the leadership role. It's basically Gravity Falls doing "Glengary Glen Ross".

    The plot is almost strangely similar to that David Mamet play/movie, where both are about a sales contest, whoever gets the most money wins and whoever makes less then that other gets fired or in this episode hummulated which may not be as bad but lets face it, do any of us really want that.

    It was just fun and funny seeing Mabel in the managment possition. I really liked what she was wearing which was a suit from the 80's since it has the sholder pads, which I've always found strange. Though the main reason she is wearing it is because she is reading a business guide book which is also one from the 80's. I just thought it was suttlely funny, not just as a way to set Mabel up for failure but as ironic satire on the making a fast buck trend in that decade. One of my favorate moments is the homage to the famous . (Always Be Closing) in Glengary, though here it's something different (I'll let you see it for yourself to believe it) it's a long title and the meanings each letter are just as funny.

    We see Mabel try and apply her possitive philosophy but unfortunately we see it amounts to disaster and non profit. My favorate disaster is with Dipper whom had an idea of capturing a real unexplained phenomina monster to exibit at the Mystery Shack. It seemed like a good idea at first, but as always reality is a whole different story on our expectations, as we see the monster just tear the place to pieces. It was funny when Dipper turned the power of the monster against itself, when we see it's nightmare I won't say what it is trust me it's pritty darn funny; a monster that actually has nightmares now that's something else. I'll hand Dipper creadit on three things despite the disaster, one finding the monster, two capturing it, and three kicking it out of the shack; I feel it's a primary example that he's got guts.

    And at that points it comes down to a hillarous moment when Mabel actually just loses her cool and actually starts acting like a boss. It was just great because you now at that point it's no more mister nice guy/ girl let alone it's just rare to actually see this character angry most of that time she's positive. I could kinda emphasize with that, if things don't go my way or if some isn't doing what their suppose to do, I'm not a nice guy either.

    I also liked Grungle's Stan's subplot where he was participating in some "Wheel of Fortune" like game show. And he isn't breaking a sweat as he is effortless winning, and he could of won the jackpot if he just said the magic word which everyone in the globe knows. And of course he loses because he didn't say please, it was just fraking hillarous that he couldn't answer the easist question that you could get probably by not even thinking about it or even a mere accident. But it makes sense he couldn't say that magic word (probably never once in his life) due to his greed and selfish nature; that just goes to show being greedy and selfish all the time isn't always going to get you everything.

    And of course Mabel does win in the end by just one dollar, yeah I know not much but better then nothing. But also Mabel learns her lesson that being a boss is hard work. I don't feel her phylosophy on positivity was bad it was just executed incorectly, there needed to be a balance in leadership. However due to what she achieved at the end I felt she turned out to be a good boss but most importantly a good leader.